Depth of Liberals' Wretchedness

When the former Harper government started writing mega laws or mega budgets which were hundreds of pages and contained all kinds of hidden agenda, the Liberals cried blue murder. Now they find it expedient to do the same.

The CBC report states: "[...] in 2015, the Harper government included a provision in a budget bill that retroactively rewrote Canada's access to information law to protect the RCMP from being charged by the Information Commissioner for destroying gun registry documents before legislation to scrap the gun registry was adopted by Parliament.

"The Liberal Party's 2015 campaign platform sharply criticized the practice, saying Harper's government had 'used omnibus bills to prevent Parliament from properly reviewing and debating' proposals.

"'We will change the House of Commons standing orders to bring an end to this undemocratic practice,' Trudeau's Liberals vowed."

This budget document includes, besides other things, "changes to Canada's elections act, new rules for judges' pension, retroactive authorization for First Nations to postpone elections during the pandemic, new powers for the immigration minister to issue instructions on express entry for permanent resident applicants."

"Budget 2021 proposes to introduce amendments to the Canada Elections Act to specify that making or publishing a false statement in relation to a candidate, prospective candidate, or party leader would be an offense only if the person or entity knows that the statement is false," reports indicate. It refers to a squabble between the cartel parties over whether to include the idea that the person making the false statement must know it to be false in order for the act to be an offense. None of it contributes to raising the level of political discourse in the country but, on the contrary, is a way to settle scores with rivals or "quietly" clean up the corrupt practices which exist within the liberal democratic institutions.

Media reports are quick to assure us that the practice started by the prior Harper government of including non-budgetary items in a budget is now a new normal without telling us what this even means for the polity. What they consider to be normal is to remain undefined but its anti-social content is evident. Both the budget, comments from the opposition cartel parties and media reporting, along with endorsements from big business all qualify as an attempt to stop any such discussion about anything rational, especially about what can be done differently. All of it is an exercise in making sure the stranglehold on power of the rich remains intact.

There is nothing "normal" about a society that equates the prosperity of the rich with that of the society which is being ground under because of the negation of the human factor/social consciousness.  Their motive for the economy cannot be allowed to continue if the human and natural resources of the country are to be dedicated to the well-being of its people. 


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 April 22, 2021 - No. 31

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