December 29, 2016

2016 Photo Review

All Out for Democratic Renewal!


TML Daily's month by month photo review of actions by workers and their allies in 2016 continues with October.

The Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada (MLPC) continued its public meetings and discussions on how to view the Trudeau Liberals' electoral reform program and how working people can put their concerns at the centre of political affairs.

Demonstrations of workers in Toronto and Montreal called for changes to labour law favouring working people and to increase the minimum wage. The Trudeau Liberals were once again denounced by federal public sector workers at rallies across the country.

In British Columbia, the Clark Liberals continued their neo-liberal assault on public education, firing the entire Vancouver School Board for its refusal to balance its budget by implementing school closures. The Liberals' vindictive measure was met with widespread condemnation.

October 4 marked the 10th year of Sisters in Spirits vigils across Canada to demand justice for missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. At the vigils, Indigenous women leaders emphasized the need for all those fighting for justice to rely on themselves and continue to hold Canada and the Trudeau Liberals to account for violence against women and failure to uphold the rights of Indigenous peoples. An Indigenous Day of Action less than a week later focused on upholding the Indigenous and treaty right to decide on resource developments on Indigenous lands, and opposed a number of projects threatening the natural and social environment.

Canadians showed their support to the Colombian people and their efforts to secure peace after 50 years of civil war. Following the sabotage of the October 2 plebiscite by reactionary forces, a mass action was held in Toronto to oppose disinformation about the peace accord between the Colombian government and Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia - People's Army (FARC-EP) and to support Colombians in achieving the peace with social justice that they have long demanded.

A bold action organized by Syrian-Canadians and joined by a contingent of CPC(M-L) activists outside the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa opposed U.S. aggression in Syria and defended the Syrian people's sovereignty and right to decide their own future.

Mass demonstrations across Quebec were held in solidarity with victims of sexual violence reflecting widespread public outrage against events that occurred at a student residence in Quebec City, allegations of sexual assault committed by a member of the National Assembly, the revelations of sexual abuse and the disappearance of Indigenous women in Val-d'Or and unacceptable media coverage.

October 1
The MLPC holds a meeting in Ottawa on electoral reform in the era of the cartel party system, featuring National Leader Anna Di Carlo.

Picket at U.S. Embassy in Ottawa against U.S. aggression in Syria.

Mass rally at Ontario Legislature demands changes to labour law that favour workers, particularly those forced into precarious work.

October 4
Sisters in Spirit vigils across the country affirm that the struggle for rights and justice is indivisible.









Edmonton; Lethbridge

Calgary  (Photos: TML, P. Kome, Wolastiqiyik Sisters in Spirit)

October 6
Harvesting Freedom Caravan of migrant farmworkers concludes its 1,500 kilometre journey to Ottawa with a rally on Parliament Hill. (Photos: Justice 4 Migrant Workers)

October 10
Indigenous Day of Action demands "Deeds Not Words" from the Trudeau government in its relations with Indigenous peoples.


Barriere Lake





(Photos: TML, A. Mahoney, N. Matchewan, K. Anne)

October 14

Activists celebrate El Salvador's victory over monopoly right and mining firm OceanaGold at a rally near the Toronto constituency office of Minister of International Trade Chrystia Freeland.

October 15
Montreal demonstration calls for a higher minimum wage and
changes to labour laws.

October 16
Vigorous rally in Toronto affirms the Colombian people's
demand for peace with social justice.

October 17

Solidarity activists and friends of Cuba hold pickets outside U.S. diplomatic missions to call for an end to the blockade and the
immediate return of Guantanamo.




Montreal blue collar workers protest Couillard Liberal government's anti-worker Bill 110 during government press conference.

October 19

Discussion held in Windsor on Trudeau government's electoral reforms.

October 20
Rally in Vancouver opposes firing of all members of the Vancouver School Board for refusal to make cuts required to implement "balanced budget law."

Victoria Banner drop in solidarity with fired VSB trustees  (Photos: C. Tudela, P. Shaker)

October 21
Demonstration held outside an event at the Ritz-Carlton in Montreal promoting the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement signed with
the European Union.

October 26

Demonstrations are held in Quebec City, Montreal, Saguenay, Chicoutimi, Gatineau, Rouyn-Noranda and Ottawa in solidarity with victims of sexual violence and to denounce violence against women. Protestors declare:
"No Means No!" and "We Believe You!"




Quebec City

Ottawa (Photos: Chantier politique, L.P. Cosette, Point D'Appui)

October 27

Paramedics, dispatchers and support workers in the Quebec pre-hospital sector step up their fight to improve their working conditions and patients' quality of care with a demonstration in Quebec City.  (Photos: CSN)

October 31

Federal public service workers demonstrate across the country, including a large rally at the Prime Minister's Office in Ottawa. Workers protest the Liberal government's refusal to negotiate a new collective agreement and the government's failure to resolve cases of tens of thousands of unpaid or underpaid workers. After years of attempting to negotiate, workers reach a tentative agreement in December preserving their sick leave rights.


St. John's

St. John

Moncton; Halifax







Prince Albert; Edmonton


Agassiz; Prince George (Photos: TML, PSAC)

Camp and picket by Indigenous peoples in Tyendinaga and Montreal in solidarity with land and water protectors at Standing Rock, North Dakota.

Camp at Mercier Bridge, Montreal

Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory  (Photos: A. Brant, MNN)

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