The Need for Modern Definitions

One of the major problems Canada has faced in the past 20 to 30 years is the issue of cutbacks to social spending which takes place because the rich use the political power to advance their own narrow private interests. It is clear that working people cannot make headway on this question unless they tackle the problem on the basis of modern definitions, guided by the aim of giving rise to a modern society. As long as the battle is waged within the narrow confines of the bourgeois notions of society in which everything must be subordinated to the profit-making aim of the economically powerful, the direction of the economy will not be turned around in a manner which favours the people.

It is not a matter that things went well in the past and are not doing so well in the present. The Canadian state has never provided health care or education or any other requirements of modern life by virtue of recognizing fundamental and inviolable human rights. In Canada, social spending has always been determined by the needs of the capitalist ruling circles. Providing for the needs of the people is really incidental to the needs of the capitalist economy. This is why the conception of rights can just as easily be extended as taken away.

To open the path for progress, health care and education, employment and a livelihood, must be recognized as human rights. It is by providing these rights with a guarantee that progress is made from one stage to the next to the next.

In the course of creating the conditions for its own emancipation, the working class -- as the most revolutionary and productive force -- fights for a society which recognizes that all individuals are born to society and as a consequence have rights which are inviolable. The working class also fights for legislation that will enable the people to exercise these rights. This is the orientation which can enable all those who are under attack to advance their aims.

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Volume 50 Number 34 - September 12, 2020

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The Need for Modern Definitions


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