Glorification of Nazis and Nazi Collaborators

Official Canada's Attempts to Rewrite the History of How Canada Provided Refuge to Nazi Collaborators

Pauline Easton

Action on Parliament Hill, September 19, 2015, Canadians reject the Harper government's attempt to impose an anti-communist monument to glorify Nazism as an expression of Canadian values.

In the wake of the outrage of Canadians when the entire Parliament rose to its feet to salute a veteran of the Waffen-SS Galizien because he "fought for Ukrainian independence against the Russians" during the Second World War, the Trudeau government is trying to divert attention away from Canada's official falsification of history based on virulent anti-communism and agenda to destroy Russia. In this vein, Nazi collaborators and war criminals are presented as heroes and their disinformation is repeated endlessly as historical truth.

The government's first failed attempt at covering up the truth of where it stands was the claim of Prime Minister Trudeau in the House of Commons that everyone in the house "unknowingly" paid homage to Ukrainian Nazi collaborator Jaroslav Hunka. He followed this with a warning to Canadians to beware against "Russian propaganda" using the incident to engage in disinformation about the U.S./NATO proxy war in Ukraine.

Government House Leader Karina Gould (left)  and House of Commons Speaker Anthony Rota (right) with Yaroslav Hunka, September 22. In the middle behind Hunka is his son Martin. The photo was taken by Yaroslav Hunka's daughter.

To present Nazi collaborators as heroes because they were allegedly victims of communism is one thing. It is integral to Canada's participation in Anglo-American attempts to overthrow Soviet Russia in 1917 and then the Soviet Union beginning before the Second World War ended. At that time, it supported actions of British and U.S. intelligence agencies, which incorporated members of the Nazi killing machine. Canada is lying about all of this by claiming that it is all done to defend democracy and oppose totalitarianism and like nonsense. Its attempts to cover up its stands in the past and present exposes the craven character of the Government of Canada and cartel parties in the Parliament who are joining the U.S. in committing heinous crimes against the peoples of the world today, in the name of freedom, democracy, human rights and peace.

Ukrainian Nazi collaborator Yaroslav Hunka receives an ovation in Parliament, September 22. Among those seated with him in the gallery is a delegation from the Ukrainian Canadian Congress. Four seats to the right of Hunka is Canada's Chief of the Defence Staff, General Wayne Eyre.

Parliament honoured Hunka on Friday, September 22 and it took Trudeau until Wednesday, September 27, to "apologize." Trudeau said in a statement made in the House of Commons: "On behalf of all of us in this House, I would like to present unreserved apologies for what took place on Friday, and to President Zelenskyy and the Ukrainian delegation for the position they were put in."

"For all of us who were present, to have unknowingly recognized this individual was a terrible mistake and a violation of the memory of those who suffered grievously at the hands of the Nazi regime," he added.

In a brief statement before he entered the House on September 27, Trudeau reiterated that House Speaker Anthony Rota was "solely responsible for the invitation and recognition" of Yaroslav Hunka on September 22, and has "wholly accepted that responsibility and stepped down." He said he nevertheless recognized that this mistake had "deeply embarrassed Parliament and Canada."

"All of us who were in the House on Friday regret deeply having stood and clapped, even though we did so unaware of the context. It was a horrendous violation of the memory of the millions of people who died in the Holocaust, and was deeply, deeply painful for Jewish people," he said.

In an afterthought he remembered others but even then "forgot" to mention the millions of Canadians who fought to defeat Nazi-fascism and Japanese militarism during World War II. Soviet prisoners of war who were dealt with ruthlessly in captivity by the Nazis are also not worthy of specific mention. He said, "It also hurt Polish people, Roma people, 2SLGTBQI+ people, disabled people, racialized people, and the many millions who were targeted by the Nazi genocide."

Trudeau immediately tried to switch attention elsewhere by claiming to address "Russian disinformation on the Canadian tribute," saying it is "extremely troubling to think that this egregious error is being politicized by Russia, and its supporters, to provide false propaganda about what Ukraine is fighting for."

And herein lies the irony because it is not just one individual, Hunka, that Canada honours but all those in the Ukrainian Canadian Congress it has all but integrated holus bolus into the Cabinet's decision-making apparatus when it comes to the U.S./NATO proxy war in Ukraine. It is Canada, not Russia, which has been using disinformation about its relationship with Nazi collaborators in Ukraine to hide what it is fighting for in Ukraine. To now say it knows nothing about Nazi collaborators will certainly not wash. The evidence is far too overwhelming and those who attempt to backpedal furiously are sure to fall on their faces over and over again.

Liberal House Leader Karina Gould on September 25, 2023 called the recognition given by Parliament to Ukrainian Nazi collaborator Jaroslav Hunka on September 22 "deeply embarassing." She said that for parliamentarians on all sides, "it is very important that we collectively work together to strike this recognition from the record." Her motion to do so was defeated.

For his part, Opposition leader Pierre Poilievre responded to Trudeau's apology by pushing his party's sectarian aims of defeating Trudeau and forming the next government. "The prime minister is now responsible for the biggest single diplomatic embarrassment in Canadian history. And what has he done with that responsibility? He's been hiding," Poilievre said.

This is the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada whose very leadership itself has been in the hands of such Nazi collaborators time and again as well as of those who claim outright Nazis to be their greatest mentors, as in the case of Jason Kenney. In 2009, Kenney declared that one of his greatest heroes is Aloysius Stepanic, prelate of the wartime Nazi state in Croatia which, amongst its many crimes, slaughtered the Jews living in Croatia en masse. (For a video in which Kenney speaks about having a photo of Aloysius Stepanic on his office desk, click here.)

And it is thus that official attempts to rewrite history are being made in the present, based on the story that all those in parliament were "unknowing" or that things they did were "inadvertent" or caused "unintended" damage. But facts say otherwise and thus the lies and cover-ups will unravel. Attempts by official Canada to block Canadians getting at the heart of the matter will keep officials at various levels jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Meanwhile, those who bring the truth of the matter to light can expect to be increasingly accused of being "Russian propagandists," "foreign agents" and, eventually if Canadians do not put a stop to it now, "enemies of the state." It must not pass!

Speaking out against attempts to provide safe haven to Nazi collaborators past and present is important, including demanding that all monuments which glorify Nazism be removed without further delay and that all funds given to promote their causes be restituted in kind to all those who have been victims in one way or another of the Canadian state's own ethnic cleansing and cultural genocide, such as the survivors of its residential schools system, the Sixties Scoop and other abominations committed against the Indigenous Peoples over the years. Canadians must make sure that the glorification of Nazism is not done in their name.

Material in this TML Supplement reveals the lengths officials are going to for purposes of covering-up the truth. For their part, Canadians are demanding that all monuments which glorify Nazi collaborators be removed forthwith, without prevarication as to their intent, and that all those who are part of this cover-up, not just in the past but also the present, be removed from any positions of power, privilege and influence.

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Volume 53 Number 19 - November 2023

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