Pugwash Salt Workers Facing Layoffs Together

Pugwash salt workers express support for Windsor salt workers, March 25, 2023

Salt workers in Pugwash Nova Scotia are facing layoffs from Windsor Salt. They inform that four workers will be laid off and that like the salt workers in Mines Seleine Quebec they are not in a position to run overtime to produce rock salt to make up for Windsor's Ojibway rock salt mine shutdown as a result of the company's demands for contracting out which provoked the strike. They also report that workers are finding ways to support one another in the face of the situation with older workers stepping forward to take "voluntary" layoff in order for younger workers to keep working. This shows that in the face of the difficulties they experience dealing with Windsor Salt, they are finding ways to stick together and solve problems in a manner that favours building their unity.

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Number 31 - June 12, 2023

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