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January 1

Statement of CPC(M-L)

• Long Live Revolutionary Cuba!

January 10

In the News

• Farmers in India Work Out Strategies for Upcoming Elections – J. Singh

January 11

Russia-U.S. Talks

• NATO Expansion Heightens Insecurity and Danger of War – Steve Rutchinski

January 19

Foreign Minister's Visit to Ukraine

• Canada Plays a Dangerous Game

Russia-U.S. Security Talks

• Talks Reveal Need to Be Proactive for an Anti-War Government

January 22

Indigenous Nations Assert Their Authority and Defend Their Rights

• Global Oligarchs Fight over Indigenous Land in Northern Ontario – K.C. Adams

January 24

Ukrainian Crisis

• State of Heightened Insecurity and Potential for Armed Conflict in Europe – Steve Rutchinski

• U.S. Fuels Ukrainian Crisis and European Insecurity

January 25

United States

• New Laws to Block 55 Million from Voting

• Politicians All Speak in the Name of Democracy While Blocking People's Empowerment

• Biden's Public Infrastructure Bill

Davos World Economic Forum

• The Ruling Oligarchy Reschedules Davos World Economic Forum

January 31

No to War in Ukraine! No to Use of Force!

• Government's Nonsensical Definition of "Peaceful Resolution"

• Canada Extends and Enhances Military Assistance to Ukraine

• United States Continues Provocations Against Russia


February 2

Anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad

• Video

February 3

Don't Blame the Truckers!

• Divisive Self-Serving Stunts and Disinformation of the First Order

Joint Press Release

• Algonquins of Pikwakanagan, Algonquin Anishinabeg Nation Tribal Council and Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg

February 4

Significance of Charges Laid for January 6, 2021 Assault on Capitol in Washington DC

• Charges of Seditious Conspiracy and Their Significance – Kathleen Chandler

• U.S. Justice Department Lays Charges Against More Than 760 People

• The U.S. House of Representatives Select Committee Investigation Continues

For Your Information

• Historical Examples of Use of Seditious Conspiracy

February 7

United States

• Minneapolis Police Kill Yet Another Black Man

February 11

"Freedom Convoy"

• Ontario to Declare State of Emergency

• One Explanation for Why the Ottawa "Freedom Convoy" Is Treated with Kid Gloves – Peter Ewart

• Value of Cross Border Trade Between Canada and the U.S.

February 12

Uphold the Right of Palestinians to Resist Zionist Occupation! Uphold the Right of Return!

• Criminal Cold-Blooded Assassination of Palestinian Resistance Fighters

• Condemn the Crimes of Zionist Occupiers! Hold Israel to Account!

February 22

Canadians Need to Prepare for What Comes Next

• Parliamentary Debate Underscores Modus Operandi Used to Justify Making Emergency Measures Permanent – Pauline Easton

February 24

Crisis in Ukraine

• No to Plunging the Peoples of Europe into a U.S./NATO-Provoked War! All Out to Rally Canadians Against Warmongering, Lies and Disinformation – Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist)


March 2

News and View on Ukraine Crisis

• Brinkmanship and the Nuclear Threat – Kathleen Chandler

• Arch-Reactionaries Lead Toronto Demonstration in Support of Ukraine – Nick Lin

• Dangerous Increase in NATO Arms Shipments to Ukraine and War Spending

• Unacceptable Changes to Official German Military and Foreign Policy

• Alarming Calls for Japan to Host U.S. Nuclear Weapons

• Cuba Advocates a Solution that Guarantees the Security and Sovereignty of All – Statement from Cuba's Revolutionary Government

March 3

News and Views on Current Developments in Ukraine

• Yes to Peace, Freedom and Democracy! No to Ultra- Reactionary Ukrainian Nationalism Under the Banner of "Glory to Ukraine, Glory to the Heroes!" – Peggy Morton

• Canada's Endorsement of Volunteers to Join Ukraine's "International Legion"

• Persecution of Opponents of U.S/NATO Narrative

• Eurocentric Racist Treatment of Foreigners

• Western Media's Distorted Information on Capabilities of Ukrainian Armed Forces – Steve Rutschinski

March 5

News and Views Related to Ukraine

• Ukrainian President Appoints Neo-Nazi Commander to Administer Odessa

• Canada Introduces New Immigration Streams for Ukrainians

• Ministry of Defence Announces Yet More Aid to Ukraine

• Mercenaries in the Pay of Private Military Contractors Sent to Fight in Ukraine


• Canadian Nationals Recruited to Illegally Fight in Foreign Wars – Dougal MacDonald

March 10

Stand with Wet'suwet'en

• RCMP Intimidation Tactics on Wet'suwet'en Territory

• Hereditary Chiefs Meet Royal Bank of Canada Executives

• Event: Indigenous Women Land Defenders on Canadian State Violence

March 16

Developments of Concern Related to U.S./NATO War Hysteria

• History as Memory

• Oppose Attacks on Canadians of Russian Origin and Their Institutions

• Persecution of Russian Artists Is Unacceptable – Pierre Chιnier

• Russian Athletes Banned and Expelled from Competitions

• The Ukrainian Diaspora in Canada – Peggy Morton

March 18

In the Parliament

• Ukrainian President's "Can You Imagine" Performance – Anna Di Carlo

• Influence of Canadian NATO Parliamentary Association

• NATO Resets "Collective Defence and Deterrence for Longer Term"

• Canada Participates in Joint Military Exercise in Norway

For Your Information

• Facts Behind Events in Ukraine

• Ukrainian-born Anti-War Activist in the U.S. on Conflict in Ukraine

• Revealing Ukraine -- 2019 Documentary

March 21

War Preparations in the Name of National Interest

• Ramped Up Troop Deployments to Eastern Europe

• Calls to Place U.S. Missiles and Other Military Installations in Canada – Enver Villamizar

