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January 19, 2019 - No. 1

Marxist-Leninists Prepare for the New Year
• In 2019, Let Everyone Take Up Politics of Social Responsibility and Speak in Their Own Name - Statement of the Communist Party of Canada
(Marxist-Leninist), January 1, 2019

Stand with Wet'suwet'en Land Defenders
• Say No! to State Attack on Unist'ot'en Land Defenders - Statement of the
Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist)
• Actions Across the Country Say No! to Attack on Land Defenders
• Tentative Agreement Reached to Ensure Safety of Wet’suwet’en Members
on Their Territory

End Colonial Injustice
• Ontario Government Shows Disdain for Rights and Interests of Indigenous
Peoples - David Starbuck
• UN Committee Expresses Concern About Lack of Consent in Site C Dam Construction
• Ongoing Fight for Equitable Care for All Indigenous Children
• UN Rules that Canada's Indian Act Discriminates Against First Nations
Women - Press Release, Union of BC Indian Chiefs

Unfolding Events in Latin America and the Caribbean
• Cuba Strongly Rejects Threat to Activate Title III of Helms-Burton Act
- Declaration of Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs

• New Government Takes Office - Pablo Moctezuma Barragαn

• U.S. Imperialism Activates Its Regime Change Apparatus
• Unravelling a Plot - Francisco Arias Fernαndez
• Legitimacy and Human Rights - Stephen Sefton

• The Constitutionally Elected President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Is Nicolαs Maduro
• Stand with the Venezuelan People and Their Bolivarian President and Government!
• Lima Group Trying to Undermine Peace and Democracy in Venezuela
- ALBA Social Movements, Ottawa Chapter

• President Unleashes All-Sided Attack on Rights

60th Anniversary of the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution

January 26, 2019 - No. 2

Environmental Posturing for the 2019 Federal Election
• The People Must Not Give Up Their Own Thinking, Interests and Voice
• Individual Behaviour Is Not the Problem - K.C. Adams

For Your Information
• Trudeau Government's Carbon Sales Tax

Ontario Government's Anti-Social Offensive
• Dishonest Attack on Right to Education and Freedom of Speech
• Provincewide Actions Oppose Ford Anti-Social Offensive in Education

Bill 66, Restoring Ontario's Competitiveness Act, 2018
• The Human Toll of the Ford Government's "Job-Killing Red Tape"
Campaign - Pierre Chιnier

The Need to Oppose Colonial Injustice
• Coastal GasLink Bulldozes Unist'ot'en Trapline
• Ongoing Actions Support Wet'suwet'en Land Defenders

No to "Regime Change" in Venezuela
• Condemn U.S.-Led Attempts to Overthrow the Legitimately Constituted Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela - Margaret Villamizar
• The OAS Dangerously in Disarray
- Sir Ronald Sanders, Antigua and Barbuda's Ambassador to the U.S. and OAS
• Bolivarian National Armed Forces Ratify the Legitimacy of Nicolαs Maduro as the Constitutional President of the Bolivarian Republic of
Venezuela - Ministry of People's Power for Defence

Statements on the Developments in Venezuela
• Aggression Against Venezuela Must Cease
- Government of the Republic of Cuba -
• Statement of the Caribbean Community
• Uruguay and Mexico Urge Venezuelans to Find a Peaceful Solution to
Their Differences
• Statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry
• No Coup d'Ιtat in Venezuela! - ALBA Social Movements, Ottawa Chapter
• Statement of Common Frontiers
• Statement of the Foro de Sγo Paulo

Venezuelan 2018 Presidential Elections
Canadian Delegation Observations - Common Frontiers Report, June 2018 


February 2, 2019 - No. 3

Government Preparations for 2019 Federal Election
• Mobilization of Police Powers Cannot But Deepen Crisis of
Legitimacy - Anna Di Carlo
• Bringing Political Parties into the State Security Apparatus
• Canada to Lead G7 Rapid Response Mechanism

For Your Information
• What the Ministers and Others Had to Say on Anti-Foreign Interference and Anti-Fake News Plans (Excerpts)

Wet'suwet'en Heroic Defence of Hereditary Rights
• BC Environmental Assessment Office Finds Coastal GasLink in Non-Compliance
• Coastal GasLink and RCMP Violating Gidimt'en Sovereignty and Own Agreement
• Unist'ot'en Demands Stop-Work Order for Coastal GasLink Pipeline

For Your Information
• How the Canadian Government Imposed the Band Council System on
Indigenous Nations
• The Indian Lands Act, 1924

Ontario Government Appeals Robinson Treaties Ruling
• Negotiate, Don't Litigate! Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied! - David Starbuck

Lima Group Meeting in Ottawa February 4
• No to Foreign-Inspired "Regime Change" in Venezuela by Military or "Diplomatic" Means! Hands off Venezuela! - Margaret Villamizar
• Continued Opposition to Canadian Involvement in Regime Change

