Attempts to Undermine Palestinian Resistance and Right to Be
on the Basis of Cold War Ideology of “Two Extremes”

Canada's Abstention in Vote Giving Palestine Fuller Status at United Nations

– Pauline Easton –

Canada was one of 25 countries to abstain from the vote at the United Nations General Assembly on May 10 to give Palestine increased rights as an Observer State.[1] The official reasons given for Canada's abstention are typical cowardly appeasement of U.S./Israeli genocide against the Palestinian people. Even in Palestine's greatest hour of need, Canada thinks it can provide justification for the crimes against humanity and heinous acts being committed by the U.S./Israeli genocidal drive by citing vacuous high ideals.

An excerpt from an Associated Press (AP) report on Canada's abstention underscores how the country seeks to hide behind a veil of high ideals. It uses words and phrases devoid of meaning which it thinks put it on the side of the angels and permit it to criminalize the resistance movement of the Palestinian people. It claims to adhere to international law while its stand condemns an entire people to annihilation for not adopting the same criminal positions. All of it merely confirms Canada's abject subjugation to the U.S. imperialists and Israeli Zionists and that Canada must also be held to account.

AP quoted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau when he most deceitfully said that the reason Canada refrained from voting for the resolution on May 10 is because of his government's commitment to reaching a two-state solution, as if the priority for the Palestinian people and the entire world is not to stop the slaughter of the Palestinians by forcing Israel to withdraw from Gaza and ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid. Under the guise of high ideals that Israel has the right to defend itself by obliterating Hamas and that peace can only be guaranteed if the Palestinians' right to self-determination is negated, Trudeau makes an utter fool of himself, of his government and Canada's reputation worldwide.

According to AP, Trudeau said after a news conference on another matter in West Kelowna, BC:

"Over the past while, we've seen us move further away from that two-state solution. The Israeli government, under Prime Minister Netanyahu, has unacceptably closed the door on any path towards a two-state solution, and we disagree with that fundamentally. ... At the same time, Hamas continues to govern as a terrorist organization in Gaza, [and] continues to put civilian lives in danger, continues to refuse to recognize the state of Israel in ways that are also unacceptable.

"So, Canada has decided to change our position from 'no' at the UN to abstaining."

According to AP, Canada's ambassador to the UN, Bob Rae, ever the point man of Canada's criminality of the day, said that the country will recognize the Palestinian state at the time most conducive to lasting peace, adding that this isn't necessarily after a final peace accord with Israel.

"We believe there must be continued progress toward Palestinian self-determination and we will not, and cannot, afford to give up," Rae said during his remarks at the vote in New York [on May 10].

What the U.S. and Canada mean by Palestinian self-determination is that the Palestinian people must not be permitted to decide anything for themselves. On the contrary, they must agree with the definition of a two-state solution imposed by the likes of the U.S. and Canada which keeps the decision-making power in their own hands.

"It is clear that we must urgently rebuild a credible path to achieving a two-state solution -- one that gives hope to both Palestinians and Israelis, that they may live side by side in peace, security and dignity. That process cannot indefinitely delay the creation of a Palestinian state," Rae continued.

These statements are typical of Canada's recourse to the liberal values it acquired from the 19th century empire-builders who tolerated everything which favoured the British Empire and committed brutal atrocities to destroy the peoples of the lands the British declared they "possessed." Presenting those who fought for national liberation and freedom in the most bestial terms, portraying them as terrorists who opposed the "civilized god-fearing white man" and his civilizing mission were par for the course. To this day, the extent of the crimes the empire-builders committed and the heroism of the peoples who fought against them remain unrecognized. Countries such as Canada and other appeasers of U.S./Israeli Zionism think they can avert being held to account once and for all.

The statements of the Prime Minister and Canada's weasel UN Ambassador are also informed by their Cold War outlook. This is the outlook which also imbues the Canadian state and its raison d'état established by the Anglo-American imperialists after World War II. One of its basic tenets is that communism and fascism are two extremes and the liberal democratic institutions establish a "balance" which espouses "moderation," "tolerance" and the democratic values of the Anglo-Americans which everyone must espouse. The U.S. striving for world hegemony pitted the liberal democracy of the U.S. and its NATO allies against what they called communist dictatorship and the alleged terrorism of all those who fought Nazi-fascism and for national liberation. The values of the peoples of the world for peace, freedom and democracy for which they shed their blood in the anti-fascist war were codified with the establishment of the United Nations, in the UN Charter and by all the conventions recognized as International Law, but these have never guided the conduct of the U.S. imperialists and their Canadian Yes-Men.

The nonsense about extremes is used to justify what cannot be justified because it defines whoever refuses to succumb to the U.S. dictate as terrorists, sponsors of terrorism, axis of evil and the like. While their 19th century liberal institutions and Cold War ideology are indefensible and the relations between humans and humans and humans and nature reveal the necessity for the people to acquire political power, those with positions of privilege and power cause great damage. No matter how much the likes of the Biden administration and Trudeau government try to defend the crimes being committed against humanity in the name of high ideals, it is clear they are the ones who prop up the extremists vying for the positions of power and privilege they covet, while the resistance of the peoples of the world forges a new path for humankind.

Canada's abstention in the vote to give Palestine increased rights as an Observer State at the United Nations is unacceptable and treacherous. Its talk about this not being the right time to take positions which enforce a peaceful solution, its claim that Hamas is the problem, and its belief that it can decide for the Palestinians what state they establish and who will decide its form of government, are all contemptible. It is the Palestinian Resistance and the billions around the world who stand with it who are de facto holding those who rule Canada today to account. This includes both those in office and those who make up the Loyal Opposition, as well as all establishment forces which find excuses for what the Zionists are doing and find fault and criminalize those who resist. Try as they might, they cannot escape the verdict of history.

This article was published in
Volume 54 Number 4 - May 2024

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