War Profiteering

• NATO Countries Increase War Spending

• Supporting Ukraine Used as Pretext to Increase U.S. War Budget

• Major Arms Manufacturers and War Profiteers

• European Governments Give Airbus Guaranteed Contract for Purchase of Military Drones

March 22

23rd Anniversary of NATO Bombing of Yugoslavia – March 24, 1999>

• NATO War Crimes Committed Under Humanitarian Pretext

• Statement of CPC(M-L), March 25, 1999

19th Anniversary of Second U.S. Iraq War – March 20, 2003>

• Brutal U.S. Imperialist Crimes in Iraq Will Never Be Forgotten

11th Anniversary of Foreign Instigated Civil War in Syria – March 15, 2011>

• Statement of Syrian Foreign Ministry

March 23

Ukraine-Related News

• Italian Union Refuses to Load Weapons Disguised as Humanitarian Cargo to Ukraine

• Serbia Will Not Join NATO President Says

• U.S. European Command, Not NATO, Forms Multinational NATO Battle Group in Bulgaria

• Mercenaries in Ukraine Asked to Sign Indefinite Contracts

• Eleven Ukrainian Opposition Parties Ordered to Suspend Activities During Martial Law Period

• International Agency in Charge of Domain Name System Upholds Its Mandate Under Pressure

March 24

U.S./NATO Expansion Identified as Cause of Conflict in Ukraine

• President Ramaphosa of South Africa

• President Maduro of Venezuela

• Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Yugoslavia

• Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng Blames U.S./NATO Expansion for the Escalation of Violence in Ukraine

• U.S. Establishment Voices Against NATO Expansion

• Anti-NATO Demonstrations in Bulgaria

March 25

Behind U.S. Refusal to Speak Clearly about Its Biological Research Labs in Ukraine

• Significance of State Department's "Biodefense" Argument – Kathleen Chandler

• Support Calls to Provide Full Information and Allow for Multilateral Verification

• U.S. Mockery of UN Security Council Meetings on Ukraine Biolabs

• Some History of U.S. Biolabs

March 28

NATO Summit Hopes Reality Will Conform to U.S. Wishes to Control the World

• NATO Summit of Heads of State Sets an Agenda of Further All-Sided Expansion

• The Demand for Serious Negotiations

• Hooliganism and Military Escalation Displaces Diplomacy and Seeking a Peaceful Resolution to Ukraine Conflict


• NATO was Built and Led by Nazi War Criminals – Dougal MacDonald

March 29

United States

• United National Antiwar Coalition Statement on Ukraine, March19, 2022

Videos About the War in Ukraine

• Issues that Matter Interviews

March 30

46th Anniversary of Palestinian Land Day

• Uphold Palestinian Right of Return! Support Palestinian Resistance!

• Even in Israeli Jails, Palestinians Resist Occupation

• Palestine Centre for Human Rights Latest Update

• Jerusalema Dance Challenge

• Montreal Action Celebrates Palestinian Resistance

March 31

CPC(M-L) Celebrates Its 52nd Anniversary

• The Indelible Impact of CPC(M-L) on the Canadian Polity – Anna Di Carlo


April 4

73rd Anniversary of the Founding of NATO

• Dismantle NATO! Make Canada a Zone for Peace!

• Demonstrations in Canada from 1960s to the Present Against NATO and Imperialist War Preparations

April 7

Accusations of Russian War Crimes in Bucha

• The Need for a New Coherence on the Basis of Which the Peoples Can Turn Things Around in Their Favour

• Russia Holds Press Briefing to Denounce Provocation Staged at Bucha

• Russian Ambassador to UN Calls on Ukrainian President to Make Right Decisions for Ukraine

• Russia Exercises Right of Reply on What Took Place in Bucha

• Facts Behind the Accusations that Russia Massacred Civilians in Bucha

April 13

Disinformation About War Crimes in Ukraine

• The More It Goes, the More Hysterical, Irrational and Dangerous It Becomes

• Unacceptable Suspension of Russia from UN Human Rights Council

• UN Members Speak Out Against Politicization of Human Rights

Statements on Decision to Suspend Russian Federation Membership in UN Human Rights Council

• Democratic People's Republic of Korea

• Cuba

• People's Republic of China

• South Africa

Who Is Committing the Crimes in Ukraine?

• Considerable Evidence and Testimonies Contradict Ukrainian Government's Narrative

• Videos and Photos Sent by Readers

April 16

Stand with the Palestinian People

• Condemn Israeli Occupation Forces' Attack on Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem

April 21

Earth Day 2022

• UN Environment Assembly Passes Resolution to End Plastic Pollution

• Challenge to Shipping Plastic Waste to Developing Countries

• What to Do About all This "Stuff"

• Plastic-Eating Mushrooms

• The Problem with Plastics – Peter Ewart

April 22

Earth Day 2022

• All Out to Humanize the Natural and Social Environment! – Statement of CPC(M-L)


• From the Program of CPC(M-L)

• On People's Opposition at COP26, Glasgow 2021

April 23

Stand with Palestine

• Worldwide Actions in Support of Palestinian Resistance

U.S./NATO Conduct Massive Cyber Warfare Exercises

• Expanded Country Cyber War Exercises April 16-22

• Summaries from Corporate Participants in the 2022 Locked Shields

• Biggest Profiteers and Executors of Cyber Warfare

For Your Information

• NATO Industry Cyber Partnership

April 27

Promotion of Canada's Integration into U.S. War Machine

• U.S. Senator Joe Manchin Tours Oil Sands – Peggy Morton


May 2

May Day Demonstrations Around the World

• Cuba Lives and Works

May 3

World Press Freedom Day

• Press Freedom in Peril

• Freedom of Expression - a Human Right

• Freedom of Information - Also a Human Right

• Press Freedom and Governance Raises the Issue of Who Governs

For Your Information

• Origins and Purpose of World Press Freedom Day -

May 5

Situation in Europe and Ukraine

• Serious Danger of War in Europe

• "Biggest War Crime of the 21st Century" Refuted

• Poland's Intentions in Western Ukraine

• U.S. "Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act"

