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January 25, 2020 - No. 1

All Out for the January 25 Day of Action
• No War on Iran! All Foreign Troops Out of Iraq! - Statement of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist), January 13, 2020 
• Actions Across Canada and U.S. Condemn Targeted Assassinations and the
Threat of War

Urgent Need for People's Empowerment and a New Direction for the Economy
• Davos Summit and the Growing Impoverishment of the World's People 

Uphold Hereditary and Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples of Canada
• Organize Broad Support and Public Opinion for the Just Struggle of the
Wet'suwet'en People!

• Wet'suwet'en People Continue to Say No! to Coastal GasLink Pipeline on Their
- Philip Fernandez and Barbara Biley 

• Canada Must Respect the Right of Indigenous Nations and Peoples to Sovereignty and Self-Determination

• Statement of Solidarity - University of Northern BC Faculty and Staff 

• Thirty Years After Delgamuukw

• Actions Across Turtle Island and Beyond Stand with Land Defenders

Mass Incarceration of Indigenous Peoples
• Statement by Chief of Human Rights Commission


February 1, 2020 - No. 2

Canada-U.S.-Mexico Agreement
Ruling Elite in Canada, Mexico and U.S. Push Continental Integration to Serve Their Private Interests

Canada-U.S. Joint Action Plan on Critical Minerals Collaboration
No to Canada's Integration into the U.S. Imperialist War Economy! - Fernand Deschamps

Third Anniversary of the Shooting at Quebec City's Islamic Cultural Centre
Step Up the Fight to Defend the Rights of All!

Support for Wet'suwet'en People's Defence of Their Hereditary Rights
End Colonial Injustice! RCMP Out of Wet'suwet'en Territory
Open Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau and Premier Horgan - First Peoples Law
Comox Valley Wet'suwet'en Solidarity Rally

Canada Honours Venezuelan Imposter
Trudeau Government Brings Shame on Itself  - Margaret Villamizar

All Out to Support the Palestinian People's Heroic Resistance to Occupation!
No to the Imperialist U.S.-Israeli "Deal of the Century!" End Israeli Occupation of Palestine! - Communist Party of Canada (MarxistLeninist), January 31, 2020

Global Day of Action Against War on Iran
Fight for an Anti-War Government and Oppose Canada's Appeasement of U.S. Imperialism! - Nick Lin
Massive Demonstration in Baghdad Demands the Removal of Foreign Forces
• Photo Review of January 25 Global Day of Action

• Important Anniversaries

February 8, 2020 - No. 3

Stand With the Wet'suwet'en!
Condemn the Violence of the Colonial Canadian State!
Canada-Wide Actions Stand with the Wet'suwet'en
RCMP Violently Remove Wet'suwet'en - Union of BC Indian Chiefs
Court Challenge Filed Against Coastal GasLink Pipeline's Environmental Approval - Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs
Invasion A Film on the Wet'suwet'en Nation

29th Annual Women's Memorial Marches on February 14
Justice for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls!

The Damage Caused to Canadians and the Economy by Precarious Work
Predatory Expansion of Software Platforms
Highlights of Statistics Canada Report Measuring Workers in the Gig Economy - K.C. Adams

For Your Information
Workers' Capacity to Work and the Contradiction between Its Exchange-Value and Use-Value

February 15, 2019 - No. 4

Affirm Indigenous Sovereignty and Rights! RCMP Out of Wet'suwet'en Territory!
Standing With the Wet'suwet'en Land Defenders! - Barbara Biley
Coast to Coast and International Actions Condemn the Violence of the Colonial Canadian State
Workers Must Fight for a Resolution that Defends the Rights of the Wet'suwet'en and the Rights of All ! -  Pierre Chénier
Canada and BC Violate UN "Injunction" While Lawful Protesters Arrested and Threatened with Armed Force - Lawyers' Rights Watch, February 12, 2020
Federal Court of Appeal Decision on Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Is Illegal and Unjust - Philip Fernandez
Women's Memorial Marches Honour the Lives of Indigenous Women and Girls

For Your Information
Letter to Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP - BC Civil Liberties Association and Union of BC Indian Chiefs, February 9, 2020
Gidimt'en Media Statement - February 12, 2020
Unist'ot'en Matriarchs Arrested - Unist'ot'en Camp, February 10, 2020

