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No. 1 - January - February 2024

In the Parliament

Parliament Reconvened on January 29

Auditor General's Report on Corruption in Work of Canada Border Services Agency

Unscrutinized Regulatory Powers Permit Government to Act Without Legal Authority

Prime Minister's Department of Branding and Microtargeting Made Ready

For Your Information

Bills and Government Announcements in the Fall Session

Measures Strengthen Police Powers Over Polity

"Whole-of-Government Approach" to Threat Posed by "Enemy and Hostile States" – Anna Di Carlo –

Proliferation of Self-Serving Surveys and "Public Consultations"

Bogus Survey Used to Justify Establishing "Foreign Influence Transparency Registry"

Use of Artificial Intelligence by Native Actors to Justify State Interference in Political Process

A New Direction Is Needed for the Economy!

Crisis in Health Care Sector Deepens – K.C. Adams –

Unacceptable Cartel Arrangement to Control Drug Prices and Distribution

Alarming Reports of Food Insecurity and Homelessness in Canada

Overburdened Food Banks

Rulers Target Toronto Workers and Small Businesses

Federal Agency Empowered to Dole Out Money to Private Enterprise

Destruction of Quebec's Economy Continues Under "Nationalist" Legault Government – Georges Côté –

Constitutionality of Act Respecting First Nations, Inuit and Métis Children, Youth and Families

Favourable Supreme Court of Canada Ruling

Information on Quebec's Case Before Supreme Court

Women's Memorial Marches

Marches Honour Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirited People – Janice Murray –

Stand with Wet'suwet'en Land Defenders!

Support Wet'suwet'en Court Challenge! Stop the Criminalization of Land Defenders!

No. 2 - March 2024

Pharmacare Bill in the Parliament

Private Insurance Cartels Attack Public Health Care – K.C. Adams 

Key Issue When Discussing Pharmacare Bill

People's Need for Decision-Making Power

Pay-the-Rich Scams Revealed by Privatization of Health Care

Construction of Battery Component and Assembly Plants for Electric Vehicles

Made-in-Canada Plan Ensures Energy Security for United States and Its Military – Fernand Deschamps

More Pay-the-Rich Schemes in the Name of Creating a "Sustainable Quebec Economy"

Who Said What About the Announcement of Construction of Northvolt Battery Assembly Plant

Relations of Friendship Between Canadian and Cuban Peoples Affirmed

Warm Welcome for Cuba's New Ambassador to Canada

Get Canada Out of NATO!

• Military Exercises in the Canadian Arctic

NATO Secretary General's Agenda for Canada

NATO Steps Up War Preparations

Movement for Peace on Korean Peninsula

Resolutely Oppose Freedom Shield 24 War Exercises – Philip Fernandez

South Korean Movement for Peace Calls for End to U.S.-Led War Exercises and a Peace Treaty

Korea Peace Petition Delivered to the UN and U.S.

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