Related News

• U.S. and Japan Hold Joint War Exercises in Failed Attempt to Intimidate DPRK

• Democratic People's Republic of Korea Denounces "Merchants of Death"

• Action Denounces Lockheed Martin, the World's Number One Arms Producer

11th Anniversary of Start of U.S.-led War on Syria

• Gulf Rebellion Against the U.S. and Its Domination

• Desperate Situation in Yemen

May 10

Tragic Accident at Havana Hotel

• Heroic Efforts to Rescue Victims of Explosion

May 14

74th Anniversary of Al-Nakba - The Catastrophe

• May 15, 1948: Resistance Until Liberation

• Smash the Silence! Oppose Israel's Settlements and Crimes! Oppose Canada's Definition of Human Rights and Unacceptable "Rules-Based" International Order

• UN Special Rapporteur Confirms Israel's 55-Year Occupation of Palestinian Territory Is Apartheid

• Ruling of Israel's High Court Permitting More Dispossessions Deserves Condemnation

• Israel's Approval of Nearly 4,500 Homes in Illegal Settlements Deserves Condemnation

• Condemn the Assassination of Palestinian-American Journalist Shireen Abu Akleh

• Students' Society of McGill Adopts Palestine Solidarity Policy

• Canada Palestine Association Calls to Oppose Criminalization of Support for Palestine

• False Foundation of B'nai Brith's Data – Canada Palestine Association

May 16

Day of Awareness Marked Across Canada

• Actions Honour Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirited People and Demand Justice

May 17

Nakba 74 Photo Review

• Worldwide Actions in Support of Palestine

May 19

Support the Right of the Indigenous Peoples to Uphold Their Hereditary Rights

• Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chief Na'Moks Visits Montreal to Raise Awareness

• BC Supreme Court Judge Interferes in Case at Request of Coastal GasLink

• RCMP Lie About Planned Action Against Wet'suwet'en in January

• Union of BC Indian Chiefs Upholds the Significance of Hereditary Rights

• Tsleil-Waututh First Nation Land Defender Criminalized Over Breach of Injunction

• UN Committee Voices Concerns Over Allegations of Violence Against Secwepemc and Wet'suwet'en Nations

May 20

Mining in Northwest Territories

• Promoting the War Industry in the Name of "Greening" the Economy – Fernand Deschamps

• Nechalacho Critical Mineral Deposits in Northwest Territories

• Nico Cobalt-Gold-Bismuth-Copper Deposit

• Elements Comprising Lithium-ion Batteries

May 26

Do Not Let Warmongers Speak in Our Name!

• Oppose CANSEC Weapons Fair and All It Represents! – Pierre Soubliθre

• NATO War Exercises Conducted at Wainwright Military Base, Alberta

• Armed Forces Digital Recruitment Campaign

May 27


• News in Brief

May 29

Uphold the Right of Indigenous Peoples to Affirm Their Hereditary Rights

• Solemn Memorial Marks First Year Anniversary of Discovery of Unmarked Graves at Tk'emlups te Secwepemc First Nation

• Stand With the Wet'suwet'en! 

Unites States Crimes Against the People

• The Shoshone — "The Most Bombed Nation on Earth" – Philip Fernandez

May 30

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney's Resignation

• A "Leadership Review" in Which Accountability Is the Victim – Peggy Morton


June 3

Make Canada a Zone for Peace!

• Ottawa Action Opposes CANSEC Weapons Trade Show

• Video – Youth for Democratic Renewal

June 8

Crisis-Ridden Ninth Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles, California

• Summit Seeks to Prevent Deliberation on Most Urgent Issues – Margaret Villamizar

• Imperialist Domination and Exclusion – Statement of the Cuban Revolutionary Government, June 6, 2022

• Ninth People's Summit For Democracy Also Gets Underway

• Workers' Summit in Tijuana, Mexico

Latest Bilderberg Meeting Held in Washington, DC

• More Plots Against the People and the Cause of Peace – - Pierre Soubliθre

June 10

Consequences of Concentration of Wealth and Power in Fewer Hands

• Behind Moves to Strengthen the Competition Act – K.C. Adams

• Revolving Door of Ruling Elite between Government and Big Business

June 11

Uphold the Right of Wet'suwet'en to Uphold Their Hereditary Rights

• Update from Gidimt'en Yintah – Gidimt'en Checkpoint Facebook, June 4, 2022

• Criminalization of Land Defenders Continues

• RCMP Planned November Raids While In Talks with Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs for Summit Meeting


• RCMP Harassment – Gidimt'en Checkpoint, June 6, 2022

June 12

People in the U.S. Oppose More Police Powers and Demand Their Rights Be Upheld

• U.S. Mass Killings and Government Refusal to Address the Problem

• Failure of Federal, State and Local Officials in Uvalde, Texas Shows Long-Standing Government Racism

• Uvalde Students Fought for Desegregation in 1970s – Now Let's Rise Up for Them – Camilo Pιrez-Bustillo

• Buffalo Shooter an Avowed Pro-Nazi – Kathleen Chandler

June 14

Demands for Reparations Increase in the United States

• International Jurists Find U.S. Guilty of Genocide Against Black, Brown and Indigenous Peoples

• California Documents 170 Years of "Systemic Discrimination" Against Black People

• Pandemic and Prison Orphans

June 17

Juneteenth Festivals in the United States

• Celebrate Resistance to Advance the Fight for the Rights of All!

