November 11, 2017 - No. 36

Significance of
Great October Socialist Revolution Continues to Grow

Remembrance Day and the Cause of Peace


Halifax Anti-War Rally
Warmongers Not Welcome in Halifax!
Oppose the Halifax War Conference!


Celebrations Worldwide

Trudeau Government's Support for
Foreign Interference in Canadian Politics

Foreign Financing for the Anti-Communist Monument --
A Matter of Great Concern

- Louis Lang -

Imperialist Countries' Response to Russian Revolution

Foreign Intervention in Soviet Russia and
Canada's Forgotten Role

Significance of Great October Socialist Revolution Continues to Grow

Remembrance Day and the Cause of Peace

On November 11, 1918, Germany signed the Armistice that officially ended World War I, which was originally referred to as "the Great War." This date is commemorated as Remembrance Day and the slogan used to mark Remembrance Day is "Never Again." This refers to the great slaughter in that war of the soldiers sent as cannon fodder from all sides. Despite this, another great war took place less than three decades later, another great slaughter. The meaning of Never Again was understood very differently by the imperialists than by the people, not only then but now.

Never Again. What does it mean to the bourgeoisie of the imperialist countries which are engaged in perpetual wars of aggression and occupation against the peoples in practically every region of the world and who brandish nuclear weapons to threaten any peoples who refuse to come under their dictate? Today, their actions speak louder than their words of the kind of peace they seek to impose on the world.

The people know there is an alternative to war, provided by the Great October Socialist Revolution in 1917. In fact, this Revolution showed in a concrete way that the entire world is in transition from one system to another. Nineteen seventeen marked that transit point where one society passes into another. It was a period full of every kind of conflict. In Europe, the First World War was taking place. It was the most brutal war known to that date and involved a large number of countries, not only in Europe, but in Asia, Africa, Oceania and North America. At the same time, the workers, peasants and others were in revolt. There were revolutionary crises in Italy and Germany, as well as a war of national independence in Ireland, and workers' struggles in Scotland and various other places. The ferment was widespread, reflecting in a serious way that these kinds of conditions could not carry on, that the situation had to change.

Within this framework, one of the demands of the revolution in Russia was for peace, a slogan which has not disappeared. Another demand of that revolution was for bread, and economic security has remained one of the constant demands of the people in every country in the world. Those features of the revolution which ended the feudal aristocracy and brought democracy to Russia became a standard of democracy in the 20th century. Since that time there has been a definition of democracy and its requirements within each country and internationally that demand the elimination of the role of privilege and the establishment of equality and a people's power on a modern basis. Most importantly, this revolution brought forth a new society, a socialist society, which was constructed in Russia after 1917 and from 1922 within what came to be known as the Soviet Union. The consequences of the 1917 revolution became the fighting ground for the whole period to come. Since 1917, for 100 years, the struggle has been between one society trying to come into being and the other society passing away. This is a struggle which, with the retreat of revolution following the collapse of the former Soviet Union and People's Democracies in eastern Europe, has now once again assumed great significance on the world scale.

But at the time of the Russian Revolution, from the outset the bourgeoisie of the belligerent nations would not countenance losing control over lands and resources they coveted. Before the revolution of October 1917, the Russian bourgeoisie, which was brought to power after the Revolution that took place in February 1917, was unable to think of anything better than to continue the policy of the detested tsar in all its essentials. This included the policy of war "to a victorious finish" -- even though the war with Germany and Austria was beyond the country's strength and had reduced the people and the army to a state of utter exhaustion. After 1917, in order to consolidate the Soviet power, the state of war had to be ended for, more than anything else, it was hampering this consolidation. The Bolshevik Party therefore launched the fight for peace from the moment of the victory of the October Revolution, and the Russian working class led by the Bolsheviks and V.I. Lenin immediately took Russia out of that imperialist war. Amongst other things, the people's power refused to pay debts that had been incurred for the continuation of the war of conquest and which had placed the country in bondage to foreign capital. Lenin also revealed all the secret unequal treaties between the big powers and delivered on the promises for peace, bread and land. In this way, the Bolsheviks showed what it meant to stand for peace not just in word but in deed. It entailed a life and death struggle to come to terms with one's own oppressors so as to make a contribution to the great cause of world peace. It gave the working class around the world a banner of their own to rally around so as to also make a real contribution to peace.

