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No. 1 - February 2023

Anniversary of the U.S./NATO Proxy War in Ukraine

All Out to Demand that Canada Get Out of NATO and that NATO Be Dismantled! Let Us Together Make Canada a Zone for Peace! – Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist)

Canada, Get Out of NATO! Defend the Right to Self-Determination! – Youth for Democratic Renewal

Anti-War Protests 

Thousands March Against Munich Security Conference

Protests in Europe and Canada-Wide Actions

NATO Defence Ministers' Meeting, February 14-15

Call for Escalation of Arms Exports to Ukraine and Military Spending – Margaret Villamizar

Munich Security Conference, February 17-19

Warmongering, Illusionmongering and Troublemaking – Hilary LeBlanc

For Your Information

• Remarks by U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris at Munich Security Conference – February 19, 2023

• Vladimir Putin's Presidential Address to Russian Federal Assembly – February 19, 2023

China's Global Security Initiative Concept Paper – February 21, 2023

Disinformation on Ukraine

• The Disinforming Outlook  – Pauline Easton

• Canada's Call to Outlaw Free Speech   – Yi Nicholls

• Ongoing Issue of Neo-Nazi Battalions

• Canada's Denial that It Trained Neo-Nazis  – Nick Lin

Arms Shipments to Ukraine

Canada's Contributions

• Assessment of U.S. Contributions Based on Nazi Apologetics

Supply of Weapons and Military Equipment by U.S. and NATO Countries

From the Party Press in 2022

Today Thinking Things Through Is More Necessary Than Ever – Pauline Easton – 

No. 2 - March 2023

Biden Not Welcome in Canada!

No to Warmongering! Get Canada Out of NATO! Not a Single Youth for Imperialist War! – Youth for Democratic Renewal, March 14, 2023 –

For Your Information

Prime Minister's Office Press Release on Biden's Visit to Canada

Ottawa Rally

Protestors Demand "Lift the Genocidal Sanctions Against Syria!"

Anniversaries of U.S./NATO-Led Aggression and War March 16, 1993

• Canada's Crimes in Somalia 30 Years Ago --  In Memory of Shidane Arone

March 24, 1999

• NATO Bombing of Yugoslavia

March 19, 2003

U.S.-Led War on Iraq

March 18, 2011

• U.S./NATO War on Libya

March 26, 2015

• U.S.-Saudi War Against Yemen

No. 3 - March 2023

International Women's Day 2023

Women Lead in the Fight for Rights and Empowerment – Anna Di Carlo

Affirmation of Right to Participate in Decision-Making – Barbara Biley

Urgent Need for Democratic Renewal – Peggy Morton

Canada's So-Called Feminist Foreign Policy – Jennie-Laure Sully

Working Women Speak About Matters that Concern Them

International Women's Day Celebrated Across the Country

Marches Honour Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

No. 4 - March 2023

March 31, 2023  53rd Anniversary of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist)

Long Live CPC(M-L)!

CPC(M-L)'s Defining Quality – Pauline Easton 

The Indelible Impact of CPC(M-L) on the Canadian Polity – Anna Di Carlo 


• CPC(M-L) Honours Its Members Who Have Passed Away

No. 5 - March 2023

Peoples Seek Alternatives to War Preparations in East Asia

Korean People Oppose U.S.-Republic of Korea Military Drills – Philip Fernandez

Democratic People's Republic of Korea Counters War Exercises That Threaten Its Right to Be

• All Out to Support Korea Peace Appeal!

Dangerous U.S. Aim to Create Asian NATO – Nick Lin

NATOization of Japan – K.C. Adams

Australia, UK and U.S. Security Pact Consolidates U.S. Striving for Domination in Asia Pacific – Steve Rutchinski

Filipinos Stand Firm Against U.S. Military Expansion and Provocations

New People's Army Marks 54th Anniversary

Second U.S. Summit for Democracy

An Even Paltrier Version of the First – Barbara Biley

International Meetings and Fora

China/Arab Summits

Joint Statement Between China and Russia

G20 Foreign Ministers' Meeting in New Delhi, India, March 1 and 2

Attempts to Impose Anti-Russia and Anti-China Agenda on International Fora Continue

News in Brief

Russia Issues New Detailed Foreign Policy

Recent Moves Away from U.S. Dollar Dominance

• French President Macron and President of European Union Visit China

No. 7 - September 2023

Speak Out Against the Lies and Disinformation Designed to Isolate Cuba 

Do Not Permit Canada to Be Used As a Base Against Cuba!

