Finance Minister Peter Bethlenfalvy's 2021 provincial budget fails to address Ontario's crisis in long-term care, and leaves questions about the direction and strength of the province's economic recovery says Unifor. [...]

Instead of fixing the long-term care crisis now, this budget invests only 10 per cent of the announced funding, or $0.5 billion, in 2021-22 to address the mandate of four hours of direct care.

This virus is not slowing down, and we need to speed up our response. The provincial government is delaying implementation of this basic standard that will improve safety and working conditions across our broken long-term care sector," said Naureen Rizvi, Unifor Ontario Regional Director. [...]

The COVID-19 crisis quickly exposed how inequality influences the ability of many communities to be able to withstand this pandemic. [...]

We have said this for more than a year now, that paid sick days are a matter of public health, and are required to protect the most precarious and vulnerable workers from this virus," said Rizvi. "The government's current refusal to introduce this measure speaks volumes, but workers' voices will be louder still.

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