Build an Anti-War Government!
Get Canada Out of All Imperialist Alliances!

Today in the imperialist heartlands, this content of the peace achieved in 1918 is hidden. Remembrance Day is used by the government of Canada to conciliate with the irrational and self-serving U.S. imperialist definitions of the U.S. as the indispensable nation. The notions promoted of democracy, peace and freedom are based on that. The working class and people are reduced to spectators wishing upon a star that peace will come and expressing gratitude to veterans of past wars in a manner that considers military affairs to be devoid of politics. Despite this, governments such as that of the Trudeau Liberals are not able to convince anyone that they desire peace; their active engagement in war and aggression abroad shows that their talk of peace, freedom and democracy is counterfeit. Their fraudulent notions of remembrance are rejected by the peace-loving people of Canada for whom Remembrance Day means that humanity's desire for no more wars must be respected.

To block remembrance which contributes to peace, this month alone the Trudeau government is hosting two international meetings where, in the name of peace, more war preparations will be put in place. The first is the 2017 UN Peacekeeping Ministerial to be held in Vancouver November 14 to 15. The initiative to hold this meeting comes directly from former U.S. imperialist president Barack Obama. His program to reform peacekeeping embroils the UN in achieving U.S. imperialist aims for regime change, to subjugate those nations that do not voluntarily come under U.S. control. Canada is pushing to continue the reform of UN peacekeeping despite policies to the contrary by the Trump presidency in the U.S. In this vein, Canada is expected to announce a new "peace operation," and where it will deploy 600 troops or more in Europe, Asia, Africa and/or Latin America and the Caribbean.

Meanwhile, a government report shows that Canadian exports of military arms and equipment to Saudi Arabia increased by 47 per cent to $142 million in 2016. Data gathered by Industry Canada and Statistics Canada show firearm industry exports of "civilian semi-automatic rifles" to Saudi Arabia went from zero exports in 2015 to $13.5 million worth in 2016.[1] "[R]ifles for sports, hunting or target shooting" rose by 67 per cent from January through August this year compared to the first eight months of 2016. Rifle exports in 2017 alone totalled $6.8 million for more than 7,000 rifles up to the end of August. While the category "rifles for sports, hunting and target shooting" is made to sound harmless enough, reports indicate that high-powered Canadian-made sniper rifles are being used by Saudi soldiers, at least one of whom was reportedly captured by Yemeni fighters who are resisting the U.S.-backed Saudi aggression against their country.

The second warmongering meeting this month will take place two days after the UN Peacekeeping Ministerial when Canada hosts the ninth annual Halifax International Security Forum, a U.S. institution through which the NATO powers and their agents make secret deals and sort out how to achieve their empire-building aims. The organization No Harbour for War in Halifax is organizing the annual protests to oppose this gathering of the world's chief war criminals.

All of this shows that for the working people of Canada, Remembrance Day is a time to remember that there is an alternative to the wars of aggression and slaughter that the imperialists organize in the futile attempt to extricate themselves from the profound crises they have created. It is the way forward shown by the fight to consolidate the achievements made by the Great October Revolution in 1917. It requires that the working class constitute the nation so as to open society's path to progress. It starts by taking the steps required to establish a political process that brings into being an anti-war government. This means taking actions with analysis which come to terms with the role Canada is playing in the world and working out what are the factors for peace and organizing to put collective weight behind them.

In this issue TML Weeky is publishing an extensive supplement to inform readers how the Russian working class defended the workers' state under the leadership of the Bolshevik Party and V.I. Lenin during the Civil War, which took place from 1918 to 1920. The intervention of 14 "Entente" countries, including Canada, was aimed at preserving the relations that Tsarist Russia had established. Another item elaborates the causes and circumstances in which Canada intervened against Soviet Russia. It too underscores the fact that the October Revolution ushered in a period of transition on the world scale. To quote from the Great Lenin after Russia was forced to sign the Peace of Brest-Litovsk that gave the Bolshevik Party a respite in which to consolidate the Soviet power and to organize the economic life of the country: "Intolerably severe are the terms of peace. Nevertheless, history will claim its own.... Let us set to work to organize, organize, organize. Despite all trials, the future is ours."

