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December 19, 2020 - No. 49

Out of Control Pay-the-Rich Schemes
The Arrogance of Monopoly Right - K.C. Adams
Government Corruption Beyond the Pale
Exposing the Fraud of the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy Program

Anti-China Motion in the House of Commons
"Yellow Peril" Hysteria All Over Again - Pauline Easton

For Your Information
Anti-China Motion

United States
Majority of Electoral College Votes Go to Biden
Supreme Court Dismisses Texas Lawsuit Which Attempts to Invalidate Votes in Four States - Voice of Revolution
Civil War Talk of Secession and Treason - Kathleen Chandler
Pentagon Funding for War and Weapons Passes, COVID-19 Relief for Workers Does Not
Nineteen Tragic Facts About the COVID-19 Economy - Bill Quigley

Matters of Importance in Latin America and the Caribbean
ALBA: 16 Years of Life -  Ángel Guerra Cabrera
Day of the Titans and Heroic Guerrillas in White Coats - María Inés Álvarez Garay
Mexico's Water in the Hands of Private Interests
Concern in Peru Over Increasing Number of Missing Women and Girls

COVID-19 Update
Ending the Year in the Red Zone and Under Lockdown 
Note to Our Readers

Who Determines What Constitutes a Threat to National Security
• It Is Up To Canadians, Not the Police, to Decide What  Constitutes a Threat to
"National Security

December 12, 2020 - No. 48

In the Parliament Bill C-19, An Act to Amend the Canada Elections Act (COVID-19 Response)
"Free and Fair Elections" Are Meaningless Without an Informed Vote: MLPC National Leader

Bill C-15
Government Attempt to Subvert Indigenous Right to Sovereignty - Philip Fernandez
United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act - Sarah Mullgrave

Current U.S. Attempts to Sow Chaos in Cuba
Oppose Imperialist Interference in Cuba and Violation of Diplomatic Norms - Nick Lin
U.S. Blockade Violates the Cuban People's Human Rights - Statement by Quebec Organizations on International Human Rights Day
False Analogies - Yunier Javier Sifonte Díaz

Election Results in Venezuela Favour the People's Forces
Election Results
Venezuelan People Affirm Their Right to Sovereignty - Claude Brunelle
The People and No One Else Will Decide What Happens in Venezuela - Margaret Villamizar

Fight for Rights and Renewal in India
Mass Farmers' March on Delhi Enters Week Three - Meera Kaur
Actions Around the World Support Indian Farmers

Important Anniversary
200th Anniversary of Friedrich Engels' Birth

• The Work of CPC(M-L) in the Field of Electoral Reform

December 5, 2020 - No. 47

Trudeau Government's Refusal to Introduce New Direction for the Economy
Fall Economic Statement Sets a Path to Even Greater Indebtedness, Impoverishment and Insecurity - K.C. Adams

Canada's Foreign Policy
What Canada Is Up To at the UN - Steve Rutchinski and Philip Fernandez
Canada's Despicable Role in Opposing Palestinian Human Rights - Yi Nicholls
Dangerous Self-Serving Invocation of Holocaust Remembrance to Cover Up Crimes Against Palestinians - Louis Lang

Alarming Developments in the United States
Presidential Power Used to Attack and Restructure Federal Workforce - Kathleen Chandler
Congress Threatens Public with Government Shut Down as COVID-19 Cases Reach Record Levels
Election Clash Remains Unresolved

December 6 Elections in Venezuela
Canada, Hands Off Venezuela!
Unprecedented Election for a New National Assembly - Margaret Villamizar
Letter to Minister of Foreign Affairs - ALBA Social Movements CanadaOttawa Chapter

Developments in Guatemala
Amid Calls for Resignation, President Seeks Support of Organization of American States  - Gerardo Villagrán del Corral

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