Essential Services and Industries Depend on International Migrants

One way to see the dependence of essential services and industries on international migrants is that temporary foreign workers comprise 30 per cent of the workforce in 17 per cent of all employers in private household services and 10 per cent of all employers at gas stations, in food services and at drinking establishments; 6.6 per cent of all food and beverage stores; 5.2 per cent of real estate companies; 4.3 per cent of businesses in accommodation services and 4.2 per cent of all food manufacturing firms.

Looking at these industries as a whole we find 9.8 per cent of the private household service industry workers, 8.0 per cent of gas station workers and 7.2 per cent accommodation and food service workers are temporary foreign workers. In administrative and support services it is 5.8 per cent; animal and aquaculture production 5.6 per cent; 4.3 per cent in warehousing and storage; 3.8 per cent in professional, scientific and technical services. See Chart 1.

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(With files from: Statistics Canada: The distribution of temporary foreign workers across industries in Canada, June 3, 2020 and Temporary Foreign Workers in the Canadian Labour Force: Open Versus Employer-specific Work Permits, No. 18, 2019)

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 June 18, 2021 - No. 58

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