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"After all the people of Ontario have been through this last year, this budget is just classic trickle-down economics and it’s the last thing communities need,” said Fred Hahn, President of CUPE Ontario. “They’ll spin this, but the reality is the budget promises a gush of massive tax cuts and subsidies for big businesses and the wealthiest Ontarians, with just a trickle going to the chronically underfunded public services that have proven to protect our lives and livelihoods.

"There's no recovery plan that does not ensure paid sick days for all, declare Anti-Black racism a public health crisis and back that up with a fully funded plan, and fund a vaccination rollout plan that's accessible to those in our hardest-hit communities. We can't allow investments to merely trickle down while impacts pool across our communities.

"Now is the time for bold action and ideas, not a re-hash of the same old tired strategies that saw us entering this global pandemic in a weakened position to deal with its challenges. Repeating these mistakes will only accelerate the financial pressures on our public services and deepen inequities." [...]

"We've heard countless announcements for long-term care," said Candace Rennick, Secretary-Treasurer of CUPE Ontario. "What we need now is action. We need an expedited timeline for four hours of care, a comprehensive recruitment and training strategy, and the stabilization of the workforce to help retain current workers. We need permanent $4 per hour pandemic pay for everyone, full-time jobs, and paid sick days."

"We're a year into this pandemic and Ontarians have only gotten clearer about what we need to stay safe and to recover post-COVID-19," said Hahn. "Massive benefits for those at the top and little more than a trickle of investments for the rest of us won't cut it anymore."

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