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January 25, 2020 - No. 1

All Out for the January 25 Day of Action
• No War on Iran! All Foreign Troops Out of Iraq! - Statement of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist), January 13, 2020 
• Actions Across Canada and U.S. Condemn Targeted Assassinations and the
Threat of War

Urgent Need for People's Empowerment and a New Direction for the Economy
• Davos Summit and the Growing Impoverishment of the World's People 

Uphold Hereditary and Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples of Canada
• Organize Broad Support and Public Opinion for the Just Struggle of the
Wet'suwet'en People!

• Wet'suwet'en People Continue to Say No! to Coastal GasLink Pipeline on Their
- Philip Fernandez and Barbara Biley 

• Canada Must Respect the Right of Indigenous Nations and Peoples to Sovereignty and Self-Determination

• Statement of Solidarity - University of Northern BC Faculty and Staff 

• Thirty Years After Delgamuukw

• Actions Across Turtle Island and Beyond Stand with Land Defenders

Mass Incarceration of Indigenous Peoples
• Statement by Chief of Human Rights Commission


February 1, 2020 - No. 2

Canada-U.S.-Mexico Agreement
• Ruling Elite in Canada, Mexico and U.S. Push Continental Integration to Serve Their Private Interests

Canada-U.S. Joint Action Plan on Critical Minerals Collaboration
• No to Canada's Integration into the U.S. Imperialist War Economy! - Fernand Deschamps

Third Anniversary of the Shooting at Quebec City's Islamic Cultural Centre
• Step Up the Fight to Defend the Rights of All!

Support for Wet'suwet'en People's Defence of Their Hereditary Rights
• End Colonial Injustice! RCMP Out of Wet'suwet'en Territory
• Open Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau and Premier Horgan - First Peoples Law
• Comox Valley Wet'suwet'en Solidarity Rally

Canada Honours Venezuelan Imposter
• Trudeau Government Brings Shame on Itself  - Margaret Villamizar

All Out to Support the Palestinian People's Heroic Resistance to Occupation!
• No to the Imperialist U.S.-Israeli "Deal of the Century!" End Israeli Occupation of Palestine! - Communist Party of Canada (MarxistLeninist), January 31, 2020

Global Day of Action Against War on Iran
• Fight for an Anti-War Government and Oppose Canada's Appeasement of U.S. Imperialism! - Nick Lin
• Massive Demonstration in Baghdad Demands the Removal of Foreign Forces
• Photo Review of January 25 Global Day of Action

• Important Anniversaries

February 8, 2020 - No. 3


February 15, 2019 - No. 4

Affirm Indigenous Sovereignty and Rights! RCMP Out of Wet'suwet'en Territory!
• Standing With the Wet'suwet'en Land Defenders! - Barbara Biley
• Coast to Coast and International Actions Condemn the Violence of the Colonial Canadian State
• Workers Must Fight for a Resolution that Defends the Rights of the Wet'suwet'en and the Rights of All ! -  Pierre Chιnier
• Canada and BC Violate UN "Injunction" While Lawful Protesters Arrested and Threatened with Armed Force - Lawyers' Rights Watch, February 12, 2020
• Federal Court of Appeal Decision on Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Is Illegal and Unjust - Philip Fernandez
• Women's Memorial Marches Honour the Lives of Indigenous Women and Girls

For Your Information
• Letter to Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP - BC Civil Liberties Association and Union of BC Indian Chiefs, February 9, 2020
• Gidimt'en Media Statement - February 12, 2020
• Unist'ot'en Matriarchs Arrested - Unist'ot'en Camp, February 10, 2020

February 22, 2019 - No. 5

In Memoriam
• Audrey Kubiak

Canada's Unfounded Claim to Uphold International Rule of Law
• A Historical Turning Point Which the Trudeau Government Cannot Will Away
• Canada's Imperialist Multilateralism - Margaret Villamizar
• Lima Group Is Not Welcome in Canada!
• Pickets Say No! to Foul Activities of Lima Group

A New Relationship is Required with Indigenous Peoples
• The Onus Is on Canada, Not Indigenous Peoples  - Barbara Biley
• Impotent Response of the Office of the Civilian Review and Complaints Division of the RCMP

Photo Review
• Actions Continue Across the Country Demanding  Rights and Title of Wet'suwet'en Be Respected
• Widescale Support of Unions and Other Organizations for Wet'suwet'en Demands
• Proposal to Replace Blockaded Trains with Trucks Is an Attempt to Embroil Truckers in the Denial of Indigenous Rights: the Answer Is No! - Normand Chouinard
• Quebec Government Announces "Grand Alliance" with Cree While Calling for Police Intervention to End Blockades
• At the Kahnawΰ:ke Blockade

Canada's Relations with CARICOM 
• Self-Serving Definition of What It Means to Be a "Vital Partner"  - Tony Seed

February 29, 2020 - No. 6

Stand with Wet'suwet' en -- Might Does Not Make Right
• Canada Must Take Responsibility and Build a New Relationship with Indigenous Peoples - Barbara Biley
• Actions Across Canada Condemn Police Attacks on Blockades
• Statement of Indigenous Youth Standing in Solidarity with Wet'suwet'en
• Renewed Effort by Quebec Premier to Criminalize the Struggle of the Indigenous Peoples - Pierre Soubliθre
• Rule of Law According to Public Safety Minister Bill Blair - Philip Fernandez
• Statement on the Arrest of Documentary Filmmaker Melissa Cox - Yint'ah Film
• Alberta's Critical Infrastructure Defence Act Criminalizes the Affirmation of
- Peggy Morton

Oppose Extraterritorial Application of U.S. Sanctions Against Cuba!
• Open Letter to Franηois-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Foreign
- Canadian Network on Cuba

56th Annual Munich Security Conference
• NATO War Conference Vigorously Opposed - Nick Lin

U.S.-Philippines Visiting Forces Agreement
• People's Forces Not Diverted 

Communist Party of Vietnam's 90th Anniversary
• Vietnamese People Celebrate Momentous Achievements of Their Party
• Celebration in Toronto

March 7, 2019 - No. 7

Women as Leaders in the Fight for the Rights of All
• Celebrate International Women's Day 2020

• On the Question of Women, the Hypocrisy of Liberal Government Knows
No Bounds
- Christine Dandenault

Facts and Figures on Conditions of Women in Canada
• Women, Children and Seniors Hardest Hit by Poverty

• Women and Children Increasingly Turned Away from Shelters

• Labour Statistics and the Gender Gap

 Uphold Indigenous Hereditary Rights -- Stand with Wet'suwet'en
• Federal Government Cannot Escape Its Responsibility to Indigenous Peoples - Barbara Biley 
• March 4 National Student Walkout in Solidarity with Wet'suwet'en

Celebrate 57th Anniversary of Founding of The Internationalists

• The Vibrant Legacy Inherited by CPC(M-L)

