Former President Correa Unjustly Blocked from Candidacy for Vice President

On September 6, a Court of Cassation of the National Court of Justice of Ecuador issued a ruling prohibiting former President Rafael Correa being a candidate of the Citizen's Revolution movement for Vice President. He had previously been convicted in absentia, and without evidence, of accepting bribes during his time in office, and sentenced to an eight-year prison term, effectively barring his return to Ecuador from Belgium where he currently resides. Other former members of his government, including Vice President Jorge Glas who won re-election alongside the current president, Lenín Moreno in 2017, were imprisoned and sentenced on dubious grounds for "corruption" after Moreno abandoned the program both were elected on and hitched Ecuador firmly to the U.S./IMF chariot. One day after the ruling came down against Rafael Correa, Paola Pabón, prefect for the Province of Pichincha and also a member of the Citizen's Revolution, had to appear in court for a review of the conditions of her house arrest. She is charged with "rebellion" for her political stands and was held in preventive detention before winning release to house arrest.

It can be seen that lawfare is alive and well and being applied with a vengeance in Latin America. It was wielded in the most corrupt and spectacular manner against former President Lula da Silva to prevent him from running and surely winning the presidency of Brazil in 2018. It continues to be used against many others whom the U.S. imperialists have given themselves the right to remove or prevent from holding high political office in countries it considers its "back yard." Today, several of the many "cases" used to condemn Lula, without evidence, are unravelling and the foreign-tutored judges and prosecutors who conspired together against him are falling into disgrace. The same is bound to happen with others subjected to this type of warfare as the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean step up the battle for their democratic rights, against the forces of the Old, and for the new arrangements they require to provide a future for themselves without poverty, racism, colonialism or war.

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Volume 50 Number 34 - September 12, 2020

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Ecuador: Former President Correa Unjustly Blocked from Candidacy for Vice President


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