Stand with Palestine!

Canadians Stand with Palestine! The World Stands with Palestine!

Montreal, October 13, 2023

Despite appalling attempts by official Canada to intimidate Canadians into remaining silent about the new Nakba (Catastrophe) being organized by Israel against the Palestinian people, thousands upon thousands are joining demonstrations to express their support for the right to be of the Palestinian people and to oppose the atrocities Israel is committing against them with U.S. backing in the name of high ideals. To their shame official Canada, including the federal government, cartel parties which form the opposition and their provincial counterparts, and some members of academia and official media are all complicit in denying the suffering of the people of Palestine, who are being treated worse than animals, and in doing their utmost to silence Canadians. Eternal shame on them.

But the crimes committed against the Palestinian people are too enormous to hide behind the cover of fighting terrorism and the peoples of the world are demanding it stop and that the Palestinian cause be recognized and justice done.

The world is rising to say Enough! to Israel, Enough! to the U.S. and to all those who refuse to oppose Israel's brutal aggression in order to take over all of Palestine, where life is already reduced to that of inmates in a concentration camp. Israel's order was that more than 1 million Palestinians living in the northern Gaza Strip were to leave by midnight on Friday, October 13 -- despite having nowhere to go -- or face the consequences of savage bombing and a merciless ground invasion. The scenes of the brutal destruction of residential buildings, indiscriminate killings of men, women and children, medical personnel, UN humanitarian workers and journalists has become intolerable to all people with a conscience and they are rising to say NO!

The 6,000 strong demonstration held in Montreal on the evening of October 13, as the Israeli deadline to evacuate the north of Gaza by midnight drew to a close, set the tone by refusing to be trapped or diverted by provocations or attempts to intimidate those who support the Palestinian people by calling them hate-mongers, anti-semitic and even terrorists. Together with democratic, peace and justice-loving people the world over, Canadians and Quebeckers demand that Israel immediately end its inhuman order to vacate the north of Gaza, their bombardment and siege of Gaza, and that they not launch a ground invasion.  

Palestinians have a right to be in their homeland, to live in peace, as equals among all other human beings, free from the decades-long brutal oppression, humiliation and violence that is Israeli occupation. Resistance to occupation is a human right without which human enslavement not human freedom would be the striving of humankind. Canadians along with people the world over stand with Palestine on this matter!

Ottawa, October 15, 2023

After 9/11, when the world stood with the U.S. against the attacks on the twin towers in New York City, the world experienced the attempts of the U.S. imperialists and NATO allies to hide crimes of terror in the name of war on terror. The peoples of many countries, as well as the soldiers of the invading armies, are still reeling from the lying, disinformation, revenge-seeking and crimes committed in the name of waging a war on terror which continues to this day. Using the power of the state to accuse those fighting for peace, freedom and democracy of being hate mongers, terrorists and foreign agents has become par for the course and will not succeed so long as crimes are committed in the name of high ideals. The peoples will always stand for justice.

To support Palestine is not anti-Semitic. It is not support for terrorism. It is not hate-mongering. Support for Palestinian resistance is not espousal of terrorism! Yet the governments and authorities in Canada, Britain, France, Germany, the U.S. and other self-proclaimed guardians of democracy worldwide are churning out these lies to justify that which cannot be justified. They are trying to justify decades of crimes against humanity, crimes against the peace and war crimes committed against the Palestinian people by the state of Israel and their own role in supporting such flagrant violations of international law, human rights and human dignity. Shame on them and all their craven conciliators!

After bombing Gaza for a week, Israel has deliberately targeted apartment buildings, hospitals, and mosques all the while blaming Hamas for using Palestinians as human shields. It is the culprit using Palestinians as human targets to commit atrocities in the name of its war on terror. For an occupying power to cut off electricity, water and food for an entire population of 2.3 million people concentrated in a very small area with nowhere to go and bomb them and now invade them in a declared campaign of revenge-seeking is the very definition of a war crime for which official Canada and all cartel political parties and politicians, media and others who have condoned this will have to render accounts. While they may believe they can use their positions of power and privilege to erect a wall of silence about the rights of the people of Palestine, only a very few -- who are scared to lose their careers now or in the future -- either remain silent or join them in denouncing those who support the people of Palestine. Shame on official Canada for its craven abdication of its duty to uphold the rights of the Palestinian people who are victims of Israeli occupation, denigration, dispossession and violence.

Meanwhile the U.S. has deployed its largest aircraft carrier to join another aircraft carrier and deployed their battle groups off Israel's shore. Washington is sending ammunition and armaments to support Israel in its attempt to force the Palestinian people into submission. The U.S. and Israel are extending the threats to Lebanon, Syria and Iran, threatening to plunge West Asia into war and devastation. The people of all the countries are rising up against them. The peoples are the decisive force in the world. It is their striving for peace, freedom and democracy which will prevail, not the lies and military might of the deepest reaction the world has yet to see. Those who sow the wind will reap the whirlwind.

With one voice, let us all demand an end to this savagery inflicted for decades upon the Palestinian people! Those who are responsible for trampling their lives and rights underfoot must be held to account! Palestinians have the right to be. We stand with Palestine!







(Photos: TML, Palestine MFA, Canada-Palestine Association)

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Volume 53 Number 13 - October 2023

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