September 8, 2018 - No. 30

Labour Day 2018

Workers Across the Country Uphold
the Dignity of Labour

Prince George, BC, September 3, 2018

Thousands of workers participated in more than 70 Labour Day marches, picnics and other celebrations across the country, upholding the dignity of workers as the producers, alongside nature, of all the wealth of the society. Workers came to Labour Day with much on their minds, faced with systematic attacks on their wages, working conditions and safety at work and deeply concerned about the direction of the economy and future of society. The situation calls on workers to step up their organized resistance in defence of the rights and dignity of all. Across the country activists of the Workers' Centre of CPC(M-L) distributed hundreds of copies of its Labour Day statement "The Dignity of the Working Class Is Found in Its Defence of the Rights of All."

This issue of the TML Weekly Supplement carries a brief report and photos of Labour Day activities cross the country with the exception of Quebec where Labour Day is not marked. In Quebec, the workers celebrate the role of labour on May Day even though it is not an official holiday.

Labrador West



In Ottawa, some 1,300 workers and their families participated in the Labour Day march which started from City Hall and ended at McNabb Park with a picnic in which hundreds participated.


In Toronto, thousands participated in the Labour Day parade organized by the Toronto and District Labour Council based on the theme "Mobilize for Justice."  The stage hands locked out by the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE), members of IATSE Local 58, were given pride of place at the front of the march and the march, which traditionally ends inside the CNE, honoured their picket line and instead ended at a nearby stadium. A number of banners and pickets opposed the Ford government's agenda and in particular its threat to roll back increases to the minimum wage, to cut paid sick days and other advances made through the organizing efforts of Ontario workers. Opposition to the Ford government's legislation cutting the number of representatives on Toronto city council, further disempowering residents, was also reflected at the event, and a number of candidates and current councillors participated in different contingents.

This year Unifor organized its own separate rally and march.


In Hamilton, workers from all sections of labour, public and private, including a busload of injured workers, marched. Given pride of place were first of all the Mohawk nation and Iroqouis Confederacy on whose territories Hamilton stands, followed by the USW Local 1005 workers who have been locked out at Max Aicher North America (MANA) for over five years. Tenants from four apartment buildings in Stoney Creek who are waging a rent strike against rent increases and lack of repairs were warmly welcomed into the parade. Hamilton residents lined the entire route to pay tribute to those who are the heart and backbone of the city.









Prince George

More than 2,000 people came out to mark Labour Day in Prince George under the theme "Labour movement -- past, present, future: Fighting for the rights of all!" The day, which included a lively march through the downtown and a community gathering, was sponsored by 40 unions, labour organizations, and community groups, and organized by the Labour Day Organizing Committee and the North Central Labour Council. A number of speakers addressed the community gathering, including Mayor Lyn Hall; Dawn Hemingway, from the Stand Up for the North and May Day Organizing Committee; Paul Faoro, President of CUPE BC; and Aaron Ekman, Secretary Treasurer of the BC Federation of Labour. Activities and discussion carried on for several hours after the presentations and unions, businesses, community groups and political parties set up booths and tents, sharing information with those in attendance.

(Photos: TMLW, NAPE, Foundry Photography, OECTA, $15 and Fairness, Occupy WSIB London, Unifor 444, CUPE Manitoba, D. Brose)

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