Cartel Party Democracy

• Preparing the Ground to Declare a ‘Landslide Victory' for Premier Legault on Election Day – Pierre Chιnier

June 21

June 21, Summer Solstice

• National Indigenous Peoples Day

• United Nations Committee Calls Canada to Order for Abuse of Indigenous Land Defenders

June 20, World Refugee Day

• Increased Speed and Scale of Forced Displacement

• Key Data from UN Refugee Agency's Global Trends Report

June 22

NATO Madrid Summit and War Exercises in Asia Pacific

• No to NATO's "New Strategic Concept"! Dismantle NATO!

• NATO Defence Ministers Make Final Preparations for Madrid Summit, June 29-30 – Steve Rutchinski

• Self-Serving British Proposal for Another Military Bloc in Europe – Hilary LeBlanc

2022 Rim of the Pacific War Exercises

• Oppose U.S.-Led War Preparations in Asia Pacific! Oppose Canada's Participation!

• Canada Committing Crimes Against the Peace in Asia Pacific – Nick Lin

• Petition Call to Cancel RIMPAC and Build a Pacific Zone of Peace

• Involvement of Asia Pacific Countries in NATO– Yi Nicholls

Events Calendar

• Anti-War Actions in Madrid and Canada

June 29

Deplorable U.S. Supreme Court Decision on Women's Right to Abortion and Health Care

• People Across U.S. Denounce Attack on Women's Rights

• U.S. Supreme Court Decision and Importance of Affirming Women's Rights – Interview, Dawn Hemingway (Carrell)


• "We Won't Go Back" – Actions Across the United States – Youth for Democratic Renewal

June 30

Mass Opposition to NATO Madrid Summit

• No to NATO! Dismantle NATO!

• Declaration of Peace Summit Madrid 2022


• Demonstrations Oppose U.S.-led Aggressive Alliance– Youth for Democratic Renewal


July 1

Canada Day 2022

• Our Home on Native Land

July 9

Criminal Contempt Charges Against Land Defenders in BC

• Drop the Charges! Wet'suwet'en and Their Supporters Are Not Criminals!

Growing Concerns About Police Impunity in Canada

• Wet'suwet'en Members Sue Police, Coastal GasLink and Private Security for Targeted Harassment Campaign – Unceded Wet'suwet'en Yintah, June 22, 2022

• Investigation Exposes Collusion of Governments, Industry and Police

July 12

July 10-11

• Days of Action in Solidarity with Cuba

• Statement Issued by Associations of Cuban Residents in Canada


• De Cuba traigo un cantar (From Cuba I Bring a Song) – Carlos Pueblo

July 13

Deep Roots of the Cuban Revolution

• Playa Girσn in July– Granma International

Historic Electoral Victory in Colombia Buoys Hope for Peace

• Congratulations to the Colombian People!

• Truth Commission Releases Final Report on Causes and Consequences of Conflict


• Indigenous-Led National Strike Wins Significant Concessions from Neo-Liberal Government


• Those Who Stood with the Honduran People Honoured on Anniversary of 2009 Coup

• New Conviction Handed Down for 2016 Murder of Bertha Cαceres

July 14

No to U.S. War Preparations!

• Condemn Canada's Participation in Rim of the Pacific War Exercise!

• U.S. Special Military Operations Worldwide

Crimes of British Special Forces in Afghanistan

• Extrajudicial Killings Par for the Course

Racist Killings in Buffalo, New York

• Shootings Used to Justify Censorship and Criminalization of Resistance– Voice of Revolution


August 4

Visit to Taiwan of Speaker of U.S. House of Representatives

• Biden Administration Continues to Unravel While Increased U.S. Provocations Threaten World Peace

Another Effort to Provoke Russia

• U.S./NATO Forces Again Causing Conflict in the Balkans

No. 1 - August 11

Fuerza! Cuba! Matanzas!

• All Out to Contribute to the Well-Being of the Cuban People!

No. 2 - August 13

Birth Anniversary of Fidel Castro, August 13, 1926

• Fidel's Revolutionary Example Inspires Millions to Fight for Sovereignty and Uphold Principle

• What Defends the Sovereignty of Cuba – Fidel Castro, 1968

No. 3 - August 15

Important Anniversaries

August 15, 1939, Birth of Hardial Bains

• Hardial Bains — A Man of Revolutionary Action

• Biographical Sketch

August 15, 1947

• Legacy of Indian Independence 75 Years Ago – Jaspal Singh

• The Last Reform: Breaking with the Past – Hardial Bains, August 15, 1997

No. 4 - August 19

Historic Conference Held in Chertsey, Quebec in 1989

• Unfolding Events Further Reveal Importance of Chertsey Conference

No. 5 - August 23

August 23, 1939, Soviet-German Non-Aggression Pact

• Falsifications About the Origins of the Second World War – Dougal MacDonald

No. 6 - August 24

25th Anniversary of the Death of Comrade Hardial Bains, August 24, 1997

• Memorial Gathering at Beechwood Cemetery, Ottawa – July 31, 2022

• CPC(M-L) Honours Its Members Who Have Passed Away

• With Deepest Respects – Central Committee, Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist), August 24, 2022

No. 7 - August 25

25th Anniversary of the Death of Comrade Hardial Bains, August 24, 1997

• Tribute of the Youth – Youth for Democratic Renewal

• Farewell Message of the Youth – Funeral of Comrade Hardial Bains August 30, 1997

