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No. 1 - January 9, 2022

Ushering in the New Year

Make Way for Renewal!

Anniversary of January 6 Assault on the Capitol in Washington, DC

State of Democracy as 2022 Gets Underway

Urgency Increases to Make Canada a Zone for Peace

Necessity for a Modern Definition of Right to Free Speech

Liberal Fantasies Flounder

Anniversary of January 6 Assault on the Capitol in Washington, DC

Attempts to Hide Crisis of U.S. Democracy - Anna Di Carlo

Aim of Biden's Presidential Initiative for Democratic Renewal - Voice of Revolution 

Failed State of U.S. Democracy - Kathleen Chandler

Waging the Battle of Democracy - Pauline Easton

Necessity for Modern Definitions - Ideological Studies Centre

No. 2 - February 6, 2022

"Freedom Convoy" in Ottawa 

Anarchy Breeds Violence – Pauline Easton

Divisive Self-Serving Stunts and Disinformation of the First Order – Don't Blame the Truckers!

Blockade of Alberta-Montana Border

Truckers Provide Facts to Counter "Freedom Convoy" Disinformation – Normand Chouinard

Oppose Canada's Integration into U.S. War Economy!

Alberta Premier Kenney Attends National Governors Meeting in Washington, DC

The Problem of Orphaned Oil and Gas Wells– K.C. Adams

Links of BC Rare Earth Mining Project to U.S. War Economy – Fernand Deschamps

NATO's Friends of Women, Peace and Security Group

Canada's Machiavellian Position on Women – Peggy Morton

No to Use of Force to Settle International Conflicts! 

U.S. and Allies Ramp Up Lethal Weapons Shipments to Ukraine

Criminal U.S. Raid Against Syria

Communist Party of Brazil

Red Salute to Longtime Fighter for Democratic Rule in Brazil!

Communist Party of Vietnam

Long Live Revolutionary Vietnam on Its 92nd Anniversary!

Vietnam's Principled and Constructive Foreign Policy – Philip Fernandez

No. 3 - March 6, 2022

Oppose U.S./NATO Provocations and Attempts to Encircle and Crush Russia

• Road to Peace

• New World Order Must Be of the Peoples' Making TML Interview with Pauline Easton

Apologetics for Deputy Prime Minister's Nazi Sympathies Peggy Morton

• Canada's "Coercive Diplomacy" Against Russia Nick Lin

U.S. Senators Name Anti-Russia Sanctions Bill After Ukrainian Nazi Collaborator Slogan ‘Heroiam Slava'

• Anglo-European Chauvinism in Dealing with Ukrainian Refugees

Eurocentrism and Racist Conceptions Underpin NATO's Lies and Disinformation – Margaret Villamizar

At the United Nations

• U.S Manoeuvres to Embroil United Nations

• Special Emergency Session on Ukraine

• Notable Interventions on UN Resolution and Anti-Russia Sanctions

State of U.S. Democracy

Biden's State of the Union Hollow Attempt to Unite the Vying Ruling Factions – Kathleen Chandler

Assault on Capitol Deemed "Criminal Conspiracy to Defraud the United States"

Florida Governor Proposes Election Police

More Evidence of High Rejection of Black and Latino Mail-in Ballots

End the U.S. Blockade of Cuba!

60 years of the Criminal Blockade Against Cuba – Ottawa Cuba Connections

Successful Petition Against the U.S. War on Cuba Closes -- Ottawa's Official Response Pending – Canadian Network on Cuba

If the U.S. Government Cares About the Opinion of the United Nations General Assembly, it Should End its Blockade of Cuba! – Caribbean Network for Solidarity with Cuba

No. 4 - April 3, 2022

Reality Does Not Conform to U.S. Wishes to Control the World

All Out to Support Dialogue and Negotiations Which Produce Desired Results and a Peaceful Resolution of the Ukraine Conflict – Pauline Easton

U.S. Inability to Predict the Outcome of Their Ukraine Strategy

• Trudeau's European Tour Mirrors Biden's

Dictating Unity Does Not Make It So

U.S. President Biden's "United Efforts" Warsaw Speech Repeats Failed Unity Doctrine – Kathleen Chandler

Biden's Failure to Unite the Contending Forces Inside the U.S. – Voice of Revolution

Signs that Anti-Russian Sanctions Will Backfire

Only 48 Countries Out of 193 Participate in Sanctions Against Russia

Impact of Sanctions on Europe and the U.S.

