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The United States Is Naked Without a Fig Leaf

Members of the Cuban Henry Reeve Brigade prepare to go to South Africa to assist in the
fight against COVID-19, April 25, 2020.

The Yankees, angered by their 60 years of failure in the attempt to destroy the Cuban Revolution, have made the big mistake of publicly declaring that all their actions are meant to strangle [Cuba's] economy and kill its people through hunger and disease.

The truth always comes out, this time exposed without masks or a fig leaf to cover its hidden parts, in the new bill called "Cut Profits to the Cuban Regime Act" introduced on June 17, 2020 by Senator Rick Scott, along with Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. The aim is to sanction countries that hire Cuban doctors through international collaborative medical missions, including the Henry Reeve brigades, specialized in dealing with diseases in cases of natural disasters and serious epidemics.

The blackmailing campaigns and pressures used by the United States for some years have been covered up under the supposed "concern" that Cuba sends them as "slaves," because it does not give them the full money it receives from the contracting countries.

It is known that this supposed "concern" of the empire is false, since the United States has never cared at all about the Cuban people, and this is demonstrated by its economic, commercial and financial war. The only aim they pursue is to further strangle the Cuban economy, with the old dream of destroying the socialism they hate so much.

A simple reading of Operation Mongoose, approved in January 1962 by President John F. Kennedy, proves it legally, by stating without the slightest feeling of humanity that:

"The objective of the United States is to help Cubans overthrow the communist regime in Cuba ... The operation is aimed at provoking a rebellion by the Cuban people ... The political action will be supported by an economic war, which induces the communist regime to fail in its efforts to meet the needs of the country, psychological operations will increase the resentment of the population against the regime, and those of a military nature will give the popular movement a weapon of action for sabotage and armed resistance in support of political objectives."

The new scheme of these senators is to cut off all inflows of money to Cuba, with the outdated wish that the socialist economy will explode due to a lack of liquidity. Nothing could be more removed from the human feelings they say they have for Cubans, despite their pretend "concern" about the "human trafficking" of doctors and nurses.

The very name of the bill reveals that they only seek to cut off the revenues Cuba obtains from the contracts for its medical missions, which, according to their calculations, amounts to nearly $7 billion annually, wanting to curb those earnings.

With Bolsonaro's arrival to the presidency in Brazil, they managed to cut off the Cuban presence there, something that the lackeys of Ecuador and Bolivia imitated and that the puppet Juan Guaidó wants to do [in Venezuela]. But in view of the need for health personnel to face the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 40 nations have requested Cuba’s help, because neither the United States nor other countries of the "free world" have professionals willing to provide that help.

Faced with the challenge of governments that require the humane work of Cuban doctors and nurses, and are not paying attention to Washington’s threats, these anti-Cuban politicians pounced with their bill, in another attempt to further strangle the island's economy.

Such action calls to mind what was revealed by the CIA in a report dated December 12, 1963, where it pointed out:

"To a large extent, the problems facing the Castro regime are the result of the United States' policy of economic and political isolation, as well as other measures of hostility and sabotage. [...] The main objective of the Covert Programs is to complete Cuba's economic, political and psychological isolation from Latin America and the free world... these measures have been largely responsible for Castro's current economic difficulties, but new and effective measures of economic warfare could be adopted."

It seems that 60 years without results are not enough for the enemies of the Revolution to understand that Cubans are a tough nut to crack.

Would they be unaware that not even the concentration camps created by the Spanish general Valeriano Weyler to starve the revolutionaries during the war for Cuba’s independence in 1895 could defeat those who were fighting for independence from Spain?

Neither the CIA's Covert Actions plans, state terrorism, political subversion, nor the creation and financing of the counter-revolution, have been able to destroy socialism in Cuba.

Scott and his friends don't know history and should read some reports, to learn from the misfortunes of Yankee politics.

On February 6, 1964, George W. Ball, Undersecretary of State, had a conversation in Washington with the British ambassador, Ormsby Gore, to express the "annoyance" of the United States with the growth of trade relations with Cuba, where he stated clearly:

"The policy of President Lyndon Johnson is to impose economic sanctions on Cuba as a weapon against the Revolution; create economic difficulties and bring about the elimination of the communist regime."

A day earlier, Ball had presented to the president a study carried out by the State Department and the CIA, on the economic ties of western countries with Cuba, to respond to a request made in Report No. 274 of National Security Action, December 1963.

That study contained 19 recommendations and the first one was that President Johnson let all government agencies know that the restriction and reduction of the economic ties of the "free world" with Cuba was a national policy objective.

They were all focused on the economic war, but Article 15 stands out, which suggested "the discreet use of the press, through the publication of articles which make known the government's rigorous controls on trading companies that deal with Cuba." Perhaps that was the start of the black list.

That is why the smear jobs published against the Cuban medical missions by the press today are not coincidental, echoing the campaign designed by the CIA, in conjunction with the State Department, that keeps re-emerging as a priority policy of the Yankee government against Cuba.

Currently about 28,000 Cuban doctors and nurses save lives in 59 countries of the world, facing COVID-19 in 37 of them, with total humanism, without caring about money or working conditions, because as José Martí said:

“The real man does not look for where one can live better,  but for where duty lies."

(El Heraldo Cubano, reprinted from Boletín Por Cuba Año 18 Número 48. Translated from original Spanish by TML.)

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Volume 50 Number 23 - June 27, 2020

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