Dysfunction of Existing Institutions Apparent

November 8, 2020. Protests continue in Detroit, Michigan.

The U.S. elections have revealed for the entire world to see the extent to which the so-called democratic institutions in the U.S. are unable to sort out conflicts within the ruling class or give the appearance of a legitimate election which confers the consent of the governed.

The election dispute among the rulers continues to play out on a number of fronts. Trump persists in saying he won and that illegal votes are being counted. Biden is proceeding as president-elect. Some are backing Trump's many lawsuits in several states, while also calling on him to concede. The Wall Street Journal was representative of this position. "If Mr. Biden has 270 Electoral College votes at the end of the counting and litigation, President Trump will have a decision to make. We hope in that event he would concede gracefully," the newspaper wrote.

The Republican head of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, has said Trump has every right to use litigation to challenge the results, as have others. Meanwhile, local Republican election officials, in Georgia, for example, have defended their work and said the vote count is valid. Similar stands are being taken by local and state officials in all the states currently under dispute. These include Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona and Nevada. Other Republicans have called for Trump to stop the lawsuits, saying they are unlikely to change the outcome. Pursuing them undermines "the institutions at the foundation" of the country, they say. This is a major concern for the ruling class as a whole, because it undermines their authority to govern and use force against the people, which is already widely questioned.

November 7, 2020. Rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Twelve lawsuits have been dismissed at the local or state level. Others being pursued, such as in Pennsylvania and Michigan, are calling on the courts to block certification of the vote based on irregularities with state election law. Other lawsuits are still being prepared. Lawyers are expressing concerns that the cases are meant to discredit the vote, rather than secure an accurate vote count. The potential for Supreme Court intervention remains ever present, which would only further discredit the election.

What is evident for all to see is that the disputes among the factions of the rich vying for the power of the presidency have not been resolved and there is little hope that they will be resolved. While Biden has been declared the winner by the monopoly media, it is apparent that he does not enjoy broad support. There are various reports that about half of Biden's votes were not for him, but against Trump. It is Trump's loss that many are celebrating.

In some of the states currently under dispute, about 40,000 people who voted chose not to cast a vote for president. In Georgia, Biden is ahead by 10,502 votes; in Arizona by 16,985 votes, in Nevada by 34,283 votes. There are also an estimated 80 million eligible voters who did not vote. That number reaches about 100 million if those blocked from voting -- such as prisoners and immigrants -- are counted. There is also suppression of the vote using various requirements to register, closing polling stations, insufficient hours, etc. All of this contributes to evidence indicating that Biden's vote is only a small portion of the electorate, about 25 per cent. Furthermore, of that number, only about 12 per cent actually voted for him as opposed to against Trump.

In this way, the emphasis placed on Biden getting the largest number of votes covers up the fraud of elections of the world's allegedly "indispensable nation." According to Biden, "the people of this nation have spoken" and "delivered us a clear victory." This also serves to cover up that votes for candidates the people did not select and that do not represent them in no way reflect their concerns and interests. Certainly, the votes cast do not confer a "mandate" to continue to implement the war economy and war government of the U.S. which the ruling class requires of every president.

The new direction the people of the United States demand for their country is to have a peace economy and an anti-war government. The election results in fact reveal that the election process and selection of Biden by the ruling class has in no way diverted the broad movement of the people for justice, equality and the affirmation of the rights of all.

November 8, 2020. Washington DC, the fight for rights continues.

(Photos: A. Azikiwe, Phily We Rise, CPD Action.)

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Dysfunction of Existing Institutions Apparent


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