On the Current Situation in Gaza

Martin Bracey

It would be useful at this time to remember the actions of the Israeli forces during the Nakba. That is, their systematic plan for the expulsion of the Palestinian population for "lebensraum" for Jewish people to emigrate and colonize not only the parts of Palestine "assigned" in the Partition resolution to a Jewish state in Palestine, but also whatever areas it wished to further annex.

That policy of annexation has continued uninterrupted since 1948. It should be grasped that ALL Israeli policies and actions from 1948 onward can be observed to have been in service of this goal, including all the international "agreements" such as the Oslo and Abraham Accords.

Worth noting is the intent of the present government in openly embracing the slogans of "Judea and Samaria" as the "home of the Jewish people." That the Israeli "government of national unity" has now been formed under the leadership of the most bellicose and annexationist forces in Israel, and has issued a "directive" for the Palestinian population of northern Gaza, a population exceeding 1 million persons, to "move south" should be put under close scrutiny.

This "warning for their own safety" is an echo of the tactics of the Israeli forces during the Nakba, and should be viewed as a foreboding indicator of Israeli intentions at this time. At the very least, the extent of the systematic shelling and bombing of large residential areas, which have already rendered more than 400,000 Palestinians without shelter, indicates their intention, at the very least, to render large parts, if not all of Gaza, unliveable.

The factor on which they have not been able to rely in their "assessments" is the extent of the resistance to their planned invasion of Gaza.

Netanyahu was in opposition at the time of the 2005 plan for "disengagement" from Gaza and was vehemently opposed to it, ultimately prompting his resignation from cabinet. It should serve as a portent of what the Israeli government intends at this time.

From Wikipedia:

Israeli  disengagement from Gaza

On August 7, [2005] Netanyahu resigned just prior to the cabinet ratification of the first phase of the disengagement plan by a vote of 17 to 5. Netanyahu blamed the Israeli government for moving "blindly along" with the disengagement by not taking into account the expected upsurge in terrorism.

On August 10, in his first speech before the Knesset following his resignation, Netanyahu spoke of the necessity for Knesset members to oppose the proposed disengagement:

"Only we in the Knesset are able to stop this evil. Everything that the Knesset has decided, it is also capable of changing. I am calling on all those who grasp the danger: Gather strength and do the right thing. I don't know if the entire move can be stopped, but it still might be stopped in its initial stages. [Don't] give [the Palestinians] guns, don't give them rockets, don't give them a sea port, and don't give them a huge base for terror."

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Volume 53 Number 13 - October 2023

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