Hands Off Haiti!

Join Ottawa Demonstration to Say No to Canadian and CARICOM Support for Foreign Intervention in Haiti

Tuesday, October 17, 2023 -- 4:00-6:00 pm
Parliament Hill

October 17 is the 217th anniversary of the assassination in 1806 of Jean-Jacques Dessalines who proclaimed Haiti’s independence on January 1, 1804. Far from honouring the memory of this defender of freedom this is the day chosen to begin the first Canada-CARICOM Summit taking place in Ottawa from October 17 to 19. The aim of the summit is to shore up support for foreign intervention in Haiti. Solidarité Québec-Haiti