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September 5, 2016

Labour Day 2016
The Working Class – An Independent Organized Force for the Defence of Rights and a Pro-Social Future - Workers' Centre of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist)
Photo Review

September 8, 2016

Quebec Government Bill 110 to Decree Working Conditions in the Municipal Sector
Salient Features of the Anti-Social Offensive
Bill 110 Destroys the Arrangements for Resolving Conflicts in the Public Sector - Pierre Chénier
Invoking "Taxpayers' Ability to Pay" to Justify an Attack on Workers' Rights and the Elimination of Negotiations - K.C. Adams
Blue Collar Workers Are Determined to Defend Their Rights

For Your Information
A Process Leading Straight to the Special Law Decreeing Working Conditions

September 15, 2016

Labour Day 2016 -- Fighting for the Rights of All!
Workers Express Profound Concern for Their Living and Working Conditions

Holding U.S. Steel to Account
Your Pension Is Not as Secure as You Think
Michigan Sues U.S. Steel to Curb Sulphur Dioxide Emissions

Injured Workers In Alberta Fight for Their Right to Adequate Compensation
Justice for Injured Workers!

September 22, 2016

All Out for the Mass Picket at MANA Gates Friday Morning, September 30
Stand with MANA Steelworkers in Defence of Their Rights and Dignity! Stand with All Workers in Defence of Their Rights and Dignity!

Government Task Force Report on Canada Post
Mandate Review Used to Attack Workers' Rights - Louis Lang
The Value Postal Workers Produce - K.C. Adams

September 29, 2016

Bogus Insolvency Proceedings in the Steel Sector
The Bedrock Proposal Is Not a Solution
Essar Algoma -- Another CCAA Restructuring Deal Concocted Behind the Backs of Those Directly Affected

Harassment and Criminalization of Railway Workers
Trudeau Government Must Not Give Rail Monopolies Access to On-Board Recordings
Rail Monopolies' Demands Are About Management Through Fear and Intimidation, Not Safety - Interview, Doug Finnson, President, Teamsters Canada Rail Conference

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October 6, 2016

Workers Defend Their Right to Speak Out and Organize in Defence of Their Interests
Air Canada Forced to Reinstate Editor of New Horizons and Another Flight Attendant Arbitrarily Fired
Mobilization of Workers Leads to Reinstatement of Suspended Mineworker
Nurses Denounce Conspiracy of Silence in Health System
Mass Picket in Solidarity with Locked-Out MANA Workers
Steelworker Killed at U.S. Steel Gary Works
Statement from United Steelworkers Local 1014 Gary Works, October 1

October 13, 2016

No to the Austerity Agenda!
Defend Rights of Public Sector Workers and Services They Provide

Nova Scotia Public Sector Workers Reject McNeil Government's Anti-Social Austerity Agenda
Discussion with Jason MacLean, President of Nova Scotia Government and General Employees' Union
Growing Resistance to Quebec Government's Bill 10
Effect on New Brunswick of Federal Cuts to Health Transfers - Interview, Daniel Légère, President, Canadian Union of Public Employees New Brunswick

Fight for Secure Work and Higher Wages
Mass Rally Demands Changes to Ontario Labour Law

Precarious Existence for Steelworkers and Retirees
Resistance to U.S. Steel's Attacks
Time for a New Direction and Aim for the Economy

October 20, 2016

Steelworkers Confront Monopoly Front of Financial Oligarchy and Its Supranational Arrangements
CCAA Judge Rules Port of Algoma Must Continue to Serve Essar Steel Algoma Without Payment
Bedrock Industries Group Proposal to Restructure U.S. Steel Canada
Inter-Monopoly Battles Rage within Canada's Steel Sector

Opposition to Anti-Social Offensive
Mass Mobilizations Defend Public Seniors' Care on BC's Sunshine Coast
Montreal Demonstration Calls for Higher Minimum Wage and Changes to Labour Laws

October 27, 2016

Steelworkers Oppose Restructuring in the Service of Narrow Private Interests
Damage Caused by Inter-Monopoly Dogfight and Its Airing of Dirty Linen - K.C. Adams
Inter-Monopoly Fight Continues in the Steel Sector

Fort McMurray Workers Demand Their Rights
Fighting to Rebuild After Devastating Forest Fire - Marie Thibault

Workers Demand Audit of Canadian Food Inspection Agency Resources
Need to Defend Food Safety of Canadians - Pierre Chénier

Teachers, Students, Parents and Allies Continue to Fight for Their Schools
BC Liberal Government Fires Vancouver School Board - Anne Jamieson

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November 3, 2016

U.S. Steel Announces Agreement with Bedrock
This Coup Against Canadian Rights Will Not Pass!
Rights and Exceptional Circumstances

