Police Killings Require Redress

Dangerous Criminalization of Social and Political Affairs

Sign painted on the street outside Toronto Police Headquarters as part of actions demanding an end to police violence and impunity.

The increased numbers of police killings continue to be a matter of great concern to the polity. Calls for justice and for an end to policy impunity and the racist approach to policing are ringing out while governments continue to skate around the issue so as to preserve their rule.

The imperialist criminalization of life has deeply affected the country's economic, political and social affairs and society's institutions and social fabric. The criminalization of life has extended beyond politics into social conditions and lifestyle. Criminalization leads to police power being employed to deal with problems such as poverty; homelessness; mental and other health issues and the right of all to health care; what people put into their bodies; the claims of workers in the sale of their capacity to work and terms of employment; problems and disagreements in education with methods and curricula and how to affirm the right to education; the opposition of people to big projects with which they may disagree on environmental or other grounds; domestic family and other disputes involving personal affairs and relations among the people; issues and struggles surrounding the direction of the economy, politics and society etc.

The list of problems, contradictions and disagreements in economic and political affairs, social relations and society generally is endless. Their criminalization is disastrous leading to ever-increasing police power and brutality and the political, social and economic problems never being resolved resulting in ever-worsening crises, anarchy, violence and war.

As the people struggle to empower themselves they know the antidote is to increase investments in social programs, public services and enterprise to deal concretely with the problems of modern society and relations among the people; to stop paying the rich; to strive for equilibrium in the social relation at the workplace between the working class and employers; to make Canada a zone for peace; and, most importantly to empower the people politically to allow the democratic personality to emerge and open a path to peace, freedom and democracy and a new pro-social direction for the economic and political affairs of society.

In this issue, TML Weekly reports on another police killing in Canada and calls for justice in Canada as well as the United States.

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Volume 50 Number 23 - June 27, 2020

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Police Killings Require Redress: Dangerous Criminalization of Social and Political Affairs


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