Aim of the Measures Announced to Save the Economy

So many measures have been announced during the pandemic in the name of saving the economy that the ruling class itself does not see the dangers which they are creating. The organization of the economy is linked to the aim of those in control which is, at the end of the day, to expropriate maximum profit from the value the working class produces. This aim governs the actions of the ruling elite in all they do. This aim is in fundamental contradiction with the socialized economy, which needs a modern aim consistent with the socialized character of the productive forces and modern humanity. Only those who put the well-being of the human person at the centre of decision-making by empowering them to deal with the relations between humans and humans and between humans and nature will take measures which do not exacerbate the crisis inherent to the capitalist system.

Everyone depends on the socialized economy and what the working class produces. Nobody can escape their dependence on the socialized economy for work and social product. The economy must in turn be organized and have an aim that recognizes and is consistent with the socialized people's dependence on it. The aim cannot be to make this or that individual rich. Such an absurd aim leads to trouble, to unresolved problems, to recurring economic crises and to incapacity during emergencies, such as the current pandemic, to deal with it rationally and properly in ways that favour the people and not a tiny minority seeking to preserve their privilege and power.

The obsolete aim of the imperialist oligarchy has left social programs bereft of the strength they require in normal times let alone emergencies such as today. Why would hospitals have to shut down operations, elective or not, because they cannot cope with the additional stress from those with COVID-19? Why is society lacking in personal protective equipment? Why have long-term care homes for the elderly and others become incubators of the virus and a death sentence for many? Why is food security under threat? The lack of planning and the chaotic conditions are a result of the obsolete aim of those in control. This is a lesson from the pandemic that is ignored at our peril.

The fact is that the imperialist oligarchy is using the pandemic to consolidate and expand its wealth and power, attacking the working class to keep it subjugated. The bankruptcies of many small and medium-sized businesses will be used to consolidate wealth in fewer hands. Demands for payment of outstanding debts continue even though most revenue has evaporated, whereupon the positions of the bankrupt businesses within the economy will be further controlled in fewer hands.

The conditions of pandemic and measures being taken reveal more than anything else that the economy needs a new direction under the control of those who do the work. The working class needs to empower itself to make the decisions relating to the economy and its direction.

The economy needs a new aim that puts the people and their well-being and that of the society at the centre of all decisions. The aim must be to guarantee the well-being and rights of all and to humanize the social and natural environment. Such an aim is consistent with the modern socialized economy and with the need and desire to make Canada a zone for peace and to trade and interact with all humanity as one for the mutual benefit and development of all without rancour, exploitation, interference and war.

Now is the time for a new pro-social direction and aim for the economy.

All Out for Empowerment and to Build the New!

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Volume 50 Number 17 - May 16, 2020

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Aim of the Measures Announced to Save the Economy


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