To read article by Lenin, click here.

One Humanity! One Struggle!
Get Canada Out of NATO, NORAD and All Imperialist Alliances!
All Out to Establish an Anti-War Government!


1. Tim Naumetz, "Canada's Rifle Exports to Saudi Arabia Spiked This Year," iPolitics, November 1, 2017.

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Celebrations Worldwide

November 7, 2017. Communist organizations from Russia were joined by representatives of political parties and democratic and progressive organizations from more than 80 countries at
a march and rally in Moscow held to honour the Great October Socialist Revolution.

In Russia and around the world the centenary of the Great October Socialist Revolution on November 7 was celebrated with enthusiasm.

Celebrations in Russia

Celebration of the centenary of the Great October Revolution took place in many cities in Russia. From November 2-7 a number of activities were organized by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in  St. Petersburg and Moscow to which foreign parties were invited.

Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties

Photo of the 19th International Meeting of Communist and Workers' parties, St. Petersburg, November 2-3.

From November 2-4, the 19th International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties was organized with the theme: "The 100th Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution: The Ideals of the Communist Movement, Revitalizing the Struggle against Imperialistic Wars, for Peace, Socialism." It was attended by 103 parties from around the world, representatives of the CPRF's 85 regional bodies and activists of its youth wing.

During the meeting, a press conference was held to present important new books published for the centenary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. Gennady Zyuganov, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPRF, and Guo Yezhou, Deputy Head of the International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China presented a major new work produced jointly by their parties, The October Wind. Lenin in Historical Events and Memories.

Based on extensive archival research, the beautifully illustrated book was described as a historical narrative of all the major events of the revolution that is filled with new content. It has been published in Russian with publication in Chinese and other languages to follow soon.

A second book, Truth and the Great October also published for this occasion was presented by the CPRF. It is a compilation of material published in the Communist Party newspaper Pravda for the purpose of providing an honest rendering of the history of the Great October Revolution and combating the falsifications that abound today, Zyuganov said.

A third book presented at the press conference was authored by Gennady Zyuganov and contains the CPRF's assessment of the Great October Revolution and ten proposals to address the current situation in Russia.

Historic Sites of the Revolution in St. Petersburg

Aurora, whose guns fired the signal shot for the storming of the Winter Palace.

It was in St. Petersburg that the October Revolution was launched November 7, 1917. A warning shot fired from the battleship Aurora signalled the start of the Revolution, the ship's spotlight trained on the Winter Palace which had served as the seat of the Provisional Russian Government since February that year. The city, renamed Leningrad after the revolution, is now with the retreat of revolution called St. Petersburg once again.

A delegation of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) joined the celebrations organized by the CPRF in St. Petersburg and Moscow and can testify to the spirit of determination for renewal which imbued all the events.

Included among the celebratory events organized in St. Petersburg were visits to the Aurora, the Smolny Institute and the State Hermitage Museum. The Smolny Institute served as the headquarters of the Bolshevik Central Committee during the first months of the October Revolution. The legendary Second All-Russia Congress of Soviets of Workers' and Soldiers' Deputies was held in its Great Hall immediately after the overthrow of the provisional government. It was here that the banner "All Power to the Soviets of the Workers', Soldiers' and Peasants' Deputies" was first raised in response to Lenin's call, and where the Bolsheviks' revolutionary decrees on Peace and Land were adopted. Today the Smolny Institute houses the Lenin Museum as well as offices of the municipal government.

Top: Smolny Institute; bottom: Lenin's desks in his study and office.

The State Hermitage Museum located in the former Winter Palace of the tsars, is home to one of the largest art collections in the world, and currently has a powerful special exhibition dedicated to the centenary of the Great October Socialist Revolution.

State Hermitage Museum

Gala Concert in St. Petersburg

On November 3, the CPRF held a gala evening and magnificent concert to celebrate in song, poetry, dance, acrobatics and dramatic visual imagery the Great October Revolution and the many achievements it made possible. The concert, at Oktyabrsky Grand Concert Hall, was attended by 5,000 people. To see videos of the concert click here.

