Ontario Government's 2021 Budget

Urgent Need Is for a Pro-Social Direction for the Economy

The Ontario government presented a budget on March 24 that refuses to address the pressing need for increased investments in social programs. Working people through their unions are denouncing the budget and pursuing a public campaign for respect and security. They are demanding budgets from both the Ontario and federal governments that increase investments in social programs and stop paying the rich.

The pandemic has exposed the dire consequences arising from the refusal of the ruling elite to change the direction of the economy away from the incessant demands of the rich for maximum private profit. Working people want respect, security and the right to live and work in dignity.

How can residents in long-term care homes, patients in hospitals, others requiring medical assistance, and students in elementary, high school and post-secondary institutions be guaranteed their needs will be met if governments refuse to meet and guarantee the needs and rights of the workers delivering those necessary social services? Respect and security for people of all ages needing social services begins with respect and security for the people delivering the services!

- Widespread deaths of the elderly in long-term care homes have occurred from the refusal of governments to invest in their care, and from enterprises that view the care of seniors as an opportunity to make big profits.

- The Ontario budget does not include any provision for paid sick days, which is a widespread demand of Ontario workers, that has the support of doctors and other public health experts.

- Over twenty thousand Ontario health care workers have been infected with COVID-19, resulting in twenty deaths.

- Governments have so starved Laurentian University in Sudbury of needed investment that private creditors have forced it into bankruptcy protection and possible collapse.

- The Ontario budget even fails to keep education spending in line with the rate of inflation and enrolment growth, which highlights the socially irresponsible refusal of governments to guarantee the right to education for all and to allow education workers to organize a safe learning environment.

These facts cover the Ontario and federal governments with shame. They are an indictment of the neglect and refusal of the ruling elite to do their duty to increase investments in social programs and stop paying the rich. Those in control are proving themselves in practice as nation-wreckers not nation-builders.

The facts expose the oligarchs in control of blocking the people from organizing a human-centred direction for the economy. They point to the necessity for working people to organize themselves into an unstoppable force that demands and brings into being a new direction for the economy and political affairs that serves the people and meets their needs and that of society.

The sweet words and policy objectives of cartel political parties are not enough! They do not bring respect, dignity and security to working people nor meet the needs of the people and society. Deeds are necessary!

Stop Paying the Rich!
Increase Investments in Social Programs Now!

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