Statements and Resolutions
• Caribbean Community
• Message of Solidarity Received from the African Union
• Canadian Network on Cuba
• Vancouver and District Labour Council
• Canadian Labour Congress
• Canadian Union of Public Employees
• World Peace Council

• Government in Denial as Brexit Crisis Deepens

• Canada's Withdrawal of Personnel from Embassy in Cuba - Statement by
Cuban Ambassador to Canada, Josefina Vidal
• Rapid, Organized Response to Tornado Damage in Havana - Yaima
Puig Meneses

• Sending Material or Financial Aid to Cuba
• Important Developments in Latin America and the Caribbean
February 9, 2019 - No. 4

Matters of Concern to the Polity
• Talk of Protecting Elections from Foreign Interference Seeks to Lead Canadians
Down a Rabbit Hole
- Anna Di Carlo
• The Keepers of the "Secrets of State" - Pauline Easton
• Inter-Monopoly and Inter-Imperialist Competition and Claims of
"Foreign Interference"
- Nick Lin

For Your Information
• Minister of Public Security's Remarks on National Security and Cyber Security

Donald Trump's State of the Union Address to Congress
• Calls for Unity Gloss Over State of Civil War and Dysfunctional Government

Ottawa Meeting of the Lima Group and Developments Related to Venezuela
• The Trudeau Government's "Uniquely Canadian Approach to Democracy
- Margaret Villamizar
• Four-Phase Montevideo Mechanism for Peace and Dialogue in Venezuela
• International Committee of the Red Cross Says Humanitarian Aid Must Go Through Official Channels

• Our Democracy Is About Protecting Our People - Venezuelan President
Nicolαs Maduro

Photo Review
• Actions Across the United States and Canada Oppose Interference in Venezuelan Internal Affairs

• Working People March Against Baseless Lula Sentenc
• Justice for Lula Is a Fight of Positions and Principles - Communist Party
of Brazil

• Six Holes in the New Lawfare Conviction Against Lula - Brian Mier

El Salvador Presidential Election Results
• The Need to Draw Warranted Conclusions - Hilary LeBlanc
• The Election Results

• Government to Pass Law Forgiving War Crimes

February 16, 2019 - No. 5

Demand Justice for Indigenous Peoples
• Women's Memorial Marches Honour Missing and Murdered Indigenous
Women and Girls

• Rights Coalition Releases National Action Plan to End Violence Against Indigenous Women and Girls
• Excerpts from National Action Plan
• Cat Lake First Nation's Housing Emergency Demands Government Action
• Letter from Cat Lake Chief to Indigenous Services Minister

Hands Off Venezuela!
• U.S. Plans Military Invasion in the Name of Providing Humanitarian
- Margaret Villamizar
• Venezuelan Officials Find Large Cache of Weapons in "Aid" Shipment from U.S.
• President Calls for Dialogue, Understanding, Respect
• Countries Launch Initiative to Defend Venezuela and the UN Charter

• Open Letter to the People of the United States - Venezuelan President Nicolαs Maduro • It Is Imperative to Halt the Imperialist Military Adventure Against
  - Revolutionary Government of Cuba
• Mexican President Says Constitution Defines His Country's Stand

• Freedom of the Press, Trudeau-Freeland Style - Tony Seed

United States
• Remove All Troops and Drones from the Border: Our Security Lies in Our Fight
for the Rights of All
- Voice of Revolution

February 23, 2019 - No. 8

Hands Off Venezuela!
• All Out to Defend Venezuela's Sovereignty and Peace on the American Continent! Speak Out Now! - Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist), February 23, 2019

• Urgent Need to Unite the Continent to Preserve the Peace
• Majority of Countries of the World Uphold Venezuela's Sovereignty
• Urgent Message to the Political and Social Forces of Latin America and
the Caribbean
- Communist Party of Cuba
• Toronto Community Forum Asserts Firm Support for Venezuela

Trump's Warmongering Speech in Miami
• Trump's Depraved Doctrine Paves Way for
More Anarchy, Violence and War

• Official Statement of Bolivarian National Armed Forces in
Response to Trump's Miami Speech

Military Deployments in Latin America and the Caribbean
• Battle Group Made Ready to Attack

Arguments in Support of Rights Uphold International Rule of Law
• Cuba Reiterates Its Invariable Solidarity with the Constitutional President Nicolαs Maduro and the Bolivarian Revolution - Press Conference, Cuban Foreign Affairs Minister Bruno Rodriguez
• Speech by Venezuelan Ambassador Samuel Moncada at Permanent Council of Organization of American States

Panama, Haiti and the Dominican Republic
• 30th Anniversary of U.S. Invasion of Panama
• Hispaniola Rising: How the U.S. Coup in Venezuela Is Taking Root in Haiti and the Dominican Republic - Ariel Fornari

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