February 22, 2019 - No. 5

In Memoriam
Audrey Kubiak

Canada's Unfounded Claim to Uphold International Rule of Law
A Historical Turning Point Which the Trudeau Government Cannot Will Away
Canada's Imperialist Multilateralism - Margaret Villamizar
Lima Group Is Not Welcome in Canada!
Pickets Say No! to Foul Activities of Lima Group

A New Relationship is Required with Indigenous Peoples
The Onus Is on Canada, Not Indigenous Peoples  - Barbara Biley
Impotent Response of the Office of the Civilian Review and Complaints Division of the RCMP

Photo Review
Actions Continue Across the Country Demanding  Rights and Title of Wet'suwet'en Be Respected
Widescale Support of Unions and Other Organizations for Wet'suwet'en Demands
Proposal to Replace Blockaded Trains with Trucks Is an Attempt to Embroil Truckers in the Denial of Indigenous Rights: the Answer Is No! - Normand Chouinard
Quebec Government Announces "Grand Alliance" with Cree While Calling for Police Intervention to End Blockades
At the Kahnawà:ke Blockade

Canada's Relations with CARICOM 
• Self-Serving Definition of What It Means to Be a "Vital Partner"  - Tony Seed

February 29, 2020 - No. 6

Stand with Wet'suwet' en -- Might Does Not Make Right
Canada Must Take Responsibility and Build a New Relationship with Indigenous Peoples - Barbara Biley
Actions Across Canada Condemn Police Attacks on Blockades
Statement of Indigenous Youth Standing in Solidarity with Wet'suwet'en
Renewed Effort by Quebec Premier to Criminalize the Struggle of the Indigenous Peoples - Pierre Soublière
Rule of Law According to Public Safety Minister Bill Blair - Philip Fernandez
Statement on the Arrest of Documentary Filmmaker Melissa Cox - Yint'ah Film
Alberta's Critical Infrastructure Defence Act Criminalizes the Affirmation of
- Peggy Morton

Oppose Extraterritorial Application of U.S. Sanctions Against Cuba!
Open Letter to François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Foreign
- Canadian Network on Cuba

56th Annual Munich Security Conference
NATO War Conference Vigorously Opposed - Nick Lin

U.S.-Philippines Visiting Forces Agreement
People's Forces Not Diverted 

Communist Party of Vietnam's 90th Anniversary
Vietnamese People Celebrate Momentous Achievements of Their Party
Celebration in Toronto

March 7, 2019 - No. 7

Women as Leaders in the Fight for the Rights of All
Celebrate International Women's Day 2020

On the Question of Women, the Hypocrisy of Liberal Government Knows
No Bounds
- Christine Dandenault

Facts and Figures on Conditions of Women in Canada
Women, Children and Seniors Hardest Hit by Poverty

Women and Children Increasingly Turned Away from Shelters

Labour Statistics and the Gender Gap

 Uphold Indigenous Hereditary Rights -- Stand with Wet'suwet'en
• Federal Government Cannot Escape Its Responsibility to Indigenous Peoples - Barbara Biley 
March 4 National Student Walkout in Solidarity with Wet'suwet'en

Celebrate 57th Anniversary of Founding of The Internationalists

The Vibrant Legacy Inherited by CPC(M-L)

International Women's Day 2020

Women in the Front Ranks of the Fight for Peace, Freedom and Democracy

March 14, 2020 - No. 8

The COVID-19 Pandemic
Strict Comprehensive Measures Urgently Recommended to Contain the Disease and Protect the Population
Oppose Attempts to Render the Population Passive in the Face of Pandemic
World Health Organization Advice to Public for COVID-19 Containment
Symptoms of Coronavirus Disease 2019
Measures in Canada
One-Day Snapshot of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Affirm Indigenous Rights -- Stand with Wet'suwet'en
Governments Cannot Hide from Their Responsibility to Abandon Colonial Relations and Act with Respect for Indigenous Rights - Barbara Biley
Letter Revealing BC Solicitor General Authorization of RCMP Deployment Released - Joint Press Release

75th Anniversary of Canada-Cuba Diplomatic Relations
First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba Addresses Bilateral Relations

