Discussion of the Pay-the-Rich Economy and How to Overcome It

The Aim of the Working Class Movement

In the rush of governments to "reopen the economy" on behalf of the ruling elite, dictatorial measures are being imposed to stop workers from implementing the lessons learned during the fight against the pandemic. The ruling oligarchs demand a return to business as usual even though the status quo has proved unsustainable in practice. Working people have discovered that if a society fit for human existence is to be built then business as usual within the old status quo must be rejected. The experience of the people before and in particular during the pandemic leads inexorably to such a conclusion.

The defining moment we are passing through today is the collective recognition that economic, political and social affairs as constituted do not allow members of society to solve the problems they face and to build a new pro-social way of life that favours them. The militant and responsible stand of the workers and their organizations not only affirms the growing movement against the decades-old anti-social offensive, it poses the issue of what aim the movement should have. The working class has the social responsibility to define clearly its aim to create a society fit for human beings and to lead the entire people to achieve the aim as a nation-building project they embrace as their own. Such a society of necessity respects the rights of all by virtue of all being bona fide full and equal members of the polity and meets their needs at a level of existence achieved through the development of the modern productive forces and scientific technique.

The fulfilment of the aim of the movement to build the New requires working people themselves finding solutions to the problems life is posing:

- to defend themselves against the current attacks on their rights and their well-being and on society itself;

- to work out practical ways which mobilize the broad section of workers to hold governments and employers to account so as to attain control over the decisions that affect their lives;

- to hold forums where workers speak in their own name and establish reference points which serve to provide them with orientation;

- to ensure the state and governments fulfil their responsibilities to meet the needs of the people; and

- to put forward their own agenda to humanize the social and natural environment and ensure its realization.

The ruling oligarchy has descended into a clique of the global rich that runs roughshod not only over the working people of Canada but over those they dominate in alliance with the oligarchs from the United States of North American Monopolies. They dominate the world they control with an economy based on a mode of production to pay tribute to the rich and serve their political power and privilege. The current mode of production to pay the rich gives rise to recurring economic crises and war.

The aim of the economy to pay the rich renders it incapable of mobilizing its tremendous productive powers to solve the problems the people and Mother Earth face. The working people are charged with the task of bringing into being a new mode of production with a new aim to serve the people, to humanize the social and natural environment, and to solve national and international problems without violence and war. The initial and crucial step in building the New is to organize the people to stop paying the rich, to increase investments in social programs and to constitute themselves as an anti-war government.

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Volume 50 Number 34 - September 12, 2020

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Discussion of the Pay-the-Rich Economy and How to Overcome It: The Aim of the Working Class Movement


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