Moscow Events

The festivities organized by the CPRF continued in Moscow from November 5 to 7. They included a gala concert on November 5 in Rossiya Concert Hall that was attended by 7,000 people, an important international forum on November 6, and a march and rally in Revolution Square on November 7.

During the celebrations, the delegations of foreign parties visited the tomb of the unknown soldier and paid respects to the memory of V.I. Lenin at his mausoleum in Red Square. It was also the honour of many, including the delegation of CPC(M-L), to pay respects at the tomb of J.V. Stalin, who led socialist construction on the Leninist path until he died in 1953. Stalin was also the architect of the victory of the Great Patriotic War in which the Soviet Union with utmost heroism bore the brunt of the battle of the world's people to defeat Nazi-fascism in Europe and contributed to the defeat of Japanese militarism in Asia. Flowers were also laid at the tombs of other leaders of the Soviet Union.

The November 5 gala evening opened with the presentation of the Lenin Prize of the Central Committee of the CPRF to 15 individuals in recognition of their special contributions to socially significant activity, including achievements in advanced production, social practice, scientific research and cultural activities. The prize also recognizes work that furthers the study and popularization of Marxist-Leninist philosophical knowledge and contributes to upholding historical truth and combating the falsification of the history of the Soviet Union and the communist movement. The presentations were followed by a magnificent tribute to the Great October Socialist Revolution in song, dance, spoken word and dramatic visual images, with members of the audience often joining in singing the songs. For videos of the concert click here.

Presentation of Lenin Prize by Gennady Zyuganov, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

On November 6, the international forum "October 1917: Breakthrough Towards Socialism" was attended by 133 parties and progressive organizations from around the world.

Among those who addressed the forum and reaffirmed the significance and continuing relevance of the Great October Revolution, the teachings and example of the great V.I. Lenin, and socialism as the way forward were representatives of parties whose governments are in the heat of battle, defending their right to self-determination and independence and resisting the brutal attempts of U.S. imperialism to force regime change on their countries and destroy them through economic, military and other forms of warfare. Notable among these were representatives of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), the Communist Party of Cuba and the Ba'ath Party of Syria.

November 7 Events

On November 7, the official annual military parade took place in Red Square. This event includes a re-enactment of the 1941 WWII military parade on the 24th anniversary of the Great October Revolution at which J.V. Stalin issued a rousing call to the Red army to fight the Nazi invaders. Stalin called on the Red Army to take up the great mission that had fallen to them of liberating the motherland and the enslaved peoples of Europe from the yoke of the German invaders. From the parade in Red Square the 28,500 assembled troops marched directly to the front lines of the battle on the outskirts of Moscow, marking an important turning point in the war. This year's re-enactment marked the 76th anniversary of the historic 1941 parade in Red Square. For video of Stalin delivering 1941 speech click here.

Despite the annual parade and re-enactment, November 7 is no longer a state holiday in Russia. In its stead, in 2005 Putin  declared November 4 "National Unity Day" and made it a national holiday. This year he delivered a speech for the occasion emphasizing unity, cooperation, patriotism and preserving the ethnic and cultural identity of Russia's diverse population.

The parade and re-enactment in Red Square were followed later in the day by a march and rally organized by the CPRF. Thousands of local communists and other patriotic forces marched together with representatives of communist and progressive organizations from around the world through the streets of downtown Moscow. A sea of red flags and banners caught the eye, accompanied by the chanting of slogans until the march reached Revolution Square where a spirited rally was held celebrating the centenary of the October Revolution.


Celebrations of the Centenary of the Great October Revolution were held in many cities across the country in the form of meetings, parties and film showings.


The celebration organized in Toronto on November 4 led the way in bringing together people from many organizations and fields of endeavour to celebrate a cause they all hold in common. The brief presentation by the National Leader of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada (MLPC) Anna Di Carlo set a militant tone and was much appreciated. A delegation from the Parti marxiste-léniniste du Québec provided a lively choral presentation.