Facts Reveal Truth About Condition of Women in Cuba

Worldwide Campaign for One Million Signatures to Remove Cuba from U.S. List of State Sponsors of Terrorism

Reject Cuba's Spurious Designation as "State Sponsor of Terrorism"

47th Anniversary of Terrorist Bombing of Cuban Airliner

• Heinous Act for Which the U.S. Has Yet to Render Accounts

A Glimpse into the Mind of a Terrorist – Orlando Bosch Speaks on Miami TV

False Accusations About Chinese Spy Bases in Cuba

• Another Attempt to Smear Cuba

• Statement by Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs  – Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla

• Statement by Deputy Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs – Carlos Fernández de Cossio –

International Solidarity Meeting Held in Havana – May 2, 2023

International Meeting "Solidarity with Cuba and Anti-Imperialism" Affirms Sovereignty, Independence, Peace and Progress – Statement of Participants

Human Solidarity Cannot Be Blockaded, It Remains an Indestructible Weapon of Struggle and Combat – Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel

No. 8 - September 2023

Canadian Parliament Gives Ovation to Waffen-SS Veteran

Canada's Attempts to Present Ukrainian Nazis as Freedom Fighters

No to the Glorification of Nazism! Shame on the Canadian Parliament! – Youth for Democratic Renewal


Letters to the Editor

Related Material

SS Galicia Division's Bloody Past

Creation of the Ukrainian Canadian Committee

Canadian Air Force Officer Who Knowingly Brought   Ukrainian Nazis to Canada

War Crimes, the Ukrainian Nationalists and the Canadian State – Peggy Morton

Historical Notes on the "Ukrainian Nationalist" Organizations in Western Ukraine

U.S. Built NATO By Putting Nazi War Criminals in Charge – Dougal MacDonald

1938 Munich Agreement and Historical Fraud

Falsifying What Took Place in the Past to Justify Their Crimes in the Present

No. 9 - October 2023

Sisters in Spirit Vigils

• Honouring the Indigenous Women and Girls Who Have Gone Missing and Those Murdered

 National Day for Truth and Reconciliation -- Orange Shirt Day 

• Tens of Thousands Mark Third Annual National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

Third Anniversary Vigil

• Remembering and Honouring Joyce Echaquan

End Illegal Mining and Resource Extraction in Northern Ontario!

• Thousands Rally at Queen's Park to Demand Ford Government Respect Indigenous Peoples' Jurisdiction

"Search the Landfills" Nationwide Day of Action

• Actions Across Country Demand Justice and Dignity for Murdered Indigenous Women

• Rally on Parliament Hill as Fall Session Begins

No. 10 - October, 2023

Terrorist Attack on Cuban Embassy in Washington, DC, September 24

Another Heinous Act of Terrorism Against Cuba for Which the U.S. Has Yet to Render Accounts

Statement of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba

Attack on U.S. Embassy Proves That Cuba Is a Victim of Terrorism – Prensa Latina

Join the Campaign to Get Cuba Off the U.S. List of State Sponsors of Terrorism!


Canadian Network on Cuba

Table de concertation de solidarité Québec-Cuba

Ottawa Cuba Connections and l'Association d'amitié Outaouais-Cuba

U.S. National Network on Cuba


Film Review

Plantadas – A Fantastical Film of Anti-Cuban Hate – Youth for Democratic Renewal

October 9, 1967

Homage to Ernesto Che Guevara on 56th Anniversary of His Assassination

Toronto Event to Commemorate Che Guevara

No. 11 - October 2023

Resistance Is a Right! End the Occupation of Palestine Now!

Militant Actions Across Canada and Worldwide Affirm Palestinians' Just Struggle

Palestinian Resistance Rises in Operation Al-Aqsa Flood


Labour for Palestine-Canada

Association of Palestinian Arab Canadians

Communist Party of Israel and Democratic Front for Peace and Equality

• Palestinian Centre for Human Rights

UN Secretary-General's Brief to Security Council

Photo Review

Actions in Canada and Around the World

No. 12 - October 2023

Hands Off Haiti!

• Join Ottawa Demonstration to Say No to Canadian and CARICOM Support for Foreign Intervention in Haiti

Canada-CARICOM Summit: No to Canadian Interference in the Caribbean!

Canada Announces RCMP Mission in Haiti

UN Security Council Authorizes Foreign Intervention in Haiti


• Caribbean Organizations Denounce UN Security Council's Approval of Kenya-Led Mission to Haiti

Troops Out of Haiti – ALBA Movements

CARICOM Deepens Its Betrayal – A.T. Freeman

Haiti as Empire's Laboratory – Jemima Pierre

For Your Information

217th Anniversary of Assassination of Jean-Jacques Dessalines: Founder of Haitian Nation

History of Kenyan Police

No. 13 - October 2023

Stand with Palestine!

Canadians Stand with Palestine! The World Stands with Palestine!

