Nonsense About Balance Resolving Political and Social Contradictions

– K.C. Adams –

NDP Premier of BC David Eby appears never to have met a political or social contradiction he refuses to perpetuate through what he calls balance. His latest iteration is finding balance between the U.S./Zionist genocide in Gaza and the Palestinian resistance movement and Palestine's many supporters and advocates throughout the world, including in Canada. According to the Premier's theory of balance, the oppressed Palestinians who have had their land stolen and lives destroyed can find balance with their oppressors if only they would forsake their resistance. Mr. Eby seeks to deny the historical truth that the oppressed peoples and nations can only find peace and build a future if they defeat colonial oppression and imperialist enslavement through acts of conscious organized resistance.

Another example is the issue of security and rights. According to Premier Eby, rights can be balanced with security without upholding the rights of all as inviolable. Somehow in the realm of imperialist reasonable limits, he contends, a balance can be found between security and rights. This denies the modern reality that security can only be achieved by fighting for the rights of all, which belong to everyone by virtue of being human. Rights are not an abstraction. On the contrary, they exist in their affirmation and it is the claims the people make on society by speaking in their own name which gives them the ability to control their lives and safeguard their security. In other words, spouting phrases about balancing rights and security is mere eye-wash to cover up that there is a "high power" imposing limitations on rights in order to exercise police powers with impunity, the security of the people in all aspects of their lives be damned.

The people need to resolve the contradictions they and society face in their favour, not perpetuate them through conciliation with the social and political forces that find privilege, power and social wealth within the imperialist contradictions. Only by resolving social and political contradictions in their favour can the people move society forward to the New.

The liberal line of Premier Eby is an ideological ploy of imperialism and the privileged elite to perpetuate their domination of the world and block the people from building the New and succeeding in their aim to eliminate imperialist class oppression and realize their dream of humanizing the social and natural environment.

This article was published in
Volume 54 Number 4 - May 2024

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