March 8 -- International Women's Day

Call for Women Workers to Lead the Work for Political Renewal to Empower the People

March 8, 2020. International Women's Day, Montreal


The Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) greets March 8, International Women's Day, with full confidence that women workers will continue to take the lead in the work to renew the political process and the society, which require the people's empowerment. Communist women have proven in this period, as in the past, that they take up the question of gender discrimination as a question of emancipating the working class. The mobilization of women workers for the renewal of the political process is a step in this direction.

The present period is one of retreat of revolution which is witnessing a brutal anti-social offensive, nation-wrecking and the pursuit of an agenda of aggression and war on the part of governments and the imperialist interests which dominate them. Far from losing its leading role, it is the working class which has to provide an alternative to the retrogression which is being imposed on the society. Women workers are playing a crucial role in this, first and foremost, by ensuring that they do not get diverted or dissipate their energies on issues which do not put them at the centre-stage of the developments. They must, as is the case with all the workers, be political, work out their program, and take the same to all sections of the society.

International Women's Day is a fitting occasion this year in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic for women workers to pledge their adherence to the cause of their own emancipation which is linked to the emancipation of the entire working class. In the course of the developments which have been taking place, women with positions of power and privilege have declared they will protect women, but they do not shed a tear over the plight of women workers at home and the world over who bear the brunt of the attacks which are taking place so as to make the rich richer. None has pointed out that reforms are needed to improve their working and living conditions, and not to make them even worse.

The imposition of what are called liberal-democratic institutions on countries whose resources the imperialists covet has increased their enslavement. Women workers do not entrust others to represent their concerns because it is a waste of their energies.

On the contrary, they have been raising their own demands, speaking in their own name and fighting for their rights within the context of fighting for the rights of all. Only in this way can all women be emancipated. Advanced women workers should join the Party, organize basic organizations for the emancipation of women at the workplace, inclusive of all fellow workers, irrespective of gender, and excel in taking up political affairs under the banner of the democratic renewal of the political process.

CPC(M-L) takes this opportunity to express its full support for all women fighting for emancipation on the world scale and to hail the increasing participation of women in political affairs. The Party condemns all racist attacks and acts of police impunity and other acts of oppression and humiliation of women, condemns kidnappings and rape and other forms of brutality and terror practised by the ruling circles against them, demands the release of all those imprisoned as a result of their political actions, and demands that all those committing crimes against women be punished.

With optimism and confidence in the abilities of communist women and all fighting women workers, we send women everywhere our militant greetings and regards.

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