International Women's Day 2020

• Women in the Front Ranks of the Fight for Peace, Freedom and Democracy

March 14, 2020 - No. 8

The COVID-19 Pandemic
• Strict Comprehensive Measures Urgently Recommended to Contain the Disease and Protect the Population
• Oppose Attempts to Render the Population Passive in the Face of Pandemic
• World Health Organization Advice to Public for COVID-19 Containment
• Symptoms of Coronavirus Disease 2019
• Measures in Canada
• One-Day Snapshot of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Affirm Indigenous Rights -- Stand with Wet'suwet'en
• Governments Cannot Hide from Their Responsibility to Abandon Colonial Relations and Act with Respect for Indigenous Rights - Barbara Biley
• Letter Revealing BC Solicitor General Authorization of RCMP Deployment Released - Joint Press Release

75th Anniversary of Canada-Cuba Diplomatic Relations
• First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba Addresses Bilateral Relations

Latvian Exhibit in Ottawa
• Canadian War Museum Should Be Condemned for Falsifying What Canadians Stand For

Important Anniversaries
• 137th Anniversary of the Death of Karl Marx
• 149th Anniversary of the Paris Commune

March 21, 2020 - No. 9

Our Security Lies in the Fight to Defend the Rights of All
• Beware of the Fend-for-Yourself Aspect of Federal Economic Response to COVID-19
• Government of Canada's COVID-19 Economic Response Plan

• Canada's Plan to Mobilize Industry to Fight COVID-19 - K.C. Adams
• What Can We Expect?
• Civilian Airlines Grounded

Workers Speak About Their Concerns
• Problems with the Employment Insurance Measures - Pierre Chιnier
• Public Sector Workers' Serious Concerns About Ministerial Order from the Quebec Government - Geneviθve Royer
• Emergency Measures Should be Used to Address Crisis in Seniors' Care in British Columbia - Barbara Biley

For Your Information
• "A Billion Reasons to Care" -- Report of the Office of the Seniors Advocate

International Cooperation to Help Countries Cope
• Cuba's Timely Assistance to British Passenger Ship
• Cuba a Beacon of International Solidarity and Medical Excellence in Fight Against COVID-19
• China Bolsters Global Effort to Combat Coronavirus

U.S. Imperialists' Utter Contempt for Human Life
• U.S. Imposes New Sanctions on Iran
• IMF Refuses Aid to Venezuela (Excerpts) - Ana Maldonado, Paola Estrada, Vijay Prashad, Zoe PC

For Your Information
• Update on Global Pandemic

March 28, 2020 - No. 10

Parliament Convenes to Pass Bill C-13, the COVID-19 Emergency Response Act
• No to Secret Deals! Parliamentary Negotiations Should Be Broadcast Live!

News and Commentary
• A Problem That Is Revealing Itself - Laura Chesnik
• Priorities at a Time of Pandemic - Peter Ewart
• All Life Is Worthy of Life! - Isaac Saney
• Request to Prime Minister for Cuban First Aid Responders to Assist First Nations in Manitoba - Southern Chiefs' Organization
• Quebeckers Express Their Social Solidarity
• Community Responds to Nova Scotia Declaration of COVID- 19 State of Emergency

Efforts to Cope with Pandemic, U.S. Sanctions and Paid Assassins
• Mounting Opposition to U.S. Sanctions Warfare Amidst COVID-19 Crisis
• Vietnam's Proactive Approach to Battling COVID-19
• Cuba Increases International Cooperation and Steps Up Measures to Deal with the Pandemic at Home
• U.S. Criminal Threats Against Venezuela Cannot Be Allowed to Stand! - ALBA Social Movements Canada, Ottawa Branch
• Venezuela's Bolivarian National Armed Forces Reject Latest Vulgar U.S. Attack
• Venezuela's Coronavirus Response Might Surprise You - Leonardo Flores

For Your Information
• Measures Contained in the COVID- 19 Emergency Response Act, Bill C-13
• Update on Global Pandemic for Week Ending March 28

APRIL 2020

April 4, 2020 - No. 11

Matters of Concern as the COVID-19 Pandemic Unfolds
• Acts of Piracy and the Virus Threat - Peter Ewart
• Only One-Third of Unemployed Canadians Will Receive Assistance from Employment Insurance or Canada Emergency Response Benefit
• Quebec Government's Devious Negotiations amid Pandemic - Pierre Soubliθre
• Provocative Ongoing U.S.-NATO Military Exercises in Europe

Around the World United States
• Comment on U.S. Situation - TML Reader
• Priorities During the Pandemic
• Mass Incarceration and the Pandemic

• Crisis of the National Health System
• Stand of Education Workers on Coronavirus Outbreak

• Letter from President Nicolαs Maduro Moros to the Peoples of the World

• Comment on the State of Affairs - TML Reader
• Social Conditions of Migrant Construction Workers

• Overview
• African Union Calls for Lifting of U.S. Sanctions on Zimbabwe and Sudan

International Solidarity and Cooperation
• Statement of the Communist Parties of South America
• Campaign Launched Against the Illegal Blockade of Countries and for Solidarity Among Peoples
• Campaign to Support Cuba's Contribution to World Fight Against COVID-19 - Isaac Saney, Spokesperson, Canadian Network on Cuba
• Webinar: Cuba Leads in Global Fight Against COVID-19

For Your Information
• Update on Global Pandemic for Week Ending April 4
• What Chinese Doctors Learned About the Prevention and Detection of COVID-19 from Their Experience in Wuhan

April 11, 2020 - No. 12

April 18, 2020 - No. 13

April 25, 2020 - No. 14

Our Security Lies in the Fight for the Rights of All!
• May Day Virtual Workers' Forums
• The Workers Are Saying Enough! There Is an Alternative! - Pauline Easton
• The Workers' Striving for Empowerment Will Secure Their Future - Anna Di Carlo

Resistance to the Conditions in Seniors' Homes
• Killing Off Canada's Seniors -- The Heart of the Matter - Christine Dandenault
• Concerted Action Launched to Smash Code of Silence on Conditions in Long-Term Care Centres and Seniors' Homes
• Ontario Court Rules Long-Term Care Homes Have to Respect Nurses' Professional and Clinical Judgment

COVID-19 Update
• On the Global Pandemic for Week Ending April 25
• On the Work of the World Health Organization
• Herd Immunity Not a Proven Way to Reopen Society WHO Says
• Possibility of Mass Starvation in India
• U.S. Nurses' Heroic Defence of Health and Safety Amidst Pandemic and
Neo-Liberal Wrecking

• Canada Silent as COVID-19 Spreads Among Prisoners in Israeli Jails
• British Government Ignores People Who Die in Care Homes

MAY 2020

May 2, 2020 - No. 15

The Unaccountable Cartel Party System of Government
• CPC(M-L)'s Guide to Action: For Us, Accountability Begins at Home - Pauline Easton
• The Virtual Parliament's "Accountability Sessions"
• The "Administrative" Parliament Is No More Accountable Than the "Normal" Parliament

For Your Information
• Resolution of the 8th Congress of CPC(M-L) on Accountability

The Need to Set a New Direction for the Economy
• Say No! to Business as Usual in the Energy Sector - K.C. Adams
• Orphan Well Clean-Up Fund Is Another Giant Pay-the-Rich
- Dougal MacDonald

Justice for Migrant Workers
• Defence Organizations Demand Protection for All Farm Workers
• On the Current Situation at Cargill in High River, Alberta
• Critical, but Expendable -- Migrant Agricultural Workers in the Time of COVID-19
• Temporary Foreign Workers Merit Permanent Residency, Not
- Diane Johnston
• COVID-19 and Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada

