More Unions Express Support for Striking Workers

CUPE members on the picket like with PSAC in Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland, April 24, 2023

More unions are posting statements in support of the strike of the 155,000 PSAC federal public service workers.

International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers

On April 20, the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers wrote:

To All Our PSAC Striking Union Siblings,

The 'Fighting Machinists' of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW) stand in solidarity, and strong support as you fight for your rights and livelihoods. The decision to strike is never taken lightly, but when pushed to the brink, it is a last resort, and know that the IAMAW stands alongside you offering our support in any way that helps.

The IAMAW represents thousands of workers across North America in multiple sectors, and over the last two years, several of our own locals were out on picket lines as you are. We know firsthand the hardships and bitter struggles to fight for what workers deserve. We know all of the strategies employers use to push unions to the brink during a strike. It is unacceptable that the federal government has allowed its employees, those who ensure public services and goods are available to us, to work without a contract for two years. Two years, that have for the most part, been the most trying period our country has seen.

It is shameful that employers, those in the public and private sector, expect workers to ride out the inflation crisis, or worse yet, pay for the inflation crisis, which isn't ours to solve. While profits and revenues rose for many employers, workers have continuously fallen behind for decades. While we're told to ride out the inflation crisis, our employers are reaping profits as a result of the work we do. Rather than doing the right thing, they use every excuse possible and strategy available to agitate workers. Asking for a fair deal and fair compensation is not unreasonable, ignoring needs of workers who provide us with some of the country's most critical services is. Workers can't and shouldn't wait, and we add our voice to yours in carrying that message.

This is why your fight matters; because it's a scenario that plays out too often, and because the government must be held accountable to set a fair bar for all workers. Your fight is our fight, and you have our support getting a fair deal. United and in solidarity we will show them the labour movement is strong and will not back down.

We have your back, in both support and voice.

In solidarity,

David Chartrand
General Vice-President
IAMAW Canada 


On April 19, Unifor posted the following statement:

During this crucial period, we stand alongside PSAC's 155 000 sisters and brothers of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) in their conflict with the Treasury Board and the Canada Revenue Agency. We wish to express our unwavering solidarity on behalf of 315,000 Unifor members and our support for all PSAC members who are confronted with the necessity to strike in order to obtain the respect they deserve. We understand the challenges you are facing and we stand by you in this fight.

Our struggle is the struggle of Canada's entire working class. A struggle for respect and dignity. Skyrocketing inflation rates over the last few years have affected wage earners. The erosion of purchasing power is felt every day and workers are completely within their rights to demand decent wages that will enable them to live a good life.

During the pandemic, the members of PSAC were on the frontlines to support Canadians. They showed their professionalism by implementing, in record time, essential programs that benefited the population of Canada. Many Unifor members were able to afford groceries in the spring of 2020 because the members of PSAC were working and running these programs. We have not and will not forget your contribution.

The federal public service is a pillar of Canada's social fabric. In carrying out their daily missions, federal civil servants enable Canadians to live in a country that is safer, more fair and more equitable. They often work in the shadows, but are no less essential. The Treasury Board and the Canada Revenue Agency must acknowledge the crucial role these workers play and ensure working conditions that are equal to their contribution to Canadian society.

As Canada's largest union in the private sector, we share a common struggle with the public sector unions and, today, with the members of PSAC. Our objective is the same–to ensure Canadian workers get the fair and equitable conditions they deserve.

In solidarity,

Lana Payne, National President
Len Poirier, National Secretary-Treasurer
Daniel Cloutier, Québec Director 

Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions

On April 18, the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions wrote:

'What federal public sector workers are asking for isn't unreasonable: fair wages that keep pace with inflation and training to build a more inclusive public service,' said Linda Silas, President of the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions (CFNU). 'Their message to the Treasury Board and Canada Revenue Agency is simple -- they won't be taken for granted, they won't fall further behind, and they won't back down.'

For over two years, Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) members have been working in good faith without a contract while negotiations have been ongoing. Now, more than 155,000 Public Service Alliance of Canada members are in a strike position -- setting the stage for one of the largest strikes in Canada's history.

The CFNU urges the federal government to ensure public service workers have the fair deal they deserve.

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