SkyTrain Workers Vote in Favour of Job Action

Nine hundred SkyTrain workers are in the midst of negotiations with their employer, TransLink's BC Rapid Transit Company. They include train operators, attendants, technicians, mechanics and administrators on two of the three SkyTrain lines, the Millenium and Expo lines, whose contract expired on August 31. They are represented by CUPE Local 7000. On November 21, 96.8 per cent of members voted in favour of job action if a contract isn't reached. Eight days of mediation also began that day.

In a November 13 statement, union President Tony Rebelo explained that outstanding issues include wage increases, sick benefits, inadequate staffing levels and forced overtime.

The third SkyTrain line, the Canada Line, is privately owned and operated by ProTransBC, a consortium headed by SNC-Lavalin under a long-term agreement with TransLink.

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Number 28 - November 27, 2019

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SkyTrain Workers Vote in Favour of Job Action


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