The Right to Education
• How to Affirm Education as a Right in Today's Conditions - Laura Chesnik

Reopening Quebec
• There Is No Return to a Normal in Which the Democratic Norms We Are Setting Are Not Respected - Pierre Soubliθre
• Pretending There's a Choice Doesn't Absolve Governments of Their
- Linda Sullivan

United States
• Immigration Ban Issued Using Pretext of Pandemic
• Immigration and Customs Enforcement Creates Conditions for Outbreaks in Detention Centres

COVID-19 Update
• On the Global Pandemic for Week Ending May 2

May 9, 2020 - No. 16

75th Anniversary of Victory Over Fascism in Europe
• We Salute All Those Who Fought in the Anti-Fascist War to Secure Peace, Freedom and Democracy

The Financial Oligarchy and the Coronavirus Pandemic
• Reopening the Economy
• Economic Measures of the Financial Oligarchy and Its State to Preserve Its Power, Control and Private Wealth - K.C. Adams
• Foxes in the Henhouse -- Who Decides Where Bailout Money Goes? - Peter Ewart

End the Attacks on Cuba
• Statement by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba Regarding the Terrorist Attack Against the Cuban Embassy in the U.S. - Bruno Rodrνguez Parrilla
• Windsor and District Labour Council Calls for an End to Inhumane Sanctions and Blockades

Hands Off Venezuela
• Venezuelan People's Civil-Military Union Repulses Mercenary Incursions

What Canada Is Up To at the Organization of American States
• Whither the Divided Organization of American States? - Sir Ronald Sanders

Meetings of International Financial Institutions and G20
• Consequences of Unjust World Economic Order on Developing Countries

International Campaign in the Philippines
• Stop the Killing, End the Duterte Regime's Attacks on Negros Island

COVID-19 Update
• Severe Impact of Pandemic on More Than Two Billion Working People Worldwide
• On the Global Pandemic for Week Ending May 9

May 16, 2020 - No. 17
Matters of Concern to the Polity
• Why Should the Pandemic Shut Down the Economy?
• The False Equation Between Balancing Reopening the Economy and Keeping the Contagion Under Control - Louis Lang
• Aim of the Measures Announced to Save the Economy
• "Reopening" Quebec and the Need to Give Working People the Decisive Say on Working Conditions - Pierre Chιnier
• Federal Government Was Warned of Crisis in Shelter System

Status for Asylum Seekers and Migrant Workers
• Permanent Residency for All Migrant Workers as a Pathway to Full Citizenship!
• Trudeau Government Must Grant Status to Asylum Seekers and Migrant Health Care Workers
• Precarious Status Migrants Should Not Be Left Behind - Dorota Blumczynska, President, Canadian Council for Refugees, May 5, 2020
• Open Letter to Premier Legault - Temporary Agency Workers Association, Immigrant Workers Centre

Canada Out of NATO! Dismantle NATO!
• No to NATO's Recruitment of Youth for Aggression and War
•  Deadly Canadian Helicopter Crash During NATO Exercise

End the Catastrophe Imposed on the Palestinian People! 
• All Out to Support the Resistance of the Palestinian People on Occasion of Al Nakba
• Information on U.S.-Israeli Agenda of Annexation and Extinguishing Palestinian Right to Be

COVID-19 Update
• World Health Organization Issues Guidelines on Reopening
• Pandemic Exacerbates Situation of Unregistered Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons
• Venezuela Brings Pandemic Under Control
• On the Global Pandemic for Week Ending May 16

52nd Anniversary of the Reorganization of The Internationalists
• A Decisive Event in the Political Life of Canada -- May 7, 1968

• A Need to Change the Direction of the Economy

May 23, 2020 - No. 18

Self-Serving Imperialist Definition of "Systemically Important and Viable Businesses"
• State Funding for "Systemically Important" Privately-Owned Businesses
• From "Too Big To Fail" to "Systemically Important Businesses" - K.C. Adams

State Financial Help for Private Airlines
• Crisis at Air Canada and WestJet
• Layoffs at Air Canada - Garnet Colly

Avoidable Consequences of Spring Flooding in Northern Alberta
• Social Irresponsibility Once Again Forces Working People to Suffer Great Losses - Peggy Askin

Situation of Indigenous Peoples in Canada
• COVID-19 Pandemic on Reserves and in Off-Reserve Communities
• Manitoba First Nations' Justified Blockade of Keeyask Dam Site - Barbara Biley
• Statement of Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak Inc.
• Supreme Court of Canada's Decision to Deny Taseko Mines Limited's Appeal - Tŝilhqot’in Nation

Stepped Up War Exercises During COVID-19
• Crash of the Snowbird - Tony Seed

Opposition to Imperialist Sanctions and Blockades
• High-Level Representatives of Affected Countries Call for Lifting of Economic Sanctions
•  Canadian Labour Congress Letter to Foreign Affairs Minister

Terrorist Attack on Venezuela
• Statement by Venezuelan Delegation at Virtual Public Session of United Nations Security Council

• COVID-19 Update

May 30, 2020 - No. 19

Reports of the Canadian Armed Forces on Seniors' Homes in Ontario and Quebec
• The Crisis Reveals That Decision-Making Power Must Be Taken Out of the Hands of Those Who Are Unfit to Govern - Peggy Morton
• A Clumsy Attempt to Find a Role for the Military in Civilian Affairs - Tony Seed

For the Record
• Taking Advantage of the Most Vulnerable and Then Passing the Buck - Diane Johnston
• Union Calls for End to Dividend Payments to Long-Term Care Shareholders
• Ontario Health Coalition Recommendations for Immediate Action at Long-Term Care Homes
• Abuse of Executive Powers Will Come Back to Bite Quebec Government - Pierre Chιnier
• Arrogance of Those Who Wreck Social Programs and Reject Accountability - Christine Dandenault

Cuba's Successes in Health Care
• Globe and Mail Ignores Cuba's Contribution to Fight Against Global Pandemic - Isaac Saney, Canadian Network on Cuba
• Fidel Versus COVID-19 and Beyond - Iroel Sαnchez

May 25 -- African Liberation Day
•  End the Exploitation of Africa's Human and Material Resources and Uphold the People's Right to Be

COVID-19 Update
• Global Technology Access Pool Launched to Collectively Combat Coronavirus
• Support for Refugees and Migrants During the Pandemic - World Health Organization
• On the Global Pandemic for Week Ending May 30

Discussion of Alternatives

• The Need for a New Direction for the Economy

June 2020

June 6, 2020 - No. 20

Brutal Killing of George Floyd
• Yes to Resistance! No to the Use of Police Powers and the Military to Criminalize Politics!
• The Ugly Truth of the "World's Greatest Democracy" for All to See - Nick Lin
• The Bankruptcy of U.S. Institutions - Christine Dandenault
• Trudeau Government as Always Covers Up the Fact that Racist Attacks Are State-Organized - Barbara Biley
• Inability to Unite the Military Bureaucracy -- a Serious Problem Facing the U.S. Ruling Elite - Pauline Easton
• Dangerous Warmongering Exercise of Northern Command - Tony Seed

