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August 31, 2019 - No. 25

In the 2019 Federal Election
• All Out to Build the New!

Canada "Open for Business"
• Crude Battle Cry of the Rich

Ontario Government's Pay-the-Rich Schemes
• Why Not Declare a Moratorium on Debt-Servicing Payments and Increase Investments in Social Programs
• Bill 124 Broadens the Anti-Social Offensive Against the Public Sector and Its Workers

Spirited March and Rally in Mackenzie, BC
• Workers and Community Stand Up for Jobs and a New Direction in Forestry
• Speak Out in Defence of Mackenzie's Workers, the Community and the Rights of All! - Statement of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada

No Harbour for War! Make Canada a Zone for Peace!
• No to Cutlass Fury 2019! No U.S. or Other Foreign Warships in Canadian Waters! - No Harbour for War

News in Brief
• Militant Opposition Expressed Against Meeting of G7 in France
• Mexicans Oppose U.S. Demand to Impose "Safe Third Country" Status
• Ottawa Picket Denounces U.S. Sanctions on Venezuela as a Crime Against Humanity
• The Amazon Burns
• Canadian Government Reinstates Some Visa Services for Cubans at Embassy in Havana
• U.S. Government Allocates Millions of Dollars to Obstruct Cuban Medical Cooperation - Statement from the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Cuba Celebrates 66th Anniversary of July 26 Movement
•  Assault on Moncada Barracks Affirms History, Independence and the Cause of Peace and Justice - Isaac Saney, National Spokesperson, Canadian Network on Cuba

25th São Paulo Forum
• Final Declaration

Aim of Falsifications of the Origins of the Second World War
• Significance of the Non-Aggression Pact Signed by the Soviet Union with Nazi Germany - Dougal MacDonald

100th Anniversary of the Treaty of Versailles
• Self- Serving Inter-Imperialist Treaty for Redivision of the World

• Reader's Note


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