Work of Hardial Bains with the Youth

• Work with the Youth of the '90s – Enver Villamizar

• Work of Youth for Democratic Renewal – Alexandre Cubaynes

No. 8 - August 26

In Memoriam

• Gurmit Kaur

No. 9 - August 31

Anniversary of Nazi Invasion of Poland September 1, 1939

• In Memory of the Victims of Nazism, Fascism and Japanese Militarism – Pauline Easton

• Disinformation About Invasion of Poland – Hardial Bains

• Facts

• Government of Canada Engages in Historical Fraud

• Aim of Imperialist Propaganda About Human Rights – Meera Kaur

• Communism and Human Rights – Hardial Bains


No. 10 - September 1

Anniversary of the Mass Party Press September 1, 1985

• A Turning Point in History and CPC(M-L)'s Decision to Build the Mass Party Press

No. 11 - September 4

In the News

• The Death of a Restorationist

From the Writings of Hardial Bains

• Failure – January 17, 1989

• Revolution – October 4, 1989

• Developments in Russia: The Raising of the Flag – December 26, 1991

No. 12 - September 5

Labour Day 2022

• Defend the Dignity of Working People to Build the New!

• Upholding the Dignity of Labour – Photo Review

No. 13 - September 8

The Queen Is Dead

• Renounce the Monarchy! The Time to Declare a Republic Is Now!

From the Party Press

• High Time Canadians Renounce the Monarchy and Everything It Brings with It

• Message Given the Queen on Her 1997 Visit to Newfoundland

• Peoples of the Caribbean Give "Working Royals" a Fitting Reception

• Royal Family's Fortune from the Slave Trade

No. 14 - September 15

Death of the Queen and the Succession

• Special Sitting of House of Commons Followed by National Day of Mourning – Pauline Easton

• Let Us Reject the Constitutional Order We Inherit with the Death of the Queen – Call Issued by Anna Di Carlo, National Leader of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist)

• Opinion of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec

From Barbados

• Poem – Anthony ‘Gabby' Carter

• On Death of Billionaire Oligarch Elizabeth Windsor — Gabby Is Right – Tee White

No. 15 - September 16

Rights, Regularization, Status for All

• All Out to Defend the Rights of All!

• Governments Must Stop Exploitation and Humiliation of International Students – Philip Fernandez

• Stop Deportations of Undocumented Workers! Let Danilo De Leon Stay in Canada! – Peggy Morton

• Migrante Alberta Campaign to Stop Deportations and Regularize All Undocumented Workers

• Migrant Farm Workers' Win at Ontario Human Rights Tribunal

No. 16 - September 19

Funeral of the Queen and National Day of Mourning

• What Exactly Is Canada Mourning?

• An Example of What Constitutional Monarchy Looks Like

• Will Students Be Expected to Stand For or Sing the "Royal Anthem" – "God Save the King" ?

• Parliamentary Convention Called "King's Consent" -- Corruption from the Top Down

• Emphasis on the "Stability of the Constitutional Order"

• Stability for Whom and With What Aim?

• How Charles III Intends to "Modernize the Monarchy"

Letters to the Editor

• From Our Readers

For Your Information

• The Proclamation of King Charles III, St. James Palace, London, England – September 10, 2022

• Official Canadian Delegation Attending Queen's Funeral

• Transition of the Crown – What Government of Canada Says It Means for Canadians

• Monarchy of Canada -- What Wikipedia Has to Say

• Who Said What at September 15 Special Session of House of Commons Called to Pay Homage to the Queen

No. 17 - September 23

September 23 Climate Strike Actions

• All Out to Raise Our Claims for Climate Justice Loud and Clear!

• Democratic Renewal Is the Order of the Day to Sort Out the Climate Crisis

• Denounce the Arms Producers and Warmongers — Greatest Polluters on the Planet


• Global Days of Climate Action During 2021 UN Climate Change Conference

No. 18 - September 26

Call for Workers and Youth to Reject the Lie that Wage Increases Contribute to Price Inflation

• Serious Crisis Already Upon Us – Pauline Easton

• False Accusations to Blame Workers for Inflation Based on Big Lie – K.C. Adams

• The Battle for Pay Equity and Empowerment

• Decline in Investment in Fixed Means of Production

No. 19 - September 28

Vigil and Press Briefing to Stop the Deportation of Mamadou Konatι

• Join to Stop the Deportation of Mamadou Konatι – Diane Johnston

• Vigil and Press Briefing

• Mamadou's Case As Presented by Lawyer Guillaume Cliche-Rivard

• Speaking Up In Mamadou's Defence

Day of Action Across Canada and Quebec Demands Status for All

• Regularization for All, Now!

No. 20 - September 29

Matters of Concern in Ontario

• Ford Government Confers New Executive Powers on Mayors Prior to Municipal Elections – Enver Villamizar

• U.S. Models for "Strong Mayors"

• New Table Established with First Nations to Proceed with Electric Battery Projects

Puerto Rico

• International Organizations Stand in Solidarity with the People of Puerto Rico

• UN Committee Recognizes Puerto Rico's Right to Self-Determination, Independence

• UN Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples

No. 21 - September 30

October 3 Quebec Election

• Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec Campaigns for Democratic Renewal and People's Empowerment

• Call for Workers and Youth to Reject the Upcoming Legault Government – Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec

Election Issues

• We Cannot Leave Our Fate in the Hands of Cartel Party Governments
– Fernand Deschamps

• Green Electrification and Mining Plans that Clash with the People's Wishes
– Pierre Soubliθre

• Mining Town of Rouyn-Noranda Demands Government Uphold Environmental Standards – Interview, Nicole Desgagnιs