• Veterans For Peace 
• Pro-Independence Organizations in Puerto Rico and Diaspora  
• National Nurses United
• American Civil Liberties Union National Security Project 
• Joint Statement by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and Women Professionals
• Council on America-Islamic Relations-San Francisco Bay Area and Advancing Justice-Asian Law Caucus

COVID-19 Update
• U.S. President Piles on More Provocations to an Already Disgraceful Situation - Pierre Chιnier
• Significant Impacts to Health Services for Noncommunicable Diseases - World Health Organization
• On the Global Pandemic for Week Ending June 6

Photo Review

• Mass Actions Across the U.S. and Around the World Demand Justice and an End to Police Brutality and Impunity

June 13, 2020 - No. 21

Matters of Concern to the Polity
Government Hands Over Key Advisory and Decision-Making Power to Super Cartel

• BlackRock -- The Super Cartel - Peter Ewart 

• The Canadian Connection to BlackRock

• U.S. Report on Asset Management and Financial Stability

Beaver Lake Cree Nation Constitutional Challenge
• Trudeau Government's Definition of Reconciliation

- Peggy Morton -

• Beaver Lake Cree Nation Stands Firm in Defence of
Inherent and Treaty Rights

• Alberta and Canada Deny Cree Nation's Financial Poverty in Most Recent Appeal of Court's Advance Costs Award - Crystal Lameman

Canadian Government's Appeasement of U.S. Imperialism
• Canada's End Run for Seat on UN Security Council - Tony Seed

Organized Resistance Takes Its Place in the United States
• Fight for Justice and to End State-Organized Racist Attacks
and Use of Military Against the People

Dangerous Developments on the Korean Peninsula
• DPRK Draws Conclusions on Continued U.S. Warmongering

• Inter-Korean Relations Deteriorate

• Virtual Meeting on Current Developments
on the Korean Peninsula

COVID-19 Update
• Joint Call by UN Agencies to End Stigma and Discrimination
Against Migrant Workers and Their Children During Pandemic

• U.S. Inhuman Treatment of Migrants Endangers
Peoples of the Americas

Organized Resistance Takes Its Place in the United States
• Statements of U.S. Organizations and Photo Review

June 20, 2020 - No. 22

Matters of Concern to the Polity
• Let Us Not Permit Change to Be the Casualty in the U.S. Once Again - Pauline Easton

Juneteenth and the End of Slavery
• All Out for People's Empowerment: The Time for Waiting Is Over! End the Injustice NOW! - Dougal MacDonald
• The Meaning of the Term "Systemic Racism" - Steve Rutchinski

Chantel Moore Shot and Killed by Police in Edmundston, New Brunswick
• Not One More Life! End State Organized Racist Attacks and Police Violence

The Summer Solstice and Quebec's National Holiday
• 186 Years of National Day Celebrations
•   Quebec Patriots Inaugurate National Day in 1834
• Summer Solstice and Quebec's National Day

COVID-19 Update
• Overview of Where Things Stand
• Preliminary Results About Use of Corticosteroid Dexamethasone for Critically-ill COVID-19 Patients - World Health Organization
• On the Global Pandemic for Week Ending June 20

• Protests Against Racism, Police Brutality, Killings and Impunity Continue

June 27, 2020 - No. 23

Pay-the-Rich Schemes to "Revive the Economy"
• For a New Direction for the Economy
• Public Infrastructure Spending Programs to Pay the Rich and Sustain Class Privilege and Control - K.C. Adams
• Shady Moves at Alberta Investment Management Corporation - Dougal MacDonald

For Your Information
• C.D. Howe Institute Communiquι #8 - Excerpts

Police Killings Require Redress
• Dangerous Criminalization of Social and Political Affairs
• Police Killing of Ejaz Choudry - Steve Rutchinski
• Protests Continue to Demand Justice in Choudry Killing - Frank Chilelli
• Ottawa Demonstration Against Police Brutality and Impunity

U.S. Cuba Policy
• The United States Is Naked Without a Fig Leaf - Arthur Gonzαlez

30th Anniversary of the Defeat of the Meech Lake Accord
• Political and Constitutional Renewal Has Never Been More Urgent
- Christine Dandenault

Photo Review
• Militant Opposition to State-Organized Racist Attacks Continues

July 2020

July 4, 2020 - No. 24

Canada Day 2020
• The Need to Build Canada on the New Historical Basis
• All Out to Make Sure the Cause of Justice, Freedom, Democracy and
Peace Prevails!
- Pauline Easton and K.C. Adams 

Quebec Government Uses Pandemic as Pretext to
Step Up Anti-Social Offensive
• Legault Government's Shameless Grandstanding
• Bill 61: Use of Pandemic and Restart of Economy to Strengthen Arbitrary Powers
of the State

• Regressive Features of Bill 61

Police Violence and Impunity Must End!
• Protest Held at Peel Regional Police Headquarters
Demands Justice for Ejaz Choudry
- Frank Chilelli 

• Malton Canada Day Community Barbecue

• Ending Police Impunity - Lorne Gershuny 

No to the Annexation of Palestinian Territory!
• Days of Rage Against Israeli Annexation of Palestinian Territories

• Canadian Palestinian Organizations' Response to Annexation

• Canadians Oppose Government Support for Israeli War Crimes

• Haligonians Stand Up for Palestinians and in
Defence of the Rights of All

• Canada Must Strongly Oppose Illegal Israeli Annexations - Statement by Palestine House and Its Allies 

• Open Letter to Prime Minister of Canada by Retired Canadian Diplomats

• Actions in Canada and Around the World Say No! to Annexation

Anniversary of the U.S. Declaration of Independence
• What Is Being Celebrated This Fourth of July

• Fourth of July Speech by Frederick Douglass

• Photo Review of Ongoing Protests in the U.S.

July 11, 2020 - No. 25

Federal Government's Economic and Fiscal "Snapshot"
• Exaltation of Corruption and Fraud
• Let Us Move On to Public Enterprise and End the Charade of Private Enterprise and a Free Market - K.C. Adams

For Your Information
• Public Debts to Global Private Interests
• The Circle of Government Borrowing from the Rich to Payouts to the Rich
• Public Spending Connected with the Pandemic
• Economic Crisis Causes Suffering to Canadian Working People and Small Businesses
• Sources of Federal Government Borrowings
• Federal Government Approval for Public Spending

Cross Canada Day of Action Demands Status for All!
• The Injustice, Discrimination, and Super-Exploitation of Non-Status People Must Stop! 

7th Anniversary of Lac-Mιgantic Tragedy
• The Need to Build a Public Authority that Defends Public not Private
Interests - Pierre Chιnier
• Citizen Action Essential to Ensure Rail Safety - Interview, Robert Bellefleur

30th Anniversary of the Brutal Military Assault on the Mohawk at Kanehsatΰ:ke
• For Nation-to-Nation Relations and an End to Genocide of Indigenous
Peoples - Fernand Deschamps

World-Wide Protests Condemn the Annexation of Palestinian Territory
• Peoples of the World Stand as One with the Palestinian People

July 18, 2020 - No. 26

Matters of Concern to the Polity
• No to "Business As Usual" in Seniors' Care! Private Seniors' Care Institutions Must Be Held to Account! 

