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No. 9                     March 31, 2021

Statement of CPC(M-L), March 31, 2021

On the occasion of the 51st anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist), as we close out our jubilee year, we send our warmest revolutionary greetings to all Party members across the country, to its supporters, friends and fellow-travellers.

We greet the Canadian working class and people with whom for 51 years and more we have shared weal and woe, building the party of the working class in the course of participating in every mass movement without exception.

It is also our honour on this occasion to express our warmest revolutionary greetings to all our fraternal comrades all over the world with whom we share the responsibilities which we have in common for the victory of our common cause.

The involvement of Party members, our class and people and the support of fraternal comrades all over the world have made it possible to achieve the historic successes we are celebrating today.

On this occasion, our deepest respects go to the memory of our founder and leader, our comrade and friend, Hardial Bains. Comrade Bains spearheaded the founding of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) in Montreal 51 years ago. He united the advanced forces to set its line of march, to mobilize the broad masses and isolate the backward elements blocking society's path to progress. Comrade Bains provided the Party with its defining quality. The issue, he said, is not to wave the red flag but to show our colour through our deeds. This is expressed in the Party motto: The Party's Deed Is Its Word.

To all the comrades who have passed away, our deepest respects and profound appreciation for their contribution.

On this occasion, as we close out our 50th year, with utmost pride we can repeat what we said on March 31, 1970: There Is Such a Party! Ours is a force which refuses to conciliate with what is old, anachronistic and a burden on society. On the basis of this refusal, it realizes its striving to bring what is New into being. As the sons and daughters of the working people from coast to coast to coast and their fighting legacy, we can do no less.

Today it is our honour to once again answer the question we pose to ourselves every year: What have we achieved? We are once again proud to say with utmost confidence that as a result of our work, human dignity and integrity is what we have achieved. It is the dignity and integrity of those who with utmost pride in their Party and in their class, set their own agenda and implement their own decisions!

Out of all the agenda we set for ourselves, the creation of such a human force which takes up for solution the problems facing the society is the decisive one. This is a force which does not place narrow private aims as society's agenda. It is a force made up of human beings who, in spite of themselves, rise above all that is profaned. Taking up the most advanced experience revealed by the ensemble of human relations between humans and humans and humans and nature, it is a force whose social project puts human beings and their well-being at the centre of history-making.

On this occasion we confidently declare to our class, our women and youth: For more than five decades we have been in the forefront of leading those battles which are absolutely necessary so that the society can make progress. We put the aim of the society as the first aim of our lives and this is what gives rise to the quality required of a communist worthy of the name. So long as there are people such as you and there is a struggle against oppression, communists such as us will be there.

Long Live Our Party!
Workers and Oppressed Peoples of All Countries, Unite!

50th Anniversary Memorial Video

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