Matters of Concern to the Polity

BC Election Underscores Political Impasse

People are discussing how to vote in the BC election in a way that favours them. The electoral process is a contrived farce because no matter which political party forms the next government it will follow a pay-the-rich agenda according to the demands of the international financial oligarchy. Meanwhile, elections no longer function to sort out the factional fighting within the ranks of the ruling class which becomes ever more vicious as narrow private interests fight to directly take over decision-making power.

The leader of the ruling NDP government called the election to achieve a majority so as to be able to rule by decree under the exceptional circumstances declared necessary to deal with the COVID pandemic. However, an election will not overcome the cause of the political impasse which is the result of no party presenting a viable alternative for the BC economy.

The distribution of cartel party seats at dissolution of the Legislature were NDP, 41; Liberals, 41; Green Party, two; Independents, two; vacant, one. The NDP formed the government through a Confidence and Supply Agreement with the Green Party that was supposed to last until October 2021. The NDP, sensing a chance to win more seats, unilaterally broke the agreement and called an election for October 24.

The BC Liberal Party has difficulty defining a distinct persona for itself as its program takes up the same neo-liberal agenda as the NDP. It will also endorse deficit financing, borrowing massively from private moneylenders and spending huge amounts on paying the rich, propping up private enterprise and providing some money to people to keep the economy moving, with the money people receive immediately spent.

The polls in the mass media favour the NDP winning a majority of seats. This concerns many as cartel parties with majorities tend to be even more violent in their attacks on Indigenous peoples and the working class and their rights and claims.

Within the situation, to block both the NDP and Liberals from winning a majority of seats, many people are said to be considering voting for the Green Party where it has a chance of winning the riding. In Chilliwack-Kent people could vote for the independent candidate Jason Lum.

If the Greens are wiped out on Vancouver Island this would be to the advantage of an NDP majority government. People on the island are being made aware of that fact.

The Greens by themselves cannot possibly win enough seats to stop an NDP majority if the Liberal Party falls to only 35 or so seats as the polls suggest. If there is to be any chance to stop an NDP majority government, this means people who live in ridings with close races between the NDP and Liberals would have to stay home and not vote for the NDP, or vote for a small party or independent. This is not to suggest voting for the Liberals but rather simply not voting or voting for a small party in those ridings in which the vote between the NDP and Liberals is expected to be close.

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Volume 50 Number 38 - October 10, 2020

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Matters of Concern to the Polity: BC Election Underscores Political Impasse


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