Negotiating Committee Informs Affiliated Unions on State of Negotiations and Receives Their Instructions

The Interprofessional Health Federation of Quebec (FIQ) reports that delegates from affiliated unions met in Laval on September 6 and 7 for an extraordinary federal council devoted to negotiations.

The Negotiating Committee presented the state of affairs at the bargaining table to representatives of the various affiliated health care unions. Negotiating sessions were held over the summer and the pace accelerated in September. Reactions were unanimous: the government must offer more to Quebec's health care professionals.

Although much work and discussion remains to be done, union representatives were able to express their views on some of the nonsense heard at the bargaining table. Among other things, the government wants more flexibility in establishing schedules and in the mobility of care professionals.

The union representatives sharply criticized the employer's offers and positions. They provided the Negotiating Committee with examples to bring to the bargaining table. They reiterated the need for real improvements to their working conditions, the recognition of the value of their members’ work and their remuneration.

At present, the progress of negotiations does not meet the expectations of union representatives, who want the government to be more receptive to the needs of members and act accordingly, to improve the working conditions of care professionals and recognize their contribution at its fair value.

(Photo: FIQ)

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Number 52 - September 22, 2023

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