Health Care Workers Step Up Their Fight to Protect Themselves and the Public

A Most Pressing Concern

A most pressing concern during the COVID-19 pandemic is the staggering number of deaths of seniors and health care workers from the disease. There is an urgent need for seniors' homes and long-term care centres to be properly staffed and provided with adequate working conditions for all personnel, including full protective equipment. Just as urgent is the need to provide the problems in this sector with viable solutions. This issue of Workers' Forum continues to address how health care workers are playing a leading role in this work.

Health care workers are the first line of defence for the health and safety of seniors in continuing care facilities. Their demands and solutions must be taken seriously and implemented to resolve the crisis in a way that favours the people. For years, the workers and families have raised the state of affairs in senior's homes which now, with the pandemic, are causing such tragedies. By smashing the silence on the conditions there and how the demands of the workers are dismissed out of hand, one aim is to make sure governments do not get away with merely wringing their hands and crying on television but must end the privatization of seniors' care and health care as a whole and increase investment in social programs.

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Number 25 - April 24, 2020

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Health Care Workers Step Up Their Fight to Protect Themselves and the Public: A Most Pressing Concern


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