Bill Mahoney, resident poet of USW Local 1005, recited several of his poems. He was part of a large delegation from Hamilton of steelworkers, members of other unions and community organizations. Other well-known Canadian poets also contributed readings of topical poems. Peter Page, Executive Vice-President of the Ontario Network of Injured Workers’ Groups brought his greetings and a song. The words of greeting by Kathleen Chandler, General Secretary of the United States Marxist-Leninist Organization were well-received.

The publication Northstar Compass, which contributed historical photos to the display throughout the hall, also sent its greetings. Other musical contributions at the event included a moving tribute by a Salvadoran musician from Ottawa to Ernesto Che Guevara on the 50th anniversary of his assassination, as well as songs by musicians and singers from the MLPC known as the Fireweed Ensemble, and singers and an accordion player from a local Russian youth choir. A delegation of Filipino patriots from Bayan (the New Patriotic Alliance) brought greetings and added to the musical program. Good food and lively conversation as well as a display of revolutionary posters from the time of the revolution, socialist construction and the anti-fascist war all combined to a making the celebration a memorable event.


The celebration in Windsor featured the film October: Ten Days that Shook the World, along with remarks by representatives of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada.


The Halifax event featured a screening of the film October: Ten Days that Shook the World by Sergei Eisenstein, along with speakers and discussion.


In Edmonton, people held a celebratory dinner.


In Calgary, a double feature of Battleship Potemkin and October: Ten Days that Shook the World was organized by the Student Empowerment Committee at Mount Royal University on November 7. A celebration dinner was also held November 10.

Other events across the country included a screening of October: Ten Days that Shook the World in Gatineau organized by the Joseph Montferrand Collective on October 25, with a similar event held November 9 in Ottawa. Activists with the International League of Peoples' Struggle held a celebration in Vancouver November 10 at the Russian Hall.


Donetsk People's Republic (Ukraine)

Lugansk People's Republic (Ukraine)








Beijing, China

Latin America



(Photos: TML, KPRF, IWCP, RT, Telesur, Granma, Red Star Over Donbass, G. Butterfield, Xinhua, PCPE, Youth for October, A. Singh, UMA Pilipinas.)

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Trudeau Government's Support for Foreign Interference in Canadian Politics

Foreign Financing for the Anti-Communist
Monument -- A Matter of Great Concern

Protest against the anti-communist monument on Parliament Hill, September 19, 2015. (E. Schulzke)

After more than nine years of fraudulent Cold War propaganda to win support for an anti-communist monument, first by the Harper Conservatives and taken up now by the Trudeau Liberals, it is clear that Canadians reject this despicable and extremist campaign.

Having failed to raise money or support from Canadians, it has been reported that Tribute to Liberty, a private organization that has links to Latvian Nazi collaborators[1], is receiving funds from foreign governments and sources to build the anti-communist monument.

On November 2, Heritage Canada held a dedication at the site west of the Garden of the Provinces on Wellington Street in Ottawa where the monument is to be located. Attending the ceremony was Taiwan's representative to Canada who used the occasion to donate U.S.$25,000 to Tribute to Liberty.

Ludwik Klimkowsky, head of Tribute to Liberty, thanked Taiwan for its contribution and acknowledged that donations had also been received from Hungary, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, Poland, Ukraine and the Czech Republic.[2] Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine in particular are known for public celebrations of those who collaborated with the Nazis or were part of Nazi formations during the Second World War. Many of the governments in these Eastern European countries have sought to diminish or distort the role of the Soviet Red Army in their liberation from the Nazis. Poland for example, actively promotes the Nazi lie that the "Katyn Massacre" was carried out by the Red Army, rather than the Nazis themselves. For its part, Taiwan, as the seat of power for the reactionary KMT deposed by the communists in the Chinese civil war and propped up by the U.S. imperialists, established the Asian People's Anti-Communist League in 1954 with the governments of the Philippines and south Korea. It was expanded in 1966 into the World Anti-Communist League, and renamed the World League for Freedom & Democracy in 1990. Its offices are located in Taiwan, and its current president, Vice President and Secretary General are all from Taiwan and are all former members of the Legislative Yuan.