Quebec Chartwell Group Private Seniors' Residences on Strike
• No to "Business As Usual" in Seniors' Care! Private Seniors' Care Institutions Must Be Held to Account! - Louis Lang 

United States of North American Oligopolies
• Mexican President Goes to Washington - Pablo Moctezuma Barragαn 

Trump's July 3 Mount Rushmore Speech
• An Obsolete Definition of Who Is a Citizen - Kathleen Chandler 

• People Rely on Themselves, Not the State, to Bring About Change That Favours
- Voice of Revolution 

• The Story Behind Mount Rushmore

Continuing Protests Across U.S.
• Nationwide Strike for Black Lives to Be Held on July 20
• Photo Review

Hands Off Venezuela!
• Inexcusable Provocation by U.S. Southern Command in Venezuela's Contiguous Zone

- Ministry of Peoples' Power for Foreign Affairs of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela 

• Anti-Maduro Political Garbage - Pino Arlacch 

• The Naval Siege at the Centre of U.S. Strategy Against Venezuela - Ernesto Cazal 

• Impact of the Economic War on Venezuela - Pasqualina Curcio 

Discussion on Federal Government "Fiscal Snapshot"
• How the Problem of Public Revenue Poses Itself - K.C. Adams

July 25, 2020 - No. 27

Private Banks Profit from Pandemic Measures in the U.S. and Canada
• Paying the Big Banks to Do Government Work
• Big Banks Reaping Hefty Fees from U.S. and Canadian Pandemic Programs

Alberta Premier's Latest Economic Plan
• Massive Transfer of Public Funds to the Wealthiest Investors - Dougal MacDonald

Actions in U.S. Continue
• Strike For Black Lives
• City Council in Asheville, North Carolina Calls for Reparations
• Reparation Measures Adopted in California, Rhode Island and Illinois

Day of Rage Against Annexation of Palestinian Land
• Vigorous Action in Windsor
• Vancouver Stands with Palestine

The Battle for Democracy in Bolivia
• Cuba Makes Its La Paz Clinic Available to the Bolivian People - Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs
• People's Forces Battle for Their Democratic Rights - Margaret Villamizar

Important Anniversaries
• "Moncada Taught Us to Turn Setbacks into Victories" - Fidel Castro

• Security in the U.S. Lies in the People's Defence of the Rights of All

August 2020

August 1, 2020 - No. 28

Go Digital Canada Program
• Federal Government Promotes Powerful Private Interests - K.C. Adams

Discussion on the Reopening of Schools
• Teachers and Education Workers in Alberta Must Empower Themselves - Kevan Hunter
• It Can Be Done Safely! It Must Be Done Safely! - Laura Chesnik and Enver Villamizar, Hosts of Education Is a Right Podcast
• Ontario's Plans for Reopening K-12 Education
• COVID-19 Back-to-School Plan in Quebec

75th Anniversary of the Use of Nuclear Weapons in Hiroshima and Nagasaki
• Never Again! All Out to Make Canada a Zone for Peace - Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist)
• Oppose Spending Another $19 Billion to Support U.S. Aggression - George Allen
• Day of Action: "Strike for Climate Peace, No New Fighter Jets"

Government Hoists Flag of Vietnam's Defeated Colonial Powers on Parliament Hill
• CPC(M-L) Condemns Government's Promotion of Division and Hatred
• NO to the Promotion of Hatred! YES to the Promotion of Friendly Relations with the People of Vietnam! - Canada Vietnam Friendship Society
• Statement by Canadian-Born Vietnamese Youth

Official Monuments to Racists and Nazi- Fascists
• Canadian People Oppose Nazi Memorials - Dougal MacDonald
• No Racist and Colonialist Monuments Protest
• No More Criminalizing Black Dissent, No More Monuments to Racists and
- Artists in Support of Black Lives

30 Years of the Sγo Paulo Forum
• Message of Greetings of CPC(M-L)
• Anti-Imperialist Unity Is the Tactic and Strategy of Victory - Cuban President
Miguel Dνaz-Canel

Resistance Across the United States Increases in Size and Determination
• Brutal Assaults by Federal Police Forces Fail to Intimidate and Suppress
Revolt - Kathleen Chandler

August 8, 2020 - No. 29

In the News

• Our Hearts Are with Beirut

• The Government of Canada's Unacceptable Response to the Tragedy in Lebanon

Status for All!
• Federal Court Invalidates Immigration Legislation Designating U.S. Safe
Third Country
- Diane Johnston 

• Organizations Urge Federal Government to Immediately Stop Sending Refugee Claimants Back to U.S.

• Background on Canada-U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement

Canada's Subservient Defence Policy
• Billions Spent on Military Procurement - Philip Fernandez 

First Anniversary of Revocation of Jammu and Kashmir's Special Status
• Oppose Indian Government's Brutal Suppression of the Kashmiri People! Long Live Their Struggle for Freedom, Justice and Democracy! - Meera Kaur 

Filipino People's Struggle for Democratic Rights and National Liberation
• Duterte's State of Union Address Condemned at Home and Abroad - Steve Rutchinski 

• CPC(M-L)'s Message to the People's State of the Nation Address Action to Hold the Rodrigo Duterte Regime to Account

In Memoriam
• Fidel V. Agcaoili

• Kidnapping of Indigenous Leaders: Black Garνfuna Lives Matter!

The Fight of Revolutionary Cuba for Its Right to Be
• Helms-Burton Lawsuit Dismissal Sets Precedent

• Cuban Sappers in White Lab Coats - Patricio Montesinos 

• Spanish Journalist Gives Colombian Foreign Minister Fitting Reply

On the Passing of Eusebio Leal, Historian of the City of Havana

• The Sweet and Consoling Union of Love and Hope for the Homeland - Radio Havana 

Webinar August 13
• Celebrate the Life and Legacy of Fidel Castro

COVID-19 Update
• World Health Organization Directives on Preventing COVID-19 Transmission

- Steve Rutchinski 

• Six Months into the Pandemic - Nick Lin 

On the Unfolding Events in the United States
• Trump, Elections and a Dysfunctional Political Process - Kathleen Chandler 
• Actions and Photo Review

August 15, 2020 - No. 30

Important Anniversaries
• Revisiting the Significance of the Historic Conference Held in Chertsey, Quebec
• 25 Years of the Party's Historic Initiative
• A Turning Point in History and Our Decision of September 1, 1985

August 22, 2020 - No. 31

No to the Anti-Communist Monument! No to Black Ribbon Day!
• Information Picket Against the Glorification of Nazism
• Slanders and Lies to Glorify Nazism - Louis Lang

The Soviet-German Non-Aggression Pact, August 23, 1939
• Falsifications About the Origins of the Second World War - Dougal MacDonald
• The Role of Anglo-American Financiers - Valentin Katasonov

For Your Information
• Falsificators of History Chapter 3: The Isolation of the Soviet Union and The Soviet-German Non- Aggression Pact - Soviet Information Bureau, February 1948

August 29, 2020 - No. 32

On the Occasion of the 50th Anniversary of CPC(M-L)
• Tributes Paid at the Party Memorial in Beechwood Cemetery