• About the Labour Shortage and the Environment – Andrι Racicot, Retired Mining Worker from Abitibi

For Your Information

• Candidates and Political Parties in October 3 Election


No. 22 - October 1

October 2 General Election in Brazil

• People's Forces Unite in Action to Take Back Their Country, Affirm Rights – Margaret Villamizar

• Brazilians Go All Out to Defend Their Rights Against Counterrevolutionary Offensive

• Faced with Probable Defeat, Extreme Right Threatens Democracy – Communist Party of Brazil


• Cuban People Ratify New Family Lawin Historic Referendum

Trinidad and Tobago

• 46 Years of Republicanism: Constitution Matters – Clyde Weatherhead

No. 23 - October 2

October 3 Quebec Election

• All Out to Humanize the Social and Natural Environment by Promoting Social and Internationalist Solidarity as a Quebec Value! – Youth for Democratic Renewal

• Aim of a Legault Government's Promotion of Racism in the Name of Quebec Nationalism – Pauline Easton

• The Extremes of a Power Serving the Rich -- the Other Faηade of Legault Nationalism – Pierre Soubliθre

• The Use of Nationalism to Promote the Stereotype of a Divided People – Normand Chouinard

• What It Means to Be Civilized in Quebec – Richard Desjardins, Action Borιale

Discussion on How to Get Rid of the Monarchy and Renew the Constitutional Order

• The Queen's Death and Democratic Renewal – Christine Dandenault

• The Right to Be Who We Are, Not Who We Are Told to Be – Rachel Hoffman

• Will Members of Quebec's National Assembly Swear Allegiance to the King?

• The Significance of Not Swearing Allegiance to the King

• The Discussion Continues

• Petition for Abolition of Monarchy in Quebec

No. 24 - October 3

October 3 Quebec Election

• Make the Voice of the Working Class Heard! – Pierre Chιnier

Working People Speak Up on Matters of Concern

• Community Organizations Reject Silence as the Response to Their Demands

• Urgent Demands and Actions for Right to Housing

• Eating Is Not a Hobby -- Public Letter from Social Organizations

• Affirming the Dignity of Seniors

• Access to Mental Health Care

•  Pronounced Deterioration of Living Conditionsfor People with Disabilities

•  High Level of Illiteracy –  Linda Sullivan

• Challenges for Educators – Geneviθve Royer

• Importance of Training to Ensure Health and Safety on Construction Sites – Alain Doyle

• Expressways and Skyscrapers in Quebec City for Whom? – Claude Moreau

No. 25 - October 4

Quebec Election Results

• Evidence that First-Past-the-Post System Called a Representative Democracy Is a Fraud

• Results of the October 3 Election in Numbers

Ontario's Business Dealings with Indigenous Peoples

• Ontario Offers First Nations a Stake in Massive Expansion of Electrical Infrastructure

• Suspension of Lake Erie Connector Transmission Project

Letters to the Editor

• Torontonians Will Not Take Kindly to Ford's Strong Mayors, Building Homes Act

• Ford Government's Consolidation of Executive Powers

No. 26 - October 5

Discussion on Quebec Election Results

• Post-Election Statement of the PMLQ – October 4, 2022

• How the National Assembly Works

Matters of Concern to Canadian Workers

• Workers Confront the Fraud of Labour Law  – K.C. Adams

No. 27 - October 12

New Premier of Alberta

• The Swearing In of Danielle Smith

• Who Is Danielle Smith and What Does She Want? – Peggy Morton

• Instant Run-Off Voting – Hilary LeBlanc

No. 28 - October 13

Hands Off Haiti!

• Denounce Canada's Role in Organizing Foreign Military Intervention in Haiti

• Oppose UN Authorization of Foreign Military Presence to Suppress Resistance Movement in Haiti

No. 29 - October 14

On the Problem of Swearing Allegiance to the King of England

• To Whom Do Members of the National Assembly of Quebec Owe Allegiance?

• Quιbec Solidaire Should Take a Principled Stand, Not One Informed by the Canadian Constitution

For Your Information

• Parti Quebecois Leader's Letter to Secretary General of the National Assembly on his Decision Not to Swear Allegiance to Charles III

• Press Conference with Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, Leader, Parti Quιbιcois, – October 11, 2022

No. 30 - October 18

The Call of History Is to Renounce the Monarchy

• Developments on the Issue of Opposition to the Oath of Allegiance to Charles III

• Deputies to Quebec National Assembly to Take Oath of Allegiance This Week – Pauline Easton

• Sovereignty and the Oath of Allegiance to the Monarchy – Louis Davignon

For Your information

• Video -- My Oath

• Siegfried Peters' Response to Paul St-Pierre Plamondon

• Letter from Paul St-Pierre Plamondon to Franηois Legault

• Letter from Paul St-Pierre Plamondon to Dominique Anglade

• Lettre de Paul St-Pierre Plamondon ΰ Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois

• House of Commons Oath or Solemn Affirmation of Allegiance

No. 31 - October 19

Matters of Concern

• New Developments in Opposition to Taking the Oath of Allegiance to Charles III

• Haitians Say No! to Any New Foreign Military Intervention

No. 32 - October 21

Resignation of British Prime Minister

• Britain Flounders While Ruling Class Descends into the Slough of Despond – Pauline Easton

• No Let-Up to Mass Protests in Britain

No. 33 - October 24

Uphold Wet'suwet'en Sovereignty

• Democracy Cannot Co-exist with RCMP Violence, Terror and Impunity

Cross Canada Day of Action

• Demand for Status for All Without Delay Rings Out Loud and Clear

No. 34 - October 25

Opposition to Oath of Allegiance to Charles III

• Parti Quιbιcois MNAs Take Oath of Allegiance to People of Quebec Only

• Oath of Allegiance Raised in House of Commons

For Your Information

• Parti Quιbιcois Leader Speaks About Significance of Oath of Office

• The Truth of the Matter – Louis Riel, 1885

• Open Letter Argues Why Oath of Allegiance to King of England Is Unconstitutional

No. 35 - October 26


• Support the Just Demands of Education Workers and Teachers!