Workers and Community Oppose Port Closure in Churchill, Manitoba
"This is a Fight About Communities Being Able to Guide Their Own Future" - Interview, Marianne Hladun, Regional Vice-President for the Prairies, Public Service Alliance of Canada

Federal Public Service Workers Hold Day of Action
Rally at Prime Minister's Office Denounces Government's Intransigence

November 10, 2016

Restructuring of U.S. Steel
Moving Stelco Pensions Off the Balance Sheet
Imperialist Democracy In Action - Rolf Gerstenberger

Quebec Government Passes Bill 110 to Restructure Labour Relations in the Municipal Sector
Couillard Coup Against Workers' Rights
Liberal Government's Anti-Worker Bill
Quebec Municipalities Criticize Bill 110
Clash of Rights, Clash of Democracies - Pierre Chénier

Quebec Health Care Workers Oppose the Anti-Social Offensive
Paramedics Demand Working Conditions Commensurate With the Work They Do - Interview, Jean Gagnon, Confederation of National Trade Unions

November 17, 2016

Truckers Fight for Rights and Dignity
Rally at Quebec National Assembly
Smash the Silence on Truckers' Living and Working Conditions! - Normand Chouinard

Steelworkers Defend their Pensions and Fight for Pensions for All
The Importance of Having Defined-Benefit Pensions on the Balance Sheet - K.C. Adams
Trudeau Government Legislation Introduces "Target Benefit Pensions"

Attacks on Pulp and Paper Workers in Manitoba
This Has to Stop!

Fight for Mining Safety
Companies' Criminal Negligence in the Workplace - Interview, Mike Bond, United Steelworkers Local 6500, Vale, Sudbury

Opposition to Neo-Liberal Free Trade Agreements
Vancouver Maritime Workers and Allies Rally Against Free Trade Agreement with European Union
St. Catharine's Protest Against Trans-Pacific Partnership

November 24, 2016

BC Government Forced to Increase Investment in Public Education
Teachers' Resistance Results in Reinstatement of Negotiated Contract
Battle for Control of the Education System
Teachers' Defence of Collective Agreement
Government Response to Supreme Court Ruling

Quebec Truckers Affirm Their Dignity and Rights
Convoy of Hundreds of Trucks Converges on National Assembly

Rio Tinto Workers in Alma, Quebec - Alexandre Fréchette, President, Syndicat des travailleurs de l'aluminium d'Alma
Lafarge Cement Workers in Saint-Constant, Quebec - François Cardinal, Vice-President, Steelworkers Local 6658

ArcelorMittal Steel Mill in Indiana
Company Must Be Held Responsible for Contract Worker's Death

November 28, 2016

31st Constitutional Congress of the Quebec Federation of Labour
The Difficult Situation Facing the FTQ
Discussion on the Theme of the Congress

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December 1, 2016

Stepping Up the Fight for the Rights of All!
Stelco Steelworkers and Retirees Demand Justice Not CCAA Injustice!
Secret Stelco CCAA Negotiations Extended into 2017
Steelworkers Hold Hands Off Our Pensions Rally
Hamiltonians Commemorate 110th Anniversary of Their Transit Strike
Blue Water Bridge Workers on Strike in Ontario
Montreal Blue Collar Workers Announce Plans for Class Action if City Suspends Indexation of Retirees' Pensions
The Labour Relations Code Is the Right Choice for Alberta's Academic Workers - Dougal MacDonald

December 8, 2016

Resistance of Teachers and Education Workers in Nova Scotia
All Out to Defeat the Vicious Anti-Social Offensive Which Targets Teachers, Education Workers and Public Education - Mira Katz
Government Forced to Back Down

Quebec Federation of Labour Holds Triennial Convention in Montreal
Delegates Speak Passionately in Favour of Campaigns that Defend the Rights of All

Montreal Blue Collar Workers - Chantal Racette
Early Childhood Education Workers - Sonia Charette
The Fight Against Inferior Working Conditions for Young Workers - Vincent Barrette

Sale of Seniors' Care Facilities
No to Foreign Ownership of Seniors' Care! Yes to Public Control and Modern Seniors' Care!
The Clash of Rights

December 15, 2016

Bedrock Proposal to Take Control of Stelco
Stelco Steelworkers and Retirees Face Morton's Fork

Defend the Dignity of Unemployed Workers
Calls Intensify to Repeal Harper's Changes to Employment Insurance

Ontario Injured Workers' Rally
Demands for Compensation System to Be Investigated
Workplace Injuries Among Healthcare Workers

Opposition to Saskatchewan Government's Anti-Social Measures
Workers Condemn Austerity Agenda

Manitoba Government's Austerity Agenda
No to Attacks on Public Sector Workers and Public Services!
Throne Speech Outlines Attack on Workers' Rights
Pallister Government's Anti-Labour Legislation

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