The fact that a large portion of the money in Tribute to Liberty's bank account comes from such virulently anti-communist foreign sources, also exposes the fraudulent declarations of the Trudeau government that the Canadian people approve of this anti-communist hysteria. Nothing could be further from the truth. With such shady backers, the government only succeeds in exposing its own Nazi schemes and its betrayal of those Canadians and peace-loving people all over the world who sacrificed so much to defeat fascism in the Second World War.

No one can forget that this anti-communist monument is being built at a time when the Trudeau government is actively participating in U.S. and NATO schemes, fomenting war on the borders of Russia.

Thousands of Canadian troops have been sent to Eastern Europe (Ukraine and Latvia) to participate in military exercises and other provocative actions such as "training" the armed forces of the Kiev government, much of which is comprised of Nazi militias.

In order to justify these nefarious activities in support of imperialist ambitions of the U.S. in the region, the Canadian government in alliance with extremist governments in Eastern Europe, is waging an assault on the consciousness of the people by trying to rewrite history and erase from the collective memory the historical significance of the struggle against the fascist aggression of the Axis powers and the leading and decisive role played by the Soviet Union in the victory over fascism in WWII.

It is a well-known fact that these same East European countries who are financing the anti-communist monument in Canada are also building monuments in their own countries to honour the memory of those who collaborated with Nazi Germany during the war. Meanwhile at home, the Trudeau government is silent in the face of exposures of monuments to similar Nazi collaborators in Canada.[3] To justify all this worldwide there is an effort to paint Nazi collaborators as "patriots" who fought communism. These war criminals are the "victims of communism" who Justin Trudeau and Tribute to Liberty want to honour with a memorial in Ottawa. This cannot be allowed to pass!

Adding "Canada, a Land of Refuge" to the name of the monument is another part of the fraudulent campaign to pull the wool over people's eyes.

History shows that refugees have never been welcome in Canada based on humanitarian needs and considerations. Vietnamese and Hungarian refugees, to name just two, are examples of how the dire situation to which people were subjected, was used to further the Cold War anti-communist propaganda of U.S. imperialism, promoting lies and distortions that all these people were escaping "evils of communism."

These lies can never cover up the facts about the role of the wars of aggression and for regime change, waged by the U.S. and its lackeys like Canada, in causing economic disasters and dislocation of millions of people driven out of their homes.

The example of the Hungarian government shows the shameless hypocrisy of these ruthless thugs who claim to be the greatest defenders of democracy. In August 2015, the Hungarian government donated CAD$121,000 to Tribute to Liberty, for the anti-communist monument, the largest single donation to date. In making the donation a minister of the Hungarian government said this was to recognize Canada's generous act of granting safe haven to 43,000 Hungarian refugees who fled at the time of "1956 revolution."

The shameless fraud of these anti-communist extremists is exposed for all to see because the same Hungarian government which praises Canada as a land of refuge, refused to help the refugees resulting from U.S.-led destruction of countries of North Africa and the Middle East in dire need on their own borders. Hungarian authorities installed razor wire fences and used tear gas and water cannons to attack refugees from Syria and other countries who have been driven out of their homes and risked their lives crossing the Mediterranean.  Meanwhile the Hungarian government is also well-known for its racist targeting of the Roma, which has caused many to flee the country as refugees. A similar situation exists in the Czech Republic.

The Canadian government's war mongering actions in East Europe and its links with such criminal elements, facilitating their interference in Canadian politics for war-mongering aims is an affront to Canadians. The Trudeau government must be held to account.

No to the Anti-Communist Monument!
Canada Needs an Anti-War Government!


1. See "Tribute to Liberty's Definition of Victims of Communism," TML Weekly, March 18, 2017.

2. Some of the donations reported are: Czech Republic -- $20,000 and Latvia -- $14,000. Exact amounts of other donations by foreign countries have not been revealed.

3.  In addition to Canada's Foreign Minister expressing her undying respect for her Nazi collaborating grandfather, David Pugliese writing in the Ottawa Citizen has raised concerns of attempts to deny the significance of monuments in Canada to Ukranian Nazi collaborators of the SS Galizien Division.

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