• Education Workers Confront Ford Government

• Unscientific Gibberish from the OntarioGovernment and Mass Media – K.C. Adams

No. 36 - October 27

No to Foreign Military Intervention in Haiti

• The Dignity of the Haitian People Cannot Be Trampled

• Haiti Hand in Hand with Mother Africa

• Security Council Vote on Invasion of Haiti Delayed

• Canadian and U.S. "Assistance" in Haiti, Another Invasion Under the Guise of Assistance – Jennie-Laure Sully, The Canada Files

Our Security Lies in the Fight for the Rights of All

• Safe Third Country Agreement Being Challenged at the Supreme Court


• How the Safe Third Country Agreement Undermines Rights of Refugees in the U.S. and Canada –

No. 37 - October 28

Cuba Presents Report on Impact of U.S. Blockade 

• "The World Would Be Better Without the Blockade Against Cuba" Foreign Minister Says 

• Update to Cuba's Report on United Nations General Assembly Resolution 75/289 on Ending the U.S. Blockade – Ministry of External Affairs of the Republic of Cuba

• Events in Support of Cuba and UN Vote on U.S. Blockade – October 29 to November 3

No. 38 - October 31

U.S. Provocations and Disinformation Target DPRK

• People of South Korea Vigorously Protest U.S. War Exercises

• Canada Has No Business Meddling in the Korean Peninsula – Philip Fernandez

• Democratic People's Republic of Korea Takes Principled Stand in Favour of Peace and Justice


No. 39 - November 1

Ontario Government Uses Notwithstanding Clause to Pass Pre-Emptive Back-to-Work Legislation Against Education Workers

• Join Province-Wide Political Protests

• Government Goes Outside the Bounds of a Democratic Society – Enver Villamizar

• On the Significance of Ford Government's Use of Notwithstanding Clause – Pauline Easton

No. 40 - November 2

Broad Support for Ontario Education Workers

• Spirited Rally Denounces Ford Government

Letter to the Editor

• On the Emergency Rally to Support Education Workers

United Nations Generally Assembly Debates Vote Against U.S. Blockade of Cuba

• U.S. Isolated Thanks to Heroic Resistance of Cuban People and Worldwide Support

Demands for Peace on Korean Peninsula

• Mass Protests in South Korea Demand an End to U.S. War Exercises and Resignation of President Yoon

• We Must Stop Military Action That Leads to War – Joint Statement by Korean Religious and Civil Society Organizations

No. 41 - Nomember 3

Stand as One with Education Workers in Ontario

• Why Ontarians Should Join the Political Protests Against Bill 28, theKeeping Students in Class Act

• Support Grows for Striking Education Workers

• OSBCU Central Bargaining Committee Explains Unacceptable Government Offer

• Who Said What on Ontario's Bill 28, the Keeping Students in Class Act

No. 42 - November 4

The World Would Be Better Without the Blockade

• Resounding Condemnation of U.S. Blockade by UN Member States

• UN General Assembly Debates Resolution Against the Blockade

• Discussion with Cuban Ambassador to Canada on 30th UN Vote to End the Blockade on Cuba


• Cuba, Better Without the Blockade -- Actions in Support of Cuba and UN Vote – Youth for Democratic Renewal

No. 43 - November 6

November 6-18

• COP27 Climate Implementation Summit Opens in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

• A People's Climate Manifesto for the World Leaders at COP27

No. 44 - November 8

U.S. Midterm Elections

• Alarming Civil War Scenario Openly on Display

• The World Watches the U.S. State and U.S.-style Democracy Unravel

• Biden's "Good Fight to Fail Better" Will Not Fare Well

• Efforts to Divide the People Failing Despite Biden/Trump Dangerous Brinkmanship – Kathleen Chandler

• Evidence Underscores Dysfunctional Electoral System

• Competing Authorities at State and Local Level Increase Danger of Violent Civil War

No. 45 - November 14

Results of Quebec Elections

Discussion with Industrial Workers

• Great Battles Await Us – Andrι Racicot

• Glencore Horne Smelter and Government Fail to Protect Health of Workers and Community – Gerry Lauzon

• We Continue to Defend the Rights of Workers Who Are Victims of Work-Related Accidents and Illness – Felix Lapan

No. 46 - November 16

People's Solidarity with Haiti, Yes! Canadian Interference, No!

• Rally at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Office

• 219th Anniversary of Historic Battle of Vertiθres November 18, 2022

• The Situation in Haiti – Interview, Jennie-Laure Sully, Solidaritι Quιbec-Haοti

No. 47 - November 18

Halifax International Security Forum

• Ban the Halifax War Conference! Make Canada a Zone for Peace! – Philip Fernandez

• Shameless Attempts to Embroil Women in War in the Name of Peace and Security – Barbara Biley

For Your Information

• Agenda 2022

• Use of Taiwan to Interfere in China's Internal Affairs, Stage Provocations and Justify War Preparations

• New Appointments to Halifax International Security Forum

NATO Continues Expansion of Firepower Directed at Russia

• U.S. Tests "Unconventional" Delivery of Air-to-Surface Cruise Missile in Norway – Nick Lin

No. 48 - November 23

Significance of U.S. Midterm Election Results

• People Take Initiatives and Also Remain Angry and Dissatisfied – Voice of Revolution

• Brinkmanship and Revenge on Congress Agenda, Not Governance

• Escalation of Dangerous Factional In-Fighting and Rivalry Forebode Civil War – Kathleen Chandler

• New Candidates Emerge to Challenge Trump

• Elections for Governor

No. 49 - November 25

Sixth Anniversary of the Death of Fidel Castro

• Honour to the Life and Work of Comrade Fidel Castro!

