Quebec Bill 59, An Act to Modernize the Occupational Health and Safety Regime

Defend Workers' Right to Healthy and Safe Working Conditions! Hands Off Workers' Compensation!

The Committee on Labour and the Economy of the Quebec National Assembly is now carrying out a clause-by-clause review of Bill 59, An Act to modernize the occupational health and safety regime. The Bill, which is comprised of over 300 articles, modifies the 1985 Act respecting industrial accidents and occupational diseases and the 1979 Act respecting occupational health and safety.

The government's claim that the bill modernizes the health and safety regime is not true. The bill follows the path of the neo-liberal anti-social offensive, imposing a complete overhaul of the health and safety regime without any say or control by the workers, unions and the defence organizations of injured workers, all of which have thoroughly denounced it. It is estimated that hundreds of millions of dollars are going to be "saved" by employers every year through the denial of compensation for workers injured or made ill on the job and from the reduction of programs dedicated to the care of injured workers so that they can live a life in dignity with their rights recognized. It is a massive restructuring of the state to eliminate any previous space that was available to workers and their organizations to give them a modicum of say in the determination of the occupational health and safety regime.

Workers' Forum joins with Quebec workers and their organizations who are saying No! to the legislation, that it must not pass, mobilizing to demand resolution to these critical problems in a way that benefits workers and the society, based on workers' demands. The fact that this attack is perpetrated in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic which increases all problems related to the health and safety of workers shows the criminality of the Legault government.

In this issue we are providing information on the legislation, opposition and proposals for empowering the workers, and will provide more information in the coming days and weeks, to contribute to making the voice of workers effective in defeating this dictate and upholding the right of workers to determine what are healthy and safe working conditions, and for full compensation for injuries and illness.

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Number 18 - March 17, 2021

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Quebec Bill 59, : Defend Workers' Right to Healthy and Safe Working Conditions! Hands Off Workers' Compensation!


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