False Narratives About Hamas to Incite Visceral Hatred Against the Palestinian People

Humanitarian Organizations Demand Action to Respect Palestinian Rights

• Israeli Government's Mass Deportation, Destruction and Genocide in the Name of "Self-Defence"


An Occupied People Have the Right to Resist – Margaret Villamizar –

Association of Palestinian Arab Canadians Responds to Prime Minister's Speech at Pro-Israel Rally in Ottawa

On the Current Situation in Gaza – Martin Bracey –

• The Root of Violence Is Oppression – Jewish Voice for Peace

Photo Review

Worldwide Condemnation of Israel's Crimes in Gaza

No. 14 - October 2023

Photo Review

• World's People Condemn Israel's Massacre of Palestinians in Gaza and U.S. Green Light

No. 15 - October 2023


• Sea of Humanity Across the World Stands Up for Palestine

• Canadians Stand with Palestine

• Photo Review -- October 19-22

October 27, 2023

The World Stands with You Palestine! We Are All Palestinians!

Opposition to Israel Continues to Grow

• UN General Assembly Adopts HumanitarianTruce Resolution

Photo Review -- October 23-28

The World Stands with Palestine!

Photo Review -- October 29-November 3

The World Stands with Palestine!

Glorification of Nazis and Nazi Collaborators

Canada's Falsification of History and Attempted Cover-Up

Official Canada's Attempts to Rewrite the History of How Canada Provided Refuge to Nazi Collaborators – Pauline Easton

University of Alberta's Attempt to Cover Up Its Role in Glorification of Nazi Collaborators and Historical Falsification – Peggy Morton –

For Your Information

• Endowments to University of Alberta in Name of Members of Waffen-SS and Other Organizations with Nazi Links

Nefarious Mission of Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies and Internet Encyclopedia of Ukraine to Revise History

Anti-Communist Monument in Ottawa

In the Name of Doing "Due Diligence" Canada Postpones Unveiling of "Memorial to the Victims of Communism"

A Look at Who Is Funding Anti-Communist Monument

For Your Information

The Design

List of Names

• About Tribute to Liberty and Its Definition of Victims of Communism – TML Weekly, March 18, 2017 –

Letter to the Editor

• Phony Apologies


Nazis in Canada – The Spark, Youth for Democratic Renewal

106th Anniversary of Balfour Declaration: Photo Review of Worldwide Actions

Worldwide Actions for Palestine -- Stop Israel! End the Genocide! Ceasefire Now!

Stand with Palestine

Movement Growing Worldwide to Demand a Ceasefire Now!

Today, We Are All Palestinians!

• The Most Obvious Point – Anna Di Carlo –

The Need to Modernize the United Nations – Nick Lin –

UN Security Council Calls for Humanitarian Pause

Broad Calls to Reform UN Security Council

Canada's Refusal to Recognize Israeli Apartheid

The Truth of the Matter – Peggy Askin

Canadian State Steps Up Incitement to Violence and Hatred – Pierre Soublière

Gaza Assault Exposes True Face of Israel's Ugly Apartheid Regime – Ramzy Baroud

Protests Continue

• Thousands of Protestors at APEC Summit Demand Ceasefire and Bright Future for Humanity

• U.S. Workers Stand Second to None in Opposing Israel's Slaughter of Palestinians

Montreal Vigil in Solidarity with Gaza Caregivers

• Ontario High School Students Hold Militant Walkouts

Protests Continue in Europe

The Imperialists' Security Dilemma

Values Which Permit Crimes Against Humanity Do Not Provide Canada's Democracy with Legitimacy

Israel's Crimes Continue Despite "Humanitarian Pauses"

Photo Review, November 16 to 19

• Worldwide Opposition to Israel's Crimes Against the People of Palestine

Duty of Memory

Canada's Shameful Opposition to Clear-Cut UN Resolution Against Glorification of Nazism

Demand Grows Canada-Wide for Removal of   Monuments Glorifying Nazi Collaborators

Official Conciliation With Nazism Behind Parliament's Standing Ovations for Nazi Collaborator

University "Research" Centres and Falsification of History

– Dr. Dougal MacDonald

Research Report for Deschênes Commission Underscores Steep Price of Anti-Communism

– Anna Di Carlo

November 25 Promotion of Holodomor Myth

Trudeau Government's Continued Anti-Communist Falsification of History

For Your Information

• Ukrainian Famine-Genocide Myth – Dr. John Puntis

• Articles by Professor Mark Tauger

November 25-26: National Days of Action in Support of Palestine

• More Evidence of Israel's Genocidal Crimes Against Humanity

Biden's Legitimacy Crisis Deepens Despite "Temporary Truce" – Kathleen Chandler –

A Victory for the Palestinian People as the Struggle Continues! – U.S. Palestinian Community Network –

Condemn Calgary Police Violence at November 19 Demonstration

• Letter to Calgary Chief of Police – Muslim Council of Calgary

• McGill University Students Win Referendum by Large Margin

• Statement on November 23 Raids in Germany –  Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network

Militant Worldwide Mass Actions Continue

California Cities Pass Resolutions in Support of Palestine

BRICS Issues Communiqué Following Extraordinary Meeting on Middle East

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