South Korean Movement for Peace Calls for End to U.S.-Led War Exercises and a Peace Treaty

Korea Peace Appeal Press conference in Seoul, February 28, 2024

The south Korean movement for peace has stepped up its efforts to oppose U.S.-led war exercises and aggression on the Korean Peninsula. The organizations, gathered under the umbrella of Korea Peace Appeal, held a press conference on February 28 in Seoul, Republic of Korea (ROK) to call for the suspension of the U.S.-led Freedom Shield military exercise (that took place March 4-14), the further suspension of all U.S.-led war exercises on the Korean Peninsula, and a signing of a peace treaty with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) to end the Korean War.

At the press conference, Korea Peace Appeal also opposed the U.S.-ROK-Japan military alliance as a threat to peace on the Korean Peninsula. The organization called for the re-establishment of a minimal dialogue between the ROK and DPRK, noting that this has been the longest period of hostilities since Inter-Korean dialogue was established.

Korea Peace Appeal also noted that disputes around borders such as in the West Sea are particularly vulnerable to provocations and hostilities, and therefore it is important to establish minimal lines of communication, noting "a thousand conversations are better than a single war."

They also called for an immediate stop to provocative anti-DPRK balloons that are being floated over the 38th Parallel, funded and supported by the Yoon government in the ROK, that are aimed at encouraging regime change in the DPRK. Korea Peace Appeal points out that these balloon campaigns have been used since the Cold War and serve only to provoke the DPRK and must be ended. The organization adds that people living near the border areas want to live in peace and have consistently opposed these balloon campaigns.

The organization points out that more than anything else the vast majority of people in the south want a government that upholds peace on the Korean Peninsula and that the in the coming period, the more than 70 affiliate members of the organization -- unions, student organization, religious organizations and other civil society groups -- will step up their work for peace on the Korean Peninsula and continue to oppose war exercises on the Korean Peninsula.

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Volume 54 Number 2 - March 2024

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