A New Direction for the Economy

If the issue of the method or means of subsistence is not understood, the workers' movement and its aim remain vague without sharpness and a confident direction. This final stage of the transition from petty to industrial mass production is not the same as before in the early period of the transition with what was called laissez-faire capitalism. Similarities exist but the situation has changed considerably. As long as this pay-the-rich means of creating a subsistence for people is not radically challenged, nothing can be solved and no forward progress for the workers' movement and society can be sustained.

Within this discussion, workers should think about what they would establish as the means of subsistence. The starting point is to stop paying the rich and increase investments in social programs to guarantee the rights of all, to have the collective will of the society expressed in the form of socialist planning and control by the working people over those affairs that affect their lives. Collectively, the society would march forward and in the way of the old proverb would learn warfare through warfare.

Within the situation, the workers put forward their own demands. The demands are to stop paying the rich, to stop all public borrowing from private lenders, to stop handouts to the rich and their enterprises, and to increase investments in social programs in education, health, welfare, culture and recreation in particular for the youth. With this start, a rupture with the Old can be made and a new direction embraced. The immense social product available from the modern means of production can be put to use to solve society's problems and guarantee the well-being and rights of the people and the extended reproduction of the economy. Without the starting point to stop paying the rich, no change in the direction of the economy can be sustained.

Whenever a crisis occurs, as is the case at the present time, it becomes clear that either the working people move towards creating a higher form of society, or they continue to face one disaster after another. Workers have to demand a radical rupture from the past and that rupture is presented in the slogan "Stop Paying the Rich!"

While all of this points to the necessity for the working class to establish its own political aim, the attempt is made, once again, to keep it chained to the political aim of this or that party with aims to serve private interests. This capitulation to the parties of the rich flies in the face of the experience of all Canadians, which is that whether a party's agenda is touted as right-wing or left-wing, it serves the corporate elite and old status quo.

The struggle today is between the forces of the New and the forces of the Old. The working class must resolutely take up its own political aim to end the situation whereby the rich marginalize it by diverting its struggle into electing this or that so-called representative and party of the rich oligarchs, no matter what they may call themselves.

As the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) steps up its work, its members and allies are firmly convinced that an alternative to the current direction of paying the rich can be found. Activists are confident that by consciously participating in building workers' forums to exchange views, analyze unfolding events and set their own orientation to defend the rights of all, the program to stop paying the rich and to increase investments in social programs will lead to the establishment of an alternative and open society's path to progress. 

Join the movement for the New!