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In a press release entitled "UCP Bill 32 aimed at undermining unions' ability to advocate for members" issued on July 7, 2020, the United Nurses of Alberta (UNA) says:

"A UCP government bill introduced today is aimed at undermining the ability of unions to advocate on behalf of their members on issues like the privatization of health care, the creation of a national pharmacare program, and the protection of pensions.

"Bill 32, the Restoring Balance in the Workplace Act, is an attempt to make it difficult for nurses in Alberta to advocate on public interest issues that improve conditions for their members, their patients, and their communities in and out of the workplace.

"'The UCP is clearly trying to limit the ability of nurses and their union to stand up against a government that would privatize health care and jeopardize their retirement security,' said United Nurses of Alberta President Heather Smith.

"Bill 32 would make Alberta the only jurisdiction in Canada to require union members to opt-in to having a portion of their dues go to 'political activities.'

"'UNA members set their union's priorities and actions and elect representatives to carry out those directions,' said Smith. ‘Bill 32 creates an unnecessary administrative burden for unions and interferes in a democratic process that is determined by our members,'"[...]

"For more than four decades, UNA has advocated for a robust publicly funded and publicly delivered health care system. Given that Premier Jason Kenney has introduced sweeping changes to increase health care privatization in Bill 30, it is no surprise that his government wants to silence those who know the system best: Alberta's nurses.

"UNA will be taking time to thoroughly examine Bill 32 and its impact on UNA members. Further updates will be posted at una.ca."

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Number 51 - July 30, 2020

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