Cross-Country Day of Action

The Migrant Rights Network is organizing a day of action on the occasion of World Refugee Day to once more call on the Trudeau government to ensure full and permanent immigration status for all without exception. The federal government's "pathway to permanent residency" for 90,000 people introduced in May 2021 was the result of migrant rights activists across the country speaking out and organizing. The time is now to build on the one year of work since the Migrant Rights Network launched its call for full and permanent immigration status for all.

Notwithstanding the recent measures that have resulted in status for some, the vast majority of working class, racialized and particularly undocumented people are shut out of permanent resident status. As a result, they live without income support, workplace rights or even access to health care in a pandemic. They live under constant threat of deportation. The measures the government has taken have opened the door a crack, migrant workers and their allies are pushing ahead to make space for everyone.

Join an action on June 20th near you or organize one!

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June 18, 2021 - No. 58

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