• 50th Anniversary of the Party Press

Permanent Resident Status for All!
• National Day of Action in Defence of the Rights of All

• Activists Call Out Legault Government on Restrictive "Special Program" for Asylum Seekers

• Migrant Workers Speak Out

• Federal Government's Permanent Residence Program for a "Category" of
Asylum Seekers

• Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino's Remarks

• About the Federal Government's "Historic and Significant" Announcement

• Quebec Announces Special Program for Asylum Seekers During the 
COVID-19 Period

COVID-19 Update
• Statement from the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada

75th Anniversary of Vietnam's August Revolution and National Day
• Beautiful Celebration Held in Toronto
• Online Celebration to Be Held September 2

Worldwide Support for the Palestinian People and Their Right to Be

• Thousands Around the World Join the Days of Resistance for Palestine - Samidoun

Photo Review August 8-28
• U.S. People's Movement Against Racism, Injustice, Impunity and Inequality Does Not Relent - Kathleen Chandler

September 2020

September 5, 2020 - No. 33

Labour Day 2020
• Workers' Forums Exchange Views on New Challenges in Light of Developments in Canada and the U.S.
• Speaking in Our Own Name Goes Hand in Hand with the Need to
- Normand Chouinard
• The Conditions Are Calling on Workers to Act Forcefully and
- Workers' Centre of CPC(ML)

Consequences of Neo-Liberal Anti-Social Offensive During Pandemic
• Top 12 U.S. Oligarchs' Combined Wealth Surpasses One Trillion Dollars During Pandemic
• Concentration of Capital Under the Pandemic - Sandy E. Ramνrez Gutiιrrez
• Remittances -- A Unique Segment of the Global Financial System
• Plight of Foreign Trade in Latin America and Caribbean Due to Pandemic - Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean
• Decrease of Domestic Product in Mexico

Important Anniversaries
• 75th Anniversary of the Founding of Socialist Vietnam Celebrated in Canada
• Vietnam Celebrates 75 Years of National Independence
-- September 2
-  Steve Rutchinski
• Commemoration of 75th Anniversary of Chinese People's Victory Against Japanese Aggression in World War II -- September 3
• 72nd Anniversary of the Founding of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea -- September 9

Use of State-Backed Racist Militias in the United States
• Resistance Persists Against State-Organized Attempts to Undermine Movement for Change

September 12, 2020 - No. 34

Appropriate Demand for Upcoming Speech from The Throne
• Stop Paying the Rich; Increase Investments in Social Programs!

What to Expect
• Pay-the-Rich Schemes by Borrowing Money from Private Sources
• Increased Government Debt
• Who Pays for Public Infrastructure
• The Issue of Public Revenue
• The Need for Modern Definitions

Discussion of the Pay-the-Rich Economy and How to Overcome It
• The Aim of the Working Class Movement
• Objective Conditions of Paying the Rich
• The Trend of a Falling Rate of Profit
• A New Direction for the Economy

Anniversary of Attack on Twin Towers and Coup d'Ιtat in Chile
• Justice for the Chilean People! - Dougal MacDonald
• Catastrophic Consequences of U.S. Imperialists' Wars of Aggression - Nick Lin

United States
• The Fight of U.S. Postal Workers to Oppose Privatization and Debunk Self-Serving Anti-Worker Myths in Lead-Up to U.S. Election
• Government-Created Funding Crisis
• Postal Service Is Committed to Public Service, Not Commercial Profits - National Association of Letter Carriers
• Postal Days of Action

Made in Cuba
• Soberana -- Cuba's COVID-19 Vaccine - Gerardo Szalkowicz

• Elections for National Assembly Underway

• People Take Action in Defence of Their Rights and Against State Terror

• National Plebiscite on New Constitution

• October 18 General Election

• Former President Correa Unjustly Blocked from Candidacy for Vice President

Discussion on the Economy
• Modern Monetary Theory: Keynesianism Warmed Over - K.C. Adams

September 19, 2020 - No. 35

The Appropriate Political Response to the Speech from The Throne
• Nation-Wrecking No! Stop Paying the Rich; Increase Investments in Social Programs!

What to Expect from the Speech from The Throne
• Speculation on What the Throne Speech Will Contain - Pauline Easton
• Illusion-Making that a Just Society Can Be Created the Neo-Liberal
- K.C. Adams
• Claims that Schemes to Pay the Rich Address Inequality and
- Anna Di Carlo

September 11, 2020
• Tribute to the Chilean People and Their Determined Struggle for Justice and Peace

• Canada's Shameful Ranking on Child Welfare
• Canada's Top 20 Billionaires Get Richer by the Day
• Global Tourism Losses Amount to $450 Billion
• Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Releases Interim Outlook Report on Global Economy

For Your Information
• Seminar at the Parliament with Economist Dr. Joseph Stiglitz - Louis Lang
• Neo-Liberal Arguments for "Ensuring a Resilient Economy"
• Recommendations of the Task Force for a Resilient Recovery
• Proposing a "Roadmap to the Canada We Want"

United States Resistance Continues Unabated
• Demands for Justice, Equality, Defunding and Control of Police Persist Against Ongoing Police Violence

September 26, 2020 - No. 36

Trudeau Government's Throne Speech
• A Federal Takeover of Provincial Authorities to Better Serve U.S. Imperialist Narrow Private Interests
• "Build Back Better" -- Socialism for the Rich
• A Pathetic Official Opposition

British Columbia
• People of BC Left Out of Election Decision - Peter Ewart
• Resistance Growing to Deteriorating Living and Social Conditions
• Strathcona Neighbourhood Movement Speaks Out

Demands for a Comprehensive Regularization Program for Migrant Workers
and Refugees

• Montreal March Reveals the Depths of Canada's Human Rights
- Diane Johnston

Round Two of COVID Pandemic
• Activating the Human Factor Is Key to Providing Solutions - Steve Rutchinski

UN "Independent Fact-Finding Mission" on Venezuela
• The Elite's Overkill with Venezuela - Pedro Santander
• U.S. at the Crossroads in Venezuela - Luis Beatσn
• Taking Apart the Report - Misiσn Verdad

Demands to Stop Police Crimes in the U.S. Mount
• Resistance Movement Rejects Refusal to Charge Breonna Taylor's
- Kathleen Chandler
• Millions Petition Kentucky Governor for Justice 
• Actions Across the Country

The Banking Sector of the Economy
• An Important Sector Over Which the Working People Must Exercise
- Workers' Centre of CPC(M-L)

October 2020

October 3, 2020 - No. 37

 Trudeau Government's Foreign Policy
• Attempts to Justify Anglo-American Imperialist Restructuring of International Institutions and World Order - Pauline Easton

• Trudeau's Shameless Presentation to the UN General Assembly - Hilary LeBlanc 

In the Parliament
• The "Pandemic Aid Bill" - Nick Lin 

• Thousands Left Out of New Income Support Benefits - Migrant Rights Network 

Broad Opposition in Alberta to Racist Violence
• All Out to Oppose State Protection of Racist Violence! - Peggy Morton 

Vigils Across Quebec for Victim of Racism
• Justice for Joyce Echaquan - Christine Dandenault 

