2019 Topical Agenda

This year's topical agenda gives an idea of the preoccupations of those coming to participate in the 2019 Halifax International Security Forum (HISF) war conference, targeting issues and countries that need to be "rescued" by U.S.-led imperialist intervention.  

Plenary Sessions (On-the-Record)

These will be on video on the website and broadcast on CPAC.

1. Revolutions of Our Time: Freedom Without U.S.

2. Values Trade: Our Way or the Huawei

3. The World's Democracies: The Importance of Being Allies

4. Institution Evolution: International Law and Global Order

5. End of the Earth: The Arctic

6. 2020s Vision: Responsibility to Pro-Tech

7. Security Solutions, Women's Contributions

8. Revolutions and their Remains

Informal Sessions (Off-the-Record)

1. Afghanistan and Iraq: America's Long Goodbye

2. Arab Spring Review: Renew

3. Brexit Forever

4. Brutal Borders

5. Child Soldiers: Stop the Tragedy

6. The Chinese Century is Coming: That's What Xi Said

7. Climate: Change

8. Climate of Conciliation: Reaching the Skeptics

9. Democracy in a Digital World

10. Global Energy, Renewable Threats

11. Hong Kong's Summer, China's Fall

12. India la Modi

13. Iran Provokes, the World Chokes

14. Israel's Friends, and Neighbors

15. Make Elections Safe Again

16. NATO@70: The Trials and Tribulations of Being America's Ally

17. Our Allies: Our China Challenge

18. Out of Control: Nukes Without Treaties

19. Russia and China in Africa: The New Scramble

20. Space: The Final Command

21. Sudan's Success: Transition in Progress

22. Tokyo -- Seoul: Past Problems, Future Friends

23. Trading With Trump: Art of the Deal

24. Turkey: It's Istanbul, Not Constantinople

25. Ukraine: All Hands On

26. Venezuela: Revolution Betrayed

27. White Supremacists and the Changing Face of Terror

28. Who's Your Data?

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2019 Topical Agenda


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