Canada's Use of Sanctions Against Russia to Push for Further Integration into U.S. War Economy – Fernand Deschamps

Resolute Actions Mark Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination 

Militant Actions Across Canada Demand Rights and Status for All

Open Letter from Injured Migrant Workers


Largest Ever U.S./Philippines Military Exercises Target Filipino People and China

• NATO Association of Canada Praises NATO's Designs for the Philippines

Philippines to Assist U.S. if Needed in War Against Russia, President Says

United Nations

China and Russia Block U.S. Push for Stronger Sanctions Against DPRK


The Truth About Recent Violence in Bosawas – Stephen Sefton, Tortilla con Sal


• Ceremony Celebrates 75th Anniversary of Uncle Ho's Return to Tuyen Quang to Lead the National Resistance War


Millions of Workers Join National Strike – J. Singh

No. 5 - May 21, 2022

Matters of Concern to the Polity

Report on Racism in the Military

Insidious Report on Racism in Canadian Military Released – Anna Di Carlo

Blaming the Past to Exonerate the Present

Advisory Panel Forecasts Response from the Military

Unfettered Increase in Arms Trade

Increased Military Spending and Overall Militarization in the Name of "Protecting Canadians from Threats at Home and Abroad" – Pierre Soublière

Need to Affirm Women's Right to Abortions

From Coast to Coast, U.S. Women Protest Reversal of Roe v. Wade – Peggy Morton

Affirming Women's Rights in Canada Should Not Fall into "Thoughts and Prayers" Category – Hilary LeBlanc

• May 14 Day of Action In the U.S. for Abortion Rights

Problems with Pope's Vatican Apology and Upcoming Visit to Canada

The Pope Needs to Come Clean – Philip Fernandez

Responses to Pope's Apology

British Royals' "Jubilee Tour"

High Time Canadians Renounce the Monarchy and Everything It Brings with It

Message Given the Queen on Her 1997 Visit to Newfoundland

Peoples of the Caribbean Give "Working Royals" a Fitting Reception – Margaret Villamizar

Royal Family's Fortune from the Slave Trade

Latin America and the Caribbean

International Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba

CPC(M-L) Expresses Condolences on Death of Former Head of Cuba's National Assembly

Time to Disband the 'NATO of the Caribbean'

• Nicaragua Expels Organization of American States

U.S. in a Quandary Over Summit of the Americas to be Held in Los Angeles in June

No. 6 - June 5, 2022

The Striving of the Peoples for a New World Order

Today, Thinking Things Through Is More Necessary Than Ever – Pauline Easton

Disinformation and a Modern World Outlook

U.S. Plans to Increase Domination and Control Over Europe and Asia

Congress Resolution Calls for Use of NATO for More Intervention into Member States – Kathleen Chandler

Kissinger Addresses How the U.S. Should Proceed to Order and Divide the World

Conception of Total War to Order the World

Lend-Lease Law Strengthens Executive Authority at Home and U.S. Control Over Europe

For Your Information

Use of Lend-Lease in World War II

NATO's Immediate Plans

NATO Meeting of Top Military Authorities

Agenda of the NATO Summit in Madrid, June 28-30 – Nick Lin

NATO's New Strategic Concept

People's Opposition to NATO

Anti-War Protest in Britain Opposes Permitting U.S. Nuclear Weapons at RAF Lakenheath

Declaration of People's Peace Summit, Madrid 2022

News, Views and Information on Unfolding Events


Worrisome Statements About the Future of a Militarized Europe

Seventh International Russia-China Conference Discusses "Cooperation in a New Era"

U.S. Sanctions Will Force Russia into Default on Foreign Debt Held Mostly by U.S. Investors – K.C. Adams

What the U.S. and NATO Are Doing Violates International Law – Steve Rutchinski

The Treaty on Security Guarantees that Russia Proposed to the U.S.