• Vigils for Joyce Echaquan

• October 4: Sisters in Spirit Vigils

Economic Recovery Plan for BC
• Restructuring State Arrangements to Strengthen Provincial Pay-the-Rich
- K.C. Adams 

75th Session of UN General Assembly Underway
• 75th Anniversary of the Adoption of the UN Charter - Dougal MacDonald 

• Presentation by President of the Republic of Cuba Miguel Dνaz-Canel Bermϊdez
to the General Debate

The Significance of Analyzing Unfolding Events
• The Battle Over the U.S. Presidency

October 10, 2020 - No. 38

Matters of Concern to the Polity
• BC Election Underscores Political Impasse
• An Election Held During Pandemic and Economic Crisis - K.C. Adams
• Strathcona Residents Step Up Their Demands for Safe Housing
for All
- Roland Verrier

Decrees Will Not Control COVID-19 Contagion
• Mobilize the People Not the Police to Solve the Problem of COVID-19
- Normand Chouinard

Letter to the Editor
• Re: Quebec Government's Latest Order-in-Council

Moves to Destroy Alberta's System of Higher Education
• Fighting for the Future of Alberta's Universities, Colleges and Technical
- Dougal MacDonald

Permanent Resident Status for All Migrant Workers and Refugees, Now!
• Oppose Canada's Role in Exploiting and Abusing Migrant Workers! - Diane Johnston

Actions Demand Justice for Indigenous Women and Girls
• Thousands Respond to Death of Joyce Echaquan - Christine Dandenault

Indigenous Rights in the Philippines
• Stand with the Igorot People of the Cordillera - Steve Rutchinski

Venezuela's Right to Self-Determination
• Important Legal Victory in Effort to Recover Gold Seized by British
- Margaret Villamizar

50th Anniversary of the War Measures Act Invoked in 1970
• The Significance of the Proclamation of War Measures - Pauline Easton

October 17, 2020 - No. 39

50th Anniversary of the Proclamation of War Measures in 1970
• Honour to Those Unjustly Imprisoned During the 1970 "October Crisis"
• Courageous Resistance to Military Occupation and Attempt to Isolate
Quebec - Christine Dandenault
• Film Les Ordres by Michel Brault (1974)

Plundering the Public Treasury to Pay the Rich
• Governments Give Millions to Privately-Owned U.S. Ford Motor
Company - Workers' Centre of CPC(ML)
• Sustaining Maximum Private Profit with Public Money - K.C. Adams
• The Billionaire Ford/Firestone Family Empire
• Pay-the-Rich Programs for Electric Vehicles

• Criminality of Privatization in Health Care - Barbara Biley

Bolivian Election on October 18
• Oppose Foreign Interference in Bolivian Election! Let the Bolivian People Decide!
• Zoom Meeting Held on Upcoming Bolivian Election

Canada-Cuba Friendship
• Successful Fundraising for Cuba's Efforts to Combat COVID-19

• Letter to the Peoples of the World - Nicolαs Maduro Moros, President of the
Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

• Millions Protest Dispossession of Small Farmers - J. Singh 

October 24, 2020 - No. 40

Canada's Strategic Critical Minerals: Who Decides?

• Integration of Quebec's Northern Regions into U.S. War
- Fernand Deschamps 

• U.S. Administration Declares National Emergency Regarding Minerals Critical to
War Economy

• Canada's Role in Guaranteeing Supply Chain of Critical Minerals Using
Pay-the-Rich Schemes

• Bailouts of Private Mining and Metallurgical Ventures

All Eyes on Mi'kma'ki
• Stand with Mi'kmaq People in Defence of Their Hereditary and Treaty Fishing Rights

• Hands Off the Mi'kmaq Nation! - Philip Fernandez 

• Canada's Racist Colonial Heritage - Letter to the Editor 

Racism and Police Impunity
• Former Police Officer Appointed Minister Responsible for Indigenous Affairs in Quebec - Christine Dandenault 

• Activists and Residents in Peel Region Continue to Demand an End to Police
 - Lorne Gershuny 

Resounding Victory for the People in Bolivian Election
• Mass Mobilization Sweeps Reactionary Coup Forces from Office - Claude Brunelle 

Chilean People Persist in Fight for Recognition of Their Rights
• Plebiscite on New Constitution and First Anniversary of Revolt Against Neo-Liberal Piρera Regime - Nick Lin 

Strengthening Canada-Cuba Relations
• Canadian Network on Cuba Holds Virtual Conference

• Virtual Conference on Current Situation in Cuba and Its Foreign Policy
• Webinar: Canada-Cuba Relations in the Time of Trump and COVID-19

Mexican Congress for Sovereignty Marks 10th Anniversary
• Sixth National Convention Highlights Achievements and Challenges

- Pablo Moctezuma Barragαn 

50th General Assembly of Organization of American States
• Canada's Dirty Role to Advance U.S. Imperialist Aims in Latin America and the Caribbean - Margaret Villamizar

October 31, 2020 - No. 41

Restructuring at the Behest of Narrow Private Interests
• Provincial Governments' Use of Pandemic as Cover for Anti-Social
Actions - Barbara Biley
• Global Pharma Attacks Public Opinion - K.C. Adams
• Campaigns to Block New Direction for Pharmaceutical Sector

BC Election
• The Results
• The Problem of Empowerment of the People Remains
• The Queen Gave Them the Whole Bag - Peter Ewart

All Eyes on Mi'kma'ki!
• Ongoing Actions Vigorously Affirm Mi'kmaq Fishers' Treaty Right to Take Part in
Lobster Fishery

Statements in Solidarity with Mi'kmaq Fishers
• Canadian Union of Postal Workers
• Canadian Teachers' Federation
• National Farmers Union

For Your Information
• Marshall Fact Sheet - Kwilmu'kw Mawklusuaqn Negotiation Office/Mi'kmaq Rights Initiative

Chilean People Vote for New Constitution
• Massive Turnout in Plebiscite Sets Course for New Constitutional Arrangements - Nick Lin

25th Anniversary of 1995 Quebec Referendum
• The People's Struggle to Vest Sovereignty in Themselves Remains a Problem to Be Resolved - Claude Brunelle and Christine Dandenault

November 2020

November 1, 2020 - No. 42

November 7, 2020 - No. 43

Disputed U.S. Presidential Election
• Anarchy and Violence Prevails - Kathleen Chandler
• Supreme Court, Elections and Crisis of U.S. Democracy - Voice of Revolution
• Lawsuits as Means to Restructure U.S. State for Greater Federal Control
• Equality and Casting and Counting Votes

Readers' Views
• Chaotic Elections Process Fails to Address All-Sided Crisis in U.S.
• Disinformation to Hide Crisis of Political and Electoral Process
• The Peoples of the U.S. and the Americas Are Our Allies, Not U.S. Imperialism
• Paying Attention to the U.S. Election
• U.S. Election Night and the Two Americas
• Results of U.S. Elections Do Not Reflect Consciousness of the Working Class

• Defend Our Rights! Into the Streets! Shut It Down! - United National Antiwar Coalition
• Defund Hate: No Matter Election Outcome, Congress Must Defund Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection and Prioritize Wellbeing of Our Communities - United We Dream

