Troops Out of Haiti

ALBA Movements

Just a few hours ago [on October 2] the United Nations Security Council "authorized" the deployment of "a multinational armed force" in Haiti, euphemisms that plainly and simply seek to hide the illegal occupation and violation of the right to self-determination of the Haitian people, and seek to present foreign interventionism as "diplomatic aid."

As if sovereignty were a matter of votes, the UN once again bypasses the rights of the Haitian people. ALBA Movements strongly rejects this new attempt at interference led by the United States, Kenya, and other countries that shamelessly deprive the right to decide from a people that has been demanding respect for its territory and its sovereign decisions for decades.

For a Haiti that is dignified, sovereign, and free from occupation!

(Resumen Latinoamericano, October 2, 2023. Translated from original Spanish by TML.)

This article was published in
Volume 53 Number 12 - October 2023

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