Latvian Exhibit in Ottawa
Canadian War Museum Should Be Condemned for Falsifying What Canadians Stand For

Important Anniversaries
• 137th Anniversary of the Death of Karl Marx
• 149th Anniversary of the Paris Commune

March 21, 2020 - No. 9

Our Security Lies in the Fight to Defend the Rights of All
Beware of the Fend-for-Yourself Aspect of Federal Economic Response to COVID-19
Government of Canada's COVID-19 Economic Response Plan

Canada's Plan to Mobilize Industry to Fight COVID-19 - K.C. Adams
What Can We Expect?
Civilian Airlines Grounded

Workers Speak About Their Concerns
Problems with the Employment Insurance Measures - Pierre Chénier
Public Sector Workers' Serious Concerns About Ministerial Order from the Quebec Government - Geneviève Royer
Emergency Measures Should be Used to Address Crisis in Seniors' Care in British Columbia - Barbara Biley

For Your Information
"A Billion Reasons to Care" -- Report of the Office of the Seniors Advocate

International Cooperation to Help Countries Cope
Cuba's Timely Assistance to British Passenger Ship
Cuba a Beacon of International Solidarity and Medical Excellence in Fight Against COVID-19
China Bolsters Global Effort to Combat Coronavirus

U.S. Imperialists' Utter Contempt for Human Life
U.S. Imposes New Sanctions on Iran
IMF Refuses Aid to Venezuela (Excerpts) - Ana Maldonado, Paola Estrada, Vijay Prashad, Zoe PC

For Your Information
Update on Global Pandemic

March 28, 2020 - No. 10

Parliament Convenes to Pass Bill C-13, the COVID-19 Emergency Response Act
No to Secret Deals! Parliamentary Negotiations Should Be Broadcast Live!

News and Commentary
A Problem That Is Revealing Itself - Laura Chesnik
Priorities at a Time of Pandemic - Peter Ewart
All Life Is Worthy of Life! - Isaac Saney
Request to Prime Minister for Cuban First Aid Responders to Assist First Nations in Manitoba - Southern Chiefs' Organization
Quebeckers Express Their Social Solidarity
Community Responds to Nova Scotia Declaration of COVID- 19 State of Emergency

Efforts to Cope with Pandemic, U.S. Sanctions and Paid Assassins
Mounting Opposition to U.S. Sanctions Warfare Amidst COVID-19 Crisis
Vietnam's Proactive Approach to Battling COVID-19
Cuba Increases International Cooperation and Steps Up Measures to Deal with the Pandemic at Home
U.S. Criminal Threats Against Venezuela Cannot Be Allowed to Stand! - ALBA Social Movements Canada, Ottawa Branch
Venezuela's Bolivarian National Armed Forces Reject Latest Vulgar U.S. Attack
Venezuela's Coronavirus Response Might Surprise You - Leonardo Flores

For Your Information
Measures Contained in the COVID- 19 Emergency Response Act, Bill C-13
Update on Global Pandemic for Week Ending March 28

APRIL 2020

April 4, 2020 - No. 11

Matters of Concern as the COVID-19 Pandemic Unfolds
Acts of Piracy and the Virus Threat - Peter Ewart
Only One-Third of Unemployed Canadians Will Receive Assistance from Employment Insurance or Canada Emergency Response Benefit
Quebec Government's Devious Negotiations amid Pandemic - Pierre Soublière
Provocative Ongoing U.S.-NATO Military Exercises in Europe

Around the World United States
Comment on U.S. Situation - TML Reader
Priorities During the Pandemic
Mass Incarceration and the Pandemic

Crisis of the National Health System
Stand of Education Workers on Coronavirus Outbreak

Letter from President Nicolás Maduro Moros to the Peoples of the World

Comment on the State of Affairs - TML Reader
Social Conditions of Migrant Construction Workers

African Union Calls for Lifting of U.S. Sanctions on Zimbabwe and Sudan

International Solidarity and Cooperation
Statement of the Communist Parties of South America
Campaign Launched Against the Illegal Blockade of Countries and for Solidarity Among Peoples
Campaign to Support Cuba's Contribution to World Fight Against COVID-19 - Isaac Saney, Spokesperson, Canadian Network on Cuba
Webinar: Cuba Leads in Global Fight Against COVID-19

