No. 22June 20, 2020

Photo Review

Militant Opposition to State-Organized
Racist Attacks Continues

United States

Juneteenth march in Seattle, Washington.

In the U.S., the ongoing protests reveal the people's profound concern about their living conditions, and lack of security and control over their lives. A large majority of people do not think the government response to the coronavirus pandemic has been what is needed and are greatly concerned that their rights to health care, housing, education and a livelihood are going to come under even greater attack. Many face evictions as moratoriums are lifted in the name of re-opening the economy; at least 30 million remain unemployed and likely will not have jobs to return to; many cannot afford health care and have no or insufficient insurance. Given the refusal of the federal government (Trump and Congress) to implement the needed national standards for personal protective equipment (PPE) and other needed measures to contain COVID-19 and protect the population, many more are looking into alternatives and themselves joining in the various actions taking place. This direction has been further strengthened by the resistance movement, with many voicing the need to re-imagine education, health care and what constitutes safety and security, including defunding and dismantling police forces.

As well, within the ranks of the ruling circles themselves the conflicts are intensifying as differences become more public and directly involve authority over the use of the police and military, while the Constitution no longer stands as an authority for resolving conflicts. The executive, military, various policing agencies, federal, state and local authorities all contend and conflict with each other on COVID-19 and now on the use of police violence. Conflicting authorities, who are clashing with the conditions, are further revealing for all to see that those in power are unfit to govern and an alternative decided by and for the people is needed. The people are already acting to empower themselves in various ways, with youth persisting in their demands for change and nurses, bus drivers, national guardsmen and others speaking out in their own name, taking their stands and giving expression to this direction.

The ruling circles are already striving to restrict discussion and impose their vantage point of perpetuating the status quo, while "reforming" some aspect of policing and elections. There is an effort to divert and divide the movement, with Congress and many at the state level, such as New York Governor Cuomo, presenting themselves as "reformers," proposing and passing legislation that in no way addresses the key issue of who decides, who has political power. While particular laws will have to be examined, a main feature of all of them is continued reliance on the existing state that is responsible for the violence and disempowerment of the people in the first place. A current bill before Congress, for example, has as its main feature turning to the federal government and Department of Justice to deal with police violence, a measure to further bring the state and local policing forces under federal control while trying to present the federal government as "more just."

In addition, given it is an election year, a major effort has begun to convince people to line up against Trump and in support of Democrats, especially "progressive" Democrats. This includes a major emphasis on "saving our democracy," focused on the ability to vote using mail-in ballots and the like and diverting from the current consciousness in the movement that elections are not solutions and this is not our democracy. When the Minnesota Common Council and others are forced to say police departments cannot be reformed, it is an indication of this consciousness that reform and electing people to carry out reform is not a solution. Similarly, as Congress prepares to again raise the Pentagon budget, the consciousness of the relation between opposing violence and impunity at home and standing with the peoples abroad -- for rights and for a global COVID-19 response -- has grown. This too brings to the fore advancing the work for an anti-war government and people's democracy, based on the independent politics of the working class and everyone acquiring an outlook which favours their interests and speaking in their own name.

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Memorial at the site of police killing of George Floyd.

Youth-led Twin cities Awake the Suburbs protest, June 17, 2020.

Washington, DC

Defund the Police protest outside Washington, DC city hall budget discussions, June 13, 2020.

Black Lives Matter actions took place as part of Pride celebrations, June 13, 2020.

Boston, Massachusetts

Providence, Rhode Island

Windsor, New Jersey

New York City

Long Island, New York

Oswego, New York

Montgomery, Pensylvania

Flint, Michigan

Chicago, Illinois

Indianapolis, Indiana

Clemson, South Carolina

Manchester, Georgia

Winter Park, Florida

Cynthiana, Kentucky

Montgomery, Alabama

Baton Rouge, Indiana

Austin, Texas

Pheonix, Arizona

Marina, California

Palmdale, California

Protest June 13, 2020, after the death by hanging of Robert Fuller in Palmdale which was originally ruled a suicide, but is now being investigated.

San Jose, California

Los Angeles, California

Pride celebrations in Los Angeles, June 14, 2020.

San Francisco, California

California nurses stand with Black Lives Matter, June 15, 2020.

Portland, Oregon

Seattle, Washington

Renton, Washington

Kona, Hawaii

Juneteenth Celebrations June 19

Washington, DC

Portland, Maine

Boston, Massachusets

Hartford, Connecticut

New York City

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Cincinnati, Ohio

Lafayette, Mississippi

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Los Angeles, California

Oakland, California

Las Vegas, Nevada

Seattle, Washington


St. John's NL

Windsor, NS

Fredericton, New Brunswick

Toronto, ON

Brampton, ON

Georgetown, ON

Hamilton, ON

Regina, Saskatchewan

Stettler, Alberta

Kootenay, BC

Vancouver, BC

Around the World


Dublin, Ireland

Cork, Ireland

Birmingham, England

Canterbury, England

Aberdeen, Scotland

Turku, Finland

Lucerne, Switzerland

Berne, Switzerland

Berlin, Germany

Paris, France

Milan, Italy

Athens, Greece


Prague, Czechoslovakia

Bucharest, Rumania

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