Photo Review
• Actions Continue Across the Country in Defence of Rights

November 14, 2020 - No. 44

Resistance to Privatization Across the Country
• Stop the Privatization Fraud! Stop the Corruption!
• Campaign to End Contracting Out of Civilian Work Within Department of
National Defence

Crisis in the Airline Industry
• The Need to Give the Airline Industry a Nation-Building Aim - K.C. Adams
• Airline Crisis in Stark Numbers
• Government Bailouts in U.S. Industry

Demand Permanent Immigration Status for Migrant Workers, Refugees and International Students
• End Exploitation and Abuse of International Students
• International Students Rally in Toronto to Demand Rights
• Montrealers Honour the Dead by Fighting for the Living - Diane Johnston
• November 24 Rally to Stop Mass Deportations of Migrant Student Workers

COVID-19 Update
• Eight Months into the Pandemic
• 73rd World Health Assembly Resumes Proceedings Virtually

Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution
• A Watershed Moment Still in the Making

• U.S. Election Results
• Bolivia's New President and Vice President Take Office

November 21, 2020 - No. 45

Warmongering Halifax International Security Forum
• Warmongering Insecurity Forum Hatches Plots Against the Peoples

In the Parliament
• Privacy Law Amendments Provide More Evidence of Government Take Over by Private Interests - Anna Di Carlo

United States
• Election Clash Continues - Kathleen Chandler
• Update on Trump Lawsuits
• Discrediting of Elections and Proposals for a Direct Vote for President

All India Rally of Farmers, Workers and Youth in Delhi on November 26
• Heroic Opposition to State-Imposed Immiseration and Violation of Human Dignity

Coup in Chile
• Researchers Uncover More on U.S. Coup to Depose Salvador Allende

135th Anniversary of the Hanging of Louis Riel
• Infamous Day in the History of Canada

Ιtincelle Radio
•  Louis Riel and the Struggle of the Mιtis Nation
• Eille!

•  Ban the Halifax War Conference! Oppose Canada's Stated War Aims!

November 28, 2020 - No. 46

Condemn the Assassination of Iran's Top Scientist in Terrorist Attack!
• No to the Use of Force to Sort Out Conflicts! No Terrorist Attack Can Be Justified!

Serious Matters of Concern for the Working Class Movement
• Narrow Private Interests Demand Government Pay-the- Rich Schemes
• Restrict Governments from Borrowing from Private Moneylenders - K.C. Adams
• Pay-the-Rich Social Programs
• Why Social Programs in Canada Always Fall Short

For Your Information
• Review of New York Times Article Justifying Pay the Rich Schemes

Fourth Anniversary of Death of Fidel Castro
• Vigils and Receptions in Honour of Fidel Held in Canada
• Fidel's Legacy Commemorated in Cuba and Beyond
• Fidel Castro in the Words of Ernesto Che Guevara

United States Election Results
• Dysfunctional Congress Means Clash Among Rulers Continues - Kathleen Chandler
• Claims that Election Is "Free and Fair" Accompany Trump Lawsuits
- Voice of Revolution

• Situation in the U.S. - Letter to the Editor

Suspension of Jeremy Corbyn from British Labour Party
• The Need to Settle Scores with Britain's Decrepit Anachronistic
- Pauline Easton

Massive Resistance to Impunity in India
• Millions Turn Out to Demand Justice and Enforcement of Rights

Honour the Treaties

December 2020

December 5, 2020 - No. 47

Trudeau Government's Refusal to Introduce New Direction for the Economy
• Fall Economic Statement Sets a Path to Even Greater Indebtedness, Impoverishment and Insecurity - K.C. Adams

Canada's Foreign Policy
• What Canada Is Up To at the UN - Steve Rutchinski and Philip Fernandez
• Canada's Despicable Role in Opposing Palestinian Human Rights - Yi Nicholls
• Dangerous Self-Serving Invocation of Holocaust Remembrance to Cover Up Crimes Against Palestinians - Louis Lang

Alarming Developments in the United States
• Presidential Power Used to Attack and Restructure Federal
- Kathleen Chandler
• Congress Threatens Public with Government Shut Down as COVID-19 Cases Reach Record Levels
• Election Clash Remains Unresolved

December 6 Elections in Venezuela
• Canada, Hands Off Venezuela!
• Unprecedented Election for a New National Assembly - Margaret Villamizar
• Letter to Minister of Foreign Affairs - ALBA Social Movements CanadaOttawa Chapter

Developments in Guatemala
• Amid Calls for Resignation, President Seeks Support of Organization of American States  - Gerardo Villagrαn del Corral

December 12, 2020 - No. 48

In the Parliament Bill C-19, An Act to Amend the Canada Elections Act (COVID-19 Response)
• "Free and Fair Elections" Are Meaningless Without an Informed Vote: MLPC National Leader

Bill C-15
• Government Attempt to Subvert Indigenous Right to Sovereignty - Philip Fernandez
• United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act - Sarah Mullgrave

Current U.S. Attempts to Sow Chaos in Cuba
• Oppose Imperialist Interference in Cuba and Violation of Diplomatic Norms - Nick Lin
• U.S. Blockade Violates the Cuban People's Human Rights - Statement by Quebec Organizations on International Human Rights Day
• False Analogies - Yunier Javier Sifonte Dνaz

Election Results in Venezuela Favour the People's Forces
• Election Results
• Venezuelan People Affirm Their Right to Sovereignty - Claude Brunelle
• The People and No One Else Will Decide What Happens in Venezuela - Margaret Villamizar

Fight for Rights and Renewal in India
• Mass Farmers' March on Delhi Enters Week Three - Meera Kaur
• Actions Around the World Support Indian Farmers

Important Anniversary
• 200th Anniversary of Friedrich Engels' Birth

• The Work of CPC(M-L) in the Field of Electoral Reform

December 19, 2020 - No. 49

Out of Control Pay-the-Rich Schemes
• The Arrogance of Monopoly Right - K.C. Adams
• Government Corruption Beyond the Pale
• Exposing the Fraud of the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy Program

Anti-China Motion in the House of Commons
• "Yellow Peril" Hysteria All Over Again - Pauline Easton

For Your Information
• Anti-China Motion

United States
• Majority of Electoral College Votes Go to Biden
• Supreme Court Dismisses Texas Lawsuit Which Attempts to Invalidate Votes in Four States - Voice of Revolution
• Civil War Talk of Secession and Treason - Kathleen Chandler
• Pentagon Funding for War and Weapons Passes, COVID-19 Relief for Workers Does Not
• Nineteen Tragic Facts About the COVID-19 Economy - Bill Quigley

Matters of Importance in Latin America and the Caribbean
• ALBA: 16 Years of Life -  Αngel Guerra Cabrera
• Day of the Titans and Heroic Guerrillas in White Coats - Marνa Inιs Αlvarez Garay
• Mexico's Water in the Hands of Private Interests
• Concern in Peru Over Increasing Number of Missing Women and Girls

COVID-19 Update
• Ending the Year in the Red Zone and Under Lockdown 
• Note to Our Readers

Who Determines What Constitutes a Threat to National Security
• It Is Up To Canadians, Not the Police, to Decide What  Constitutes a Threat to
"National Security

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