For Your Information
Update on Global Pandemic for Week Ending April 4
What Chinese Doctors Learned About the Prevention and Detection of COVID-19 from Their Experience in Wuhan

April 11, 2020 - No. 12

April 18, 2020 - No. 13

April 25, 2020 - No. 14

Our Security Lies in the Fight for the Rights of All!
May Day Virtual Workers' Forums
The Workers Are Saying Enough! There Is an Alternative! - Pauline Easton
The Workers' Striving for Empowerment Will Secure Their Future - Anna Di Carlo

Resistance to the Conditions in Seniors' Homes
Killing Off Canada's Seniors -- The Heart of the Matter - Christine Dandenault
Concerted Action Launched to Smash Code of Silence on Conditions in Long-Term Care Centres and Seniors' Homes
Ontario Court Rules Long-Term Care Homes Have to Respect Nurses' Professional and Clinical Judgment

COVID-19 Update
On the Global Pandemic for Week Ending April 25
On the Work of the World Health Organization
Herd Immunity Not a Proven Way to Reopen Society WHO Says
Possibility of Mass Starvation in India
U.S. Nurses' Heroic Defence of Health and Safety Amidst Pandemic and
Neo-Liberal Wrecking

Canada Silent as COVID-19 Spreads Among Prisoners in Israeli Jails
British Government Ignores People Who Die in Care Homes

MAY 2020

May 2, 2020 - No. 15

The Unaccountable Cartel Party System of Government
CPC(M-L)'s Guide to Action: For Us, Accountability Begins at Home - Pauline Easton
The Virtual Parliament's "Accountability Sessions"
The "Administrative" Parliament Is No More Accountable Than the "Normal" Parliament

For Your Information
Resolution of the 8th Congress of CPC(M-L) on Accountability

The Need to Set a New Direction for the Economy
Say No! to Business as Usual in the Energy Sector - K.C. Adams
Orphan Well Clean-Up Fund Is Another Giant Pay-the-Rich
- Dougal MacDonald

Justice for Migrant Workers
Defence Organizations Demand Protection for All Farm Workers
On the Current Situation at Cargill in High River, Alberta
Critical, but Expendable -- Migrant Agricultural Workers in the Time of COVID-19
Temporary Foreign Workers Merit Permanent Residency, Not
- Diane Johnston
COVID-19 and Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada

The Right to Education
How to Affirm Education as a Right in Today's Conditions - Laura Chesnik

Reopening Quebec
There Is No Return to a Normal in Which the Democratic Norms We Are Setting Are Not Respected - Pierre Soublière
Pretending There's a Choice Doesn't Absolve Governments of Their
- Linda Sullivan

United States
Immigration Ban Issued Using Pretext of Pandemic
Immigration and Customs Enforcement Creates Conditions for Outbreaks in Detention Centres

COVID-19 Update
On the Global Pandemic for Week Ending May 2

May 9, 2020 - No. 16

75th Anniversary of Victory Over Fascism in Europe
We Salute All Those Who Fought in the Anti-Fascist War to Secure Peace, Freedom and Democracy

The Financial Oligarchy and the Coronavirus Pandemic
Reopening the Economy
Economic Measures of the Financial Oligarchy and Its State to Preserve Its Power, Control and Private Wealth - K.C. Adams
Foxes in the Henhouse -- Who Decides Where Bailout Money Goes? - Peter Ewart

End the Attacks on Cuba
Statement by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba Regarding the Terrorist Attack Against the Cuban Embassy in the U.S. - Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla
Windsor and District Labour Council Calls for an End to Inhumane Sanctions and Blockades

Hands Off Venezuela
Venezuelan People's Civil-Military Union Repulses Mercenary Incursions

What Canada Is Up To at the Organization of American States
Whither the Divided Organization of American States? - Sir Ronald Sanders

Meetings of International Financial Institutions and G20
Consequences of Unjust World Economic Order on Developing Countries

International Campaign in the Philippines
Stop the Killing, End the Duterte Regime's Attacks on Negros Island

COVID-19 Update
Severe Impact of Pandemic on More Than Two Billion Working People Worldwide
On the Global Pandemic for Week Ending May 9

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