No. 7 - July 17, 2022

Matters of Concern to the Polity

Absence of Political Power Has Become Immediate for Everyone – Pauline Easton

Privatization of the Political Domain – Anna Di Carlo

Public Consultations as Secret Affairs

Budget Implementation Act Endorses Destruction of Private Property

Further Destruction of Canada's Supply Management Systems – Dougal MacDonald

For Your Information

Minister of Foreign Affairs Establishes Indo-Pacific Advisory Committee

The Anti-Racism Industry

44th Parliament Adjourns for the Summer

Status of Laws and Committee Hearings – Barbara Biley

Ramifications of the Plunder of Critical Minerals and Rare Earth Elements

Canada Joins Dangerous U.S. Critical Minerals Supply Chain – Fernand Deschamps

Federal Government's Discussion Paper on Critical Minerals Strategy

Rare Earth Elements as "a Political Weapon"

Lowering Standards for Pollutant Emissions in Quebec

Rouyn-Noranda Community Demands Urgent Action to Curb Arsenic Emissions – Pierre Chénier

Quebec Government Commissions Market Studies to Justify Lowering Nickel Air Emission Standards

Government Bowing to Demands of Mining Companies to Produce Nickel Without Regard for People's Health

No. 8 - August 16, 2022

Recent Matters of Concern

Prime Minister Trudeau's Unacceptable Ignorance About Korean War – Nick Lin

Cuban People Valiantly Overcome Grave Setback in Matanzas

Heroic Efforts Bring Fire Under Control

CPC(M-L)'s Condolences on Death of José Ramón Balaguer

Palestinian Existence Is Resistance!

What the Martyrdom of Palestinian Children Demands – Pierre Soublière

Further Israeli Crackdown on Palestinian Resistance

Lawsuit Against McGill University Student Activists Supporting Palestine

Anti-Palestinian Racism in Ontario Schools – Palestinian Canadian Congress

• Demonstrations in Canada Powerfully Affirm Palestinian Right to Be

International Actions Stand with Gaza Against Israeli Bombardment

No. 9 - September 2022

On the Historical Juncture

Introduction to Discussion on the International Situation

Make Canada a Zone for Peace!

Say No to NATO Expansion into Canadian Arctic! – Steve Rutchinski

Uphold the Right of Arctic Peoples to Establish Fraternal Relations Favourable to Themselves and World Peace! – Enver Villamizar

Palestinian Existence is Resistance!

Militant Action Against Promotion of War at Toronto Air Show


New Prime Minister Takes Power – Workers' Weekly

Strikes Up and Down Britain Declare Enough Is Enough!

European Crisis

Chickens of the 1989 Counterrevolution Come Home to Roost

• Mass Demonstrations in Europe as Counterrevolution Brings Everything to a Head

United States

Growing Opposition to President Biden's "America First" Offensive – K.C. Adams

People Organize Rapid Response to Federal and State-Created Water Crisis

Minimum-Wage Workers Cannot Afford Rent in Any State

Tsunami of Shutoffs Expected for 20 Million Families Behind on Energy Bills


Investiture of New President, Vice-President

New Government Takes Bold First Steps in Program for "Total Peace" – Margaret Villamizar


Assassination of Former Prime Minister Abe Shinzo – Yi Nicholls

Anniversary of Vietnam's Independence

Long Live the Socialist Republic of Vietnam!

Canada-Vietnam Friendship Society Marks Vietnam's August 19 Revolution and National Day


Farmers Across the Country Continue Protests and Agitation – J. Singh

No. 10 - October 2022

The Need to Make Way for Renewal

Human Beings Are Not Things to Be Dealt with Using Police Powers – Rolf Gerstenberger

Snapshot of the Influence of Consulting Firms and Hedge Fund Managers in Governance – Pierre Soublière

Public Funding of Quebec Political Parties 

An Undemocratic Process from A to Z Christine Dandenault

• Undemocratic and Exclusionary Essence of the Electoral Process Said to Be Representative

Agenda of Legault Government in Quebec

Premier's Choice of Cabinet Ministers Confirms Pay-the-Rich Agenda – Fernand Deschamps

Supply Chain Strengthened to Satisfy U.S. War Aims

Visit of U.S. Secretary of State to Montreal

Canada Told to Fall in Line with U.S. Attempts to Further Isolate China and Russia

Montreal's Lithion Recycling Pilot Plant

Putting Canadian Defence Procurement on a War Footing

Ottawa Conference Calls for Increasing Production of War Materiel

Assange's Extradition to U.S.

Canada's Silence Speaks Volumes – Hilary LeBlanc

Crisis in Europe Continues to Deepen

"European Political Community" -- Another Failed Attempt to Control Europe

European Council Fails to Address Peoples' Concerns

Class Struggle Intensifies in France

Mass Protests Continue Demanding Economic Stability and Opposition to Sanctions Against Russia

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