For a modern Canada that defends the rights of all!
Humanize the natural and social environment!
All out for democratic renewal!
A New Direction for the Economy
• Stop paying the rich; increase funding for social programs!
• Manufacturing Yes! Nation-wrecking No!
• Stop the plunder of our resources!
For the Renewal of the Political Process
• Our future lies in the fight for the rights of all!
• Vest decision-making power in the people, not the rich!
• Uphold the hereditary rights of Indigenous nations
• Fund the electoral process, not the parties!
Defend the Dignity of Labour
• Negotiations Yes! Dictate No!
• No to the criminalization of workers and the defence of their rights!
Make Canada a Zone for Peace
• No to NATO and NORAD!
• No to integration into U.S. Homeland Security and wars of aggression!
• Not a single youth for imperialist war!
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