• Commemorations of Fidel in Cuba and Around the World

• Monument to Fidel Castro Unveiled in Moscow

• Speech on the Occasion by President Putin

• Speech on the Occasion by President Diaz Canel


• Y en eso llegσ Fidel / And then Fidel Came – Carlos Puebla

• Fidel es Fidel / Fidel Is Fidel – Roberto Chile

No. 50 - November 29

 43rd Legislature of Quebec's National Assembly Convenes

• Social Responsibility in the Wake of Quebec Election Results – Pierre Soubliθre

• No to the Use of Force and Positions of Privilege to Resolve Political Problems!  – Pierre Chιnier

• Agreement Between the Parties of the National Assembly on the Status and Conditions of the Parties for the Parliamentary Session

• Letter from PQ Leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon


No. 51 - December 1

43rd Legislature of the Quebec National Assembly

Agenda of the Legault Government

Legault Government's Allegiance to Private Interests of McKinsey & Co. – Pierre Soublière

No. 52 - December 2

Anti-National Agenda of Legault Government in Quebec

"Québec Flagship" -- Hydro-Québec Loses Its Moorings – Fernand Deschamps

• Hydro-Québec's Trajectory

For Your Information

Multi-Million Dollar Partnership Between Hydro-Québec and the U.S. Army

No. 53 - December 3

Direction Legault Government Has Set for Quebec Economy

Processing Critical Minerals in Bécancour Region

U.S. Uses Canada to Secure Reliable Access to Critical Minerals

No. 54 - December 5

COP15 Meeting on Biodiversity, Montreal, December 7-19

Talks on New Framework for UN Convention on Biological Diversity Take Place in Montreal

Events Calendar

Massive Police Mobilization as Police Forces Use Biodiversity Conference as Training Exercise

No. 55 - December 6

33rd Anniversary of Tragedy at École Polytechnique

Ending Violence Against Women Requires Concrete Measures to Improve Conditions

Unacceptable Statements by Women and Gender Equality Canada and Prime Minister

No. 56 - December 7

Legault Government's Anti-Social Restructuring of Health Care

False Claims that Privatization Complements Public Health Care – Pierre Soubliere

First Ministers Meeting on Health Care

• Health Care Funding Brouhaha

Dispute Over Funding

No. 57 - December 10

International Human Rights Day

The Biggest Violators of Human Rights Shout Loudest About Human Rights Violations – Pauline Easton

Providing Rights with a Modern Definition – Hardial Bains

Communism and Human Rights

No. 58 - December 12

Justice for Injured Workers

Ontario Injured Workers to Rally at Ministry of Labour

Workers Demand Safety at Work

• Quebec Construction Workers Step Up Fight for Recognition of Their Demands

No to Police Headquarters on Guertin Arena Site in Hull Sector of Gatineau

A Vibrant Appeal to Humanize the Social and Natural Environment – Pierre Soublière

No. 59 - December 15

U.S. Railway Workers Fight for Safe Working Conditions and Public Safety

Railway Workers Demonstrate for Rights

U.S. President's Attack on Railway Workers – Kathleen Chandler

Another Debacle for Self-Proclaimed "Pro-Union" President – Voice of Revolution –

Railroad Workers United Open Letter to Congress and the President

No. 60 - December 16

Ontarians Raise Their Voices Against Government's Privatization of Health Care

Vigorous Campaign to "Stop the Ford Government From Privatizing Our Public Hospitals"

Toronto Rally Defends Public Health Care

Steelworkers Join Hamilton Nurses' Rally

Health Care Unions Demand Immediate Implementation of Solutions to Health Care Crisis

Ontario Injured Workers' Rally Affirms Demands

Workers' Comp Is a Right!

No. 61 - December 19


In Memoriam -- Jose Maria Sison

Biography in Brief

Militant Demonstration Opposes U.S. Vice-President's Visit 

• Marcos Jr. Government Commits More Crimes Against the People

Torontonians Gather to Mark 50th Anniversary of Marcos Dictatorship

No. 62 - December 20

Quebec Construction Workers Defend Job Site Prevention

• Whatever Happens, Health and Safety Representatives Will Be on the Job as of January 1, Workers Say

• Interview – Simon Lιvesque, Head of Health and Safety, FTQ-Construction –

Housing Is a Right

• Montreal Rally Demands Government Action to Address Housing Crisis

Crisis at Ontario Tribunals

• How to Provide Ontarians with Access to Justice a Matter of Concern for all Canadians

No. 63 - December 21

Quebec Government Tables Offers to Public Sector Workers

• Workers' Reject Attempt to Impose Wages and Working Conditions

• Unions' Responses

Pre-Hospital Sector in Quebec

• Urgent Need to End Around-the-Clock On-Call Scheduling for Paramedics

National Actions for Migrant Workers' Rights

• Year End Actions Demand Justice and Status for 1.7 Million People

No. 64 - December 30

100th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)

• A Great Victory for Socialist Revolution and Socialist Construction

• The Formation of the Union of the Soviet Republics – J.V. Stalin, December 30, 1922

• Greetings to the Land of Heroes! – Organization of Russian Socialist Scientists

• Tributes in Russia to Founding of Soviet Union


• 1922 -- The Birth of the New – Youth for Democratic Renewal

• Note to Readers

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