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January 19, 2019 - No. 1

Marxist-Leninists Prepare for the New Year
• In 2019, Let Everyone Take Up Politics of Social Responsibility and Speak in Their Own Name - Statement of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist),
January 1, 2019

Stand with Wet'suwet'en Land Defenders
• Say No! to State Attack on Unist'ot'en Land Defenders - Statement of the
Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist)
• Actions Across the Country Say No! to Attack on Land Defenders
• Tentative Agreement Reached to Ensure Safety of Wet’suwet’en Members
on Their Territory

End Colonial Injustice
• Ontario Government Shows Disdain for Rights and Interests of Indigenous
Peoples - David Starbuck
• UN Committee Expresses Concern About Lack of Consent in Site C Dam Construction
• Ongoing Fight for Equitable Care for All Indigenous Children
• UN Rules that Canada's Indian Act Discriminates Against First Nations
Women - Press Release, Union of BC Indian Chiefs

Unfolding Events in Latin America and the Caribbean
• Cuba Strongly Rejects Threat to Activate Title III of Helms-Burton Act
- Declaration of Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs

• New Government Takes Office - Pablo Moctezuma Barragαn

• U.S. Imperialism Activates Its Regime Change Apparatus
• Unravelling a Plot - Francisco Arias Fernαndez
• Legitimacy and Human Rights - Stephen Sefton

• The Constitutionally Elected President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Is Nicolαs Maduro
• Stand with the Venezuelan People and Their Bolivarian President and Government!
• Lima Group Trying to Undermine Peace and Democracy in Venezuela
- ALBA Social Movements, Ottawa Chapter

• President Unleashes All-Sided Attack on Rights

60th Anniversary of the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution

January 26, 2019 - No. 2

Environmental Posturing for the 2019 Federal Election
• The People Must Not Give Up Their Own Thinking, Interests and Voice
• Individual Behaviour Is Not the Problem - K.C. Adams

For Your Information
• Trudeau Government's Carbon Sales Tax

Ontario Government's Anti-Social Offensive
• Dishonest Attack on Right to Education and Freedom of Speech
• Provincewide Actions Oppose Ford Anti-Social Offensive in Education

Bill 66, Restoring Ontario's Competitiveness Act, 2018
• The Human Toll of the Ford Government's "Job-Killing Red Tape"
Campaign - Pierre Chιnier

The Need to Oppose Colonial Injustice
• Coastal GasLink Bulldozes Unist'ot'en Trapline
• Ongoing Actions Support Wet'suwet'en Land Defenders

No to "Regime Change" in Venezuela
• Condemn U.S.-Led Attempts to Overthrow the Legitimately Constituted Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela - Margaret Villamizar
• The OAS Dangerously in Disarray - Sir Ronald Sanders, Antigua and Barbuda's Ambassador to the U.S. and OAS
• Bolivarian National Armed Forces Ratify the Legitimacy of Nicolαs Maduro as the Constitutional President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela - Ministry of
People's Power for Defence

Statements on the Developments in Venezuela
• Aggression Against Venezuela Must Cease - Government of the Republic of Cuba -
• Statement of the Caribbean Community
• Uruguay and Mexico Urge Venezuelans to Find a Peaceful Solution to
Their Differences
• Statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry
• No Coup d'Ιtat in Venezuela! - ALBA Social Movements, Ottawa Chapter
• Statement of Common Frontiers
• Statement of the Foro de Sγo Paulo

Venezuelan 2018 Presidential Elections
Canadian Delegation Observations - Common Frontiers Report, June 2018 


February 2, 2019 - No. 3

Government Preparations for 2019 Federal Election
• Mobilization of Police Powers Cannot But Deepen Crisis of
Legitimacy - Anna Di Carlo
• Bringing Political Parties into the State Security Apparatus
• Canada to Lead G7 Rapid Response Mechanism

For Your Information
• What the Ministers and Others Had to Say on Anti-Foreign Interference and Anti-Fake News Plans (Excerpts)

Wet'suwet'en Heroic Defence of Hereditary Rights
• BC Environmental Assessment Office Finds Coastal GasLink in Non-Compliance
• Coastal GasLink and RCMP Violating Gidimt'en Sovereignty and Own Agreement
• Unist'ot'en Demands Stop-Work Order for Coastal GasLink Pipeline

For Your Information
• How the Canadian Government Imposed the Band Council System on
Indigenous Nations
• The Indian Lands Act, 1924

Ontario Government Appeals Robinson Treaties Ruling
• Negotiate, Don't Litigate! Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied! - David Starbuck

Lima Group Meeting in Ottawa February 4
• No to Foreign-Inspired "Regime Change" in Venezuela by Military or "Diplomatic" Means! Hands off Venezuela! - Margaret Villamizar
• Continued Opposition to Canadian Involvement in Regime Change

Statements and Resolutions
• Caribbean Community
• Message of Solidarity Received from the African Union
• Canadian Network on Cuba
• Vancouver and District Labour Council
• Canadian Labour Congress
• Canadian Union of Public Employees
• World Peace Council

• Government in Denial as Brexit Crisis Deepens

• Canada's Withdrawal of Personnel from Embassy in Cuba - Statement by
Cuban Ambassador to Canada, Josefina Vidal
• Rapid, Organized Response to Tornado Damage in Havana - Yaima
Puig Meneses

• Sending Material or Financial Aid to Cuba
• Important Developments in Latin America and the Caribbean
February 9, 2019 - No. 4

Matters of Concern to the Polity
• Talk of Protecting Elections from Foreign Interference Seeks to Lead Canadians
Down a Rabbit Hole
- Anna Di Carlo
• The Keepers of the "Secrets of State" - Pauline Easton
• Inter-Monopoly and Inter-Imperialist Competition and Claims of
"Foreign Interference"
- Nick Lin

For Your Information
• Minister of Public Security's Remarks on National Security and Cyber Security

Donald Trump's State of the Union Address to Congress
• Calls for Unity Gloss Over State of Civil War and Dysfunctional Government

Ottawa Meeting of the Lima Group and Developments Related to Venezuela
• The Trudeau Government's "Uniquely Canadian Approach to Democracy
- Margaret Villamizar
• Four-Phase Montevideo Mechanism for Peace and Dialogue in Venezuela
• International Committee of the Red Cross Says Humanitarian Aid Must Go Through Official Channels


• Our Democracy Is About Protecting Our People - Venezuelan President
Nicolαs Maduro

Photo Review

• Actions Across the United States and Canada Oppose Interference in Venezuelan Internal Affairs

• Working People March Against Baseless Lula Sentenc
• Justice for Lula Is a Fight of Positions and Principles - Communist Party
of Brazil

• Six Holes in the New Lawfare Conviction Against Lula - Brian Mier

El Salvador Presidential Election Results

• The Need to Draw Warranted Conclusions - Hilary LeBlanc
• The Election Results


• Government to Pass Law Forgiving War Crimes

February 16, 2019 - No. 5

Demand Justice for Indigenous Peoples
• Women's Memorial Marches Honour Missing and Murdered Indigenous
Women and Girls

• Rights Coalition Releases National Action Plan to End Violence Against Indigenous Women and Girls
• Excerpts from National Action Plan
• Cat Lake First Nation's Housing Emergency Demands Government Action
• Letter from Cat Lake Chief to Indigenous Services Minister

Hands Off Venezuela!

• U.S. Plans Military Invasion in the Name of Providing Humanitarian
- Margaret Villamizar
• Venezuelan Officials Find Large Cache of Weapons in "Aid" Shipment from U.S.
• President Calls for Dialogue, Understanding, Respect
• Countries Launch Initiative to Defend Venezuela and the UN Charter

• Open Letter to the People of the United States - Venezuelan President
Nicolαs Maduro

• It Is Imperative to Halt the Imperialist Military Adventure Against
  - Revolutionary Government of Cuba
• Mexican President Says Constitution Defines His Country's Stand

• Freedom of the Press, Trudeau-Freeland Style - Tony Seed

United States
• Remove All Troops and Drones from the Border: Our Security Lies in Our Fight
for the Rights of All
- Voice of Revolution

February 23, 2019 - No. 8

Trump's Warmongering Speech in Miami
• Trump's Depraved Doctrine Paves Way for
More Anarchy, Violence and War

• Official Statement of Bolivarian National Armed Forces in Response to Trump's Miami Speech

Military Deployments in Latin America and the Caribbean
• Battle Group Made Ready to Attack

Arguments in Support of Rights Uphold International Rule of Law
• Cuba Reiterates Its Invariable Solidarity with the Constitutional President Nicolαs Maduro and the Bolivarian Revolution - Press Conference, Cuban Foreign Affairs Minister Bruno Rodriguez
• Speech by Venezuelan Ambassador Samuel Moncada at Permanent Council of Organization of American States

Panama, Haiti and the Dominican Republic
• 30th Anniversary of U.S. Invasion of Panama
• Hispaniola Rising: How the U.S. Coup in Venezuela Is Taking Root in Haiti and the Dominican Republic - Ariel Fornari

March 2, 2019 - No. 7

Matters of Concern to the Polity
• The Need for Democratic Renewal to Enable Canadians to Hold Governments
to Account

Political Interference in the Case of SNC-Lavalin
• Hearings of the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights -- the Significance of Wernick's Testimony - Barbara Biley
• The Corruption of the Liberal Government Judged by the Standards Set by the UN Convention Against Corruption - Diane Johnston
• Protecting Jobs Is of No Concern in This Imbroglio - Louis Lang
• SNC-Lavalin and the Charbonneau Commission - Pierre Chιnier
• The Pretext to Make Political Parties Appendages of the State - Geneviθve Royer
• How the Justice System Treats the Criminal Acts of SNC-Lavalin

The Party Press on the Sponsorship Scandal
• Grand Illusion of Free and Fair Elections in Canada Comes Tumbling Down
- TML Daily, April 22, 2005

• The Gomery Commission
• The Harper Government's Conception of Accountability

For Your Information
• Jody Wilson-Raybould's Testimony at Justice Committee -- Opening Statement
• Orders In Council - February 25, 2019

March 9, 2019 - No. 8

International Women's Day 2019
• All Out to Support Our Fighting Women and Girls!
• History of International Women's Day - Janice Murray

January 2019 Women's March
• Women in Canada and the U.S. Speak Out in Their Own Name in Defence of the Rights of All

Matters of Concern to the Polity -- Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project
• The National Energy Board Predictable Redux
• The Imperialist Fraud of Balance - K.C. Adams

Senate Hearings on Bill C-69
• Fraudulent Claims About New Impact Assessment Legislation - Peggy Morton

For Your Information
• National Energy Board Again Recommends Proceeding
with Trans Mountain Expansion Project

Alberta Government's Pay-the-Rich Schemes
• Challenges Facing Working People from an Economy They Do Not Control
• Yes and No Agenda
• Stop Paying the Rich -- Increase Funding for Social Programs

For Your Information
• Two Pay-the-Rich Schemes
• Public Funds for Private Partial Upgrader

In Support of Revolutionary Cuba
• CBC Used to Justify U.S. War Aims Against Cuba to Canadians - Margaret Villamizar
• Cuba Says YES, Loud and Clear - Granma
• Electoral Commission Satisfied with Referendum Results
• D-Day, V-Day and Beyond - Iroel Sαnchez

U.S. Helms-Burton Act
• Statement Denouncing Escalating U.S. Hostility - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
of Cuba

International Battle Raging to Defend Venezuela
• End U.S. Coup and Threat of Invasion Against Venezuela!

March 16, 2019 - No. 9

Matters of Concern to the Polity
• Growing Opposition in Ontario as Ford Government Intensifies Anti-Social Offensive 
• United We Resist -- Mass Rally for Public Education
• Students Step Up the Fight Against Anti-Social Measures and Launch "We the Students" Campaign

Disinformation Over What's at Stake
• Attacks Against Huawei Have Nothing to Do with Rule of Law - Louis Lang

Unfolding Events in Venezuela
• Venezuelan People Stand Firm in Face of Escalating U.S. War Threat - Margaret Villamizar
• Cuba Condemns Terrorist Sabotage of Power Supply System in Venezuela
- Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Second DPRK-U.S. Summit
• U.S. Undermines Principle of Action-for-Action - Nick Lin
• Spirit of March First Movement for Independence Lives On in
- Philip Fernandez

Celebrations of International Women's Day 2019
• Women All Over the World Fight for Empowerment

56th Anniversary of the Founding of The Internationalists
• The Question of Ideology at the Centre of the Work of The Internationalists in the Sixties and of the Party Today - Pauline Easton

March 23, 2019 - No. 10

Matters of Concern to the Polity
• 2019 Federal Budget a Bag of Tricks

Alberta Election April 16
• Working Albertans Do Not Harbour a Morbid Preoccupation with Defeat
• What Is the Problem in Alberta?
• Confronting the Boom and Bust Alberta Economy and Disinformation of the
Ruling Elite

• The Carbon Tax

For Your Information
• Distribution of Seats and Registered Political Parties at Dissolution of Legislature

Disinformation that Huawei 5G Network Is a Threat to National Security
• The Advent of New Forms of Mass Communications of the Social Productive
- Louis Lang

Hands Off Venezuela!
• CARICOM Rejects Canada's Proposal to Undermine Petrocaribe - Misiσn Verdad

International Court of Justice Rules British Occupation of the Chagos Islands Illegal
• Refusal to Uphold International Rule of Law Is a Serious Matter of Concern
• Victory for the Chagos Islanders - John Pilger
• UK Rejects International Court of Justice Opinion on the Chagos
Islands - Craig Murray

March 21 -- International Day Against Racial Discrimination
• To Defend Minority Rights Is to Defend the Rights of All

Youth Worldwide Demand a Bright Future
• Global Student Climate Strike -- Photo Review

March 30, 2019 - No. 11

70th Anniversary of the Founding of NATO
• No to NATO! Dismantle NATO! Make Canada a Zone for Peace!

Palestinian Land Day
• Long Live the Palestinian People and Their Resistance!

• UN Inquiry into 2018 Gaza Protests Concludes Israel's Violations of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law Warrant Criminal Investigation and Prosecution

• Trump Promotes Theft - La Jornada

• Cuba Condemns USA's Recognition of Occupied Syrian Golan as Israeli
- Cuban Ministry of Foreign Relations

• Evidence of U.S.-Led Terrorist Plots

• Adherence to Peace Agreement Demanded - Raϊl Antonio Capote

• National March for Life Gains Support and Momentum

APRIL 2019

April 6, 2019 - No. 12

April 13, 2019 - No. 13

• Stop Paying the Rich and Increase Funding for Social Programs

Education Is a Right!

• Alberta Teachers and Students Demand Working and Learning Conditions that Guarantee Education as a Right for All - Kevan Hunter

• United Conservative Party Uses Straw Men to Attack
Alberta's Curriculum Reform
- Dougal MacDonald

• Class Size Matters

Defending Public Health and Seniors' Care

• Health Care Unions Speak Out

• Medical Lab Workers Say No! to Scrapping New Public Facilities

• Alberta Seniors Deserve Better Campaign

Protecting Water -- An Election Issue

• Residents Organize to Protect the Clearwater River

Opposition to Anti-Social Offensive Continues in Ontario
• Mass Actions Militantly Reject Ford Government's
Attacks on Education

Hands Off Venezuela!
• Illegal Manouevres and Impotent Demands to
Support Regime Change Rebuffed

• Selling or Saving the Soul of the OAS - Sir Ronald Sanders, Ambassador of Antigua and Barbuda to the OAS

• Intervention of Venezuelan Ambassador Samuel Moncada
Before the United Nations Security Council

The Brexit Fiasco
• Solutions Require the People Speaking in Their Own Name

Palestinian People Will Not Back Down
• Great March of Return Protests Continue as Israel Targets Youth

April 20, 2019 - No. 14

Earth Day 2019
• All Out to Humanize the Natural and Social Environment!
• Grandstanding of the Parties which Form the Establishment
• Accountability Begins at Home with Deeds Not Words
• The Consequences on the Environment of Methods of Production - K.C. Adams

Alberta Election 2019
• Results That Do Not Bode Well for Either Alberta or Canada - Pauline Easton

For Your Information
• Election Results

Indigenous Peoples Fight for the Affirmation of Sovereignty
• Crown Drops Charges Against Wet'suwet'en Land Defenders
• Hereditary Chief Says "Reconciliation Is Not at the Barrel of a Gun"

Trump Administration Enforces Title III of Helms-Burton Act
• Let Us Make Sure the Government of Canada Does Not Appease the U.S. in Its Attempt to Strangle Cuba!
• Interview - Isaac Saney, CoChair and Spokesperson, Canadian Network on Cuba
• Where Is Canada's Backbone in Standing Up to the U.S. on Cuba? - John Kirk
and Stephen Kimber

• Revolutionary Government of Cuba
• Global Affairs Canada
• European Union
• European Union and Canada
• Ottawa Cuba Connections
• Bolivarian Government of Venezuela
• Government of Mexico

Civil War Conditions Evident in the United States
• U.S. Federal, State and Local Clashes on Immigration - Voice of Revolution

Resistance to Attacks on Rights Increases
• New Utah Law Protects Immigrants
• Sheriffs in North Carolina Refuse to Cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement
• Civil Rights and Immigrants' Rights Organizations Issue a Statewide Travel Alert in Florida - American Civil Liberties Union of Florida
• Action at the National Border Patrol Museum - Tornillo: The Occupation
• Federal Court Blocks Trump's Forced Return to Mexico Policy - American Civil Liberties Union

Impunity in the Philippines Must Be Ended
• Worldwide Opposition to Extra-Judicial Killings

Update on DPRK-U.S. Relations
• Request for U.S. To Put in Place Proper Conditions for Negotiations - Nick Lin

Important Anniversaries
• 58th Anniversary of Defeat of U.S.-Led Bay of Pigs Invasion of Cuba
• 71st Anniversary of Jeju Island Uprising in Korea
• 76th Anniversary of Heroic Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

April 27, 2019 - No. 15

Earth Day 2019
• All Out to Humanize the Natural and Social Environment!

Matters of Concern to the Polity
• Fight for the Rights of All Without Division, Hierarchy or Privilege
• The Necessity to Organize as One Working Class in Defence of the
Rights of All
• The Temporary Foreign Worker Program - Pierre Chenier
• Immigrant Workers Are an Integral Part of the Canadian Working Class
- Normand Chouinard

• Workers Detail Problems of the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program
• Forum Smashes Silence on Conditions of Work Faced by Immigrant Women
• Live-in Caregiver Program -- Good Enough to Work, Good Enough to
- Diane Johnston

Broad Support for Bolivarian Venezuela's Right to Be
• Resistance to U.S. Unilateralism and Defence of the Rule of Law
• Attempt to Impose Illegitimate Venezuelan Representative Roundly Opposed at Organization of American States
• Non-Aligned Movement Calls for Reaffirmation of Fundamental Principles of International Law and an End to Unilateral Coercive Measures
• Venezuela Strongly Rejects U.S. Unilateral and Illegal Coercive Measures Against Its Foreign Minister - Government of the Boliviarian
Republic of Venezuela
• U.S. Activists Vigorously Defend Venezuelan Sovereignty and
the Rule of Law in Washington, DC

DPRK and Russia Hold Summit in Vladivostok
• Leaders Agree to Secure Peace and Security on Korean Peninsula
and for Peoples of the Region

2019 Ukraine Presidential Election
• Results Will Sharpen Internal Contradictions - Dougal MacDonald

Photo Review
• Achievements of Workers' Movement Over the Past Year

MAY 2019

May 4, 2019 - No. 16

Human Trafficking in Canada
• Together as One Humanity Take Action Against Human Trafficking
• Status for All Migrant and Temporary Workers in Canada! End Canada's Participation in Human Trafficking! - Philip Fernandez
• Reject Attempts to Blame the Peoples for the Global Migration
Crisis - Diane Johnston
• Predatory Nature of Recruitment of International Students and the "International Mobility Program" - Peggy Morton

Opposition to State-Sanctioned Human Trafficking
• Quebec Association of Lawyers Opposes Coercive Measures on Workers Seeking to Immigrate to Quebec
• Ontario Migrant Workers Victimized by Labour Trafficking Speak Out
• Abuse of Migrant Workers in the Food Processing Sector
• The Ordeal of Gemma Concepcion's Family

Ontario Rally Defends Public Health Care
• Thousands Demand Ford Government Improve Not Cut Investments in
Health Care

Human-Centred Solutions Demanded for Spring Flooding
• Devastating Floods in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick
• Rally for Kashechewan First Nation Demands Federal and Provincial Governments Permanently Relocate Community

Defence of the Principle of Sovereignty of All Countries
• Cuba and Its Friends Boldly Affirm Its Right to Be
• Venezuelan People Standing with Their Bolivarian Government and Armed Forces Repel Opposition Coup Attempt
• Announcement of Withdrawal from Organization of American
States - Bolivarian Government of Venezuela

Vietnam Ancestral Global Day and National Reunification Day
• Longstanding Friendship Between the Canadian and Vietnamese Peoples Celebrated at Toronto Conference
• Flag-Raising Ceremony in Quảng Trị Marks National Reunification Day

May Day Around the World
• Militant Actions Defend Rights and Uphold the Dignity of Labour

May 11, 2019 - No. 17

Blatant Government Disregard for the Rights of Refugees and Foreign Workers
• Perfidious Government Measures to Curtail Refugee Asylum Through Budget Implementation Bill - Pauline Easton
• Aligning Workers' Lives with the Profit Motive and Vagaries of the Market
Place - Diane Johnston
• Live-In Caregivers Speak Out Against Arbitrary Quebec Government Measures

All Out to Humanize the Natural and Social Environment and Make Canada a
Zone for Peace

• U.S. Must Be Held to Account for Its Disruption of Arctic Council
Meeting - Peter Ewart

Canada and the International Rule of Law
• Canadian Network On Cuba Calls on Ottawa to Reopen Visa Office in
Cuba - Isaac Saney, Spokesperson
• Huawei Statement Following Meng Wanzhou Case Management Hearing

Standing Up for Immigrant and Refugee Rights in the United States
• Students and Workers Oppose Escalation of Trump Administration
Attacks - Voice of Revolution
• Johns Hopkins Students Demand End to ICE Contracts, No Armed Police
on Campus
• Wisconsin Community Rejects Private Detention Centre
• Phoenix Organizes to House Migrant Families
• Asylum Officers Speak Out Against Trump Program That Attacks Refugees

Illegal Economic Sanctions as Collective Punishment
• U.S. Sanctions Violate Human Rights and International Code of
Conduct - UN Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights

71st Anniversary of Al Nakba
• Stand with the Palestinian People in Their Just Struggle! Affirm the Right
to Return!
• Condemn Zionist Occupiers Latest Criminal Bombardment of Gaza
Strip - Nick Lin
• Statement from Palestinian Center for Human Rights Regarding Aggression on Gaza Strip
• Let Issam Stay Campaign Launches New Appeal to the People of Canada

74th Anniversary of Victory over Fascism in Europe
• Honour the Memory of All Those Who Fought to Defeat Fascism by Making Canada a Zone for Peace
• Worldwide Immortal Regiment Marches

Canada Post's Fraudulent Accounting Methods
• Postal Workers Produce Enormous Value for the Economy and People - K.C. Adams

May 18, 2019 - No. 18

50th Anniversary of the Regina Conference
• A Decisive Event in the Political Life of Canada

National Patriots' Day in Quebec
• Honour the Memory of Those Who Fought in the 1837-38 Rebellion to Vest Sovereign Decision-Making Power in the People
• The Key Role Played by Patriot Women
• Program of Activities on the Occasion of National Patriots' Day

Canadians Pay Utmost Attention to Developing Anti- Imperialist Solidarity
• The Hooliganism of the U.S. Imperialists Knows No Bounds - Nick Lin
• Keep Canada-Cuba Relations on an Even Keel by Upholding International Rule
of Law
- Margaret Villamizar
• Upholding Venezuela's Sovereignty and the International Rule of Law Is a Matter of Principle
• Windsor and District Labour Council Condemns Canada's Interference in Venezuela and Opposes Any U.S. Pressure to Disrupt Friendly Relations
with Cuba
• Important Meeting in June to Discuss the Developments on the Korean Peninsula

71st Anniversary of Al Nakba
• Thousands of Palestinians Uphold Right of Return
• Conditions of the Palestinian People on the Eve of the 71st Commemoration of the Palestinian Nakba - Dr. Ola Awad, President, Palestinian Central Bureau
of Statistics

• 50th Anniversary of the Regina Conference

May 25, 2019 - No. 19

Opposition Organized to Ottawa CANSEC Weapons Fair
• War Profiteers Not Welcome in Canada! Make Canada a Zone for
Peace! - Nick Lin

For Your Information
• Global Arms Trade

For Nation-to-Nation Relations and an End to Genocide of Indigenous Peoples
• May 27 National Day of Action
• Class Action Lawsuit on Child Welfare Filed Against Federal Government
• Unist'ot'en File Legal Action Against Coastal GasLink Archaeological Plan
• Union of BC Indian Chiefs and Wet'suwet'en Send Message to UN

Trump's State Visit to  Britain
• Opposition Gathers on a Massive Scale
• Anti-War Movement Continues to Demand the Closure of U.S. Bases in
Britain - Workers' Weekly

Hands Off Iran!
• U.S. Threatens Iran with Economic Strangulation, Aggression and War
• War of Sanctions Against Iran (III) - German Foreign Policy

Attention to Developing Anti-Imperialist Solidarity
• Declaration of the XVIII Political Council of ALBA- TCP

Brazilian People's Fight to Defend Rights
• Three Years After the Coup Against Dilma, the Country Is in Chaos - Gleisi Hoffmann, Workers' Party of Brazil
• Massive Demonstrations Oppose Bolsonaro Government's Cuts to Education Funding

Filipino People's Fight for Peace, Justice and Human Rights
• Struggle for Peace in the Philippines Discussed at Public Event in Toronto
• Founding Conference of International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines-Canada Held in Ottawa

JUNE 2019

June 1, 2019 - No. 20

Alberta Government's Assault on the Polity
• Throne Speech Proclaims Alberta "Open for Business" - Peggy Morton
• Legislative Agenda of the Kenney Government
• Illegal Request to Put Arbitration of Wage Re-Openers on Hold
• Provincial Government Announces "Cutbacks and Wage Restraint" for All Public Sector Workers
• Comment on the Public Sector and Its Crucial Role in the
Economy - K.C. Adams

For Nation-to-Nation Relations and an End to Genocide of Indigenous Peoples
• Day of Action Defends Indigenous Rights
• BC Court of Appeal Ruling Means British Columbians and Indigenous Nations Remain Vulnerable to Oil Spills

Contention Over the Arctic
• Canada Files Submission on Arctic Ocean Continental Shelf - Peter Ewart

Canada-Cuba Relations
• Parliament Hosts Symposium on Cuba
• Pickets in Ottawa and Montreal Continue to Demand Provision of Canadian Consular Services in Cuba
• Open Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau Concerning Visas for Latin American and Caribbean Scholars - Canadian Association of Latin American and Caribbean Studies
• Canadians Take Part in Annual Caravan to Overcome U.S. Unjust Blockade
of Cuba
• Toronto Coming Event: Cuba in the Time of Trump

Opposition to New Attempts to Impose U.S. Dictate
• Caribbean Community Must Unify to Resist Imposition of Secretary-General of Organization of American States - Sir Ronald Sanders

Trump Administration's Deal of the Century
• Resurrecting the PLO Is Palestine's Best Response - Ramzy Baroud

35th Anniversary of Operation Blue Star
• Heinous Crime of the Indian Ruling Class Against the Peoples of Punjab and
All of India

75th Anniversary of D-Day
• Deepest Respects to All Who Contributed to the Defeat of the Nazis in World War II
• Normandy Landing and the Re-Writing of History - Franηois Lazure

June 8, 2019 - No. 21

Report of National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women
and Girls
• An Urgent Call for Action - Pauline Easton
• About the National Inquiry and Its Final Report - Barbara Biley
• We Demand Immediate Action from Canada - Union of BC Indian Chiefs
• Supplementary Report on Quebec

Defence of Treaty Rights
• Blueberry River First Nations Bring Historic Cumulative-Impacts Lawsuit Back to BC Supreme Court

British People Reject Neo-Liberalism and Imperialism
• Mass Demonstrations Express Contempt for U.S. President

The Use of "Diplomatic Means" to Force Regime Change
• More Desperate Measures from the Lima Group  - Margaret Villamizar
• Canada Closes Its Embassy in Venezuela
• Canadian and Cuban Foreign Ministers Hold Meeting in Toronto
• Cuba Is Not Intimidated by Measures Adopted to Reinforce the Blockade
- Revolutionary Government of Cuba

• Call for Hemispheric Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Conference for Democracy and Against Neo-Liberalism - Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples

• Workers' Movement Response to Worsening Neo-Liberal Crisis - Miranda Jolie

Public Forum in Toronto on June 15
• For Peace, Security and Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula

• 75th Anniversary of D-Day

June 15, 2019 - No. 22

On-Again Off-Again Canada U.S. Mexico Trade Agreement
• Aggressive Trade Agenda of the U.S. Shakes Existing
Arrangements - K.C. Adams

Opposition to Anti-Social Offensive in Ontario
• Province-Wide Actions Mark One Year of Resistance to the Ford Government

Support the Korean People's Just Struggle for Peace and Reunification
• Oppose Canada's Role in U.S.-Led Aggression Against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea - Communist Party of Canada (MarxistLeninist)
• DPRK Calls on U.S. to Mark First Anniversary of Historic Joint Statement by Implementing It with a New Spirit
• 19th Anniversary of Historic June 15, 2000 North-South Joint Declaration

Standing Up for Immigrant and Refugee Rights in the U.S.
• Resistance to Border Patrol Profiling and Searches
• New Mexico Sues Trump Administration over Immigration Policies
• Lawsuit Against Illegal Denial of Parole to Asylum Seekers - American Civil
Liberties Union

• U.S. Federal Court Injunction Partially Blocks Border Wall
• Trump Officials Plan to Use Military Bases to Imprison 5,000 Undocumented Children

2019 European Parliament Election
• Results Give Rise to Fragmented New European Parliament
• The Divisions in the Polity in Britain

June 22, 2019 - No. 23

Free Trade and Trans Mountain Pipeline
• Pipeline Expansion Raises Serious Questions About Direction of the Economy and Its Control - K.C. Adams
• The Arrogance of Those Who Control the Decision-Making Power
• Statement of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs

Ninth Biennial Convention of the Canadian Network on Cuba
• Defending Canada-Cuba Ties of Friendship and Solidarity - Canadian Network
on Cuba

Heroic Resistance in Honduras
• Ten Years after the 2009 Coup d'Ιtat - Margaret Villamizar
• A Trade Union, Political and Insurrectional Struggle - Gilberto Rνos Munguνa, Leader, Freedom and Refoundation Party (Libre)

Endless Futile Attempts to Negate Palestinians' Right to Be
• Kushner as a Colonial Administrator: Let's Talk about the "Israeli
- Ramzy Baroud

Update on the Situation on the Korean Peninsula
• Toronto Meeting on Current Developments in the Struggle for Peace and Reunification
• State Visit of Chinese President to Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Important Anniversaries
June 24
Quebec's National Day Established in 1834
• The Significance of a Historic Declaration

June 23
29th Anniversary of Defeat of Meech Lake Accord
• Democratic Renewal Continues to Be an Urgent Need of the Times

May 1-June 25, 1919
100th Anniversary of the Winnipeg General Strike
• Canadian Workers' Proud History of Organized Resistance and Defence of Rights - Dougal MacDonald

June 19, 1865
Emancipation Day in the U.S.
• Congressional Hearing Held on Reparations
• Reparations Means Full Repair: For 400 Years of Terror, and Other Egregious Crimes - National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America (N'COBRA)

June 29, 2019 - No. 24

152nd Anniversary of Confederation
• All Out to Give Canada a Modern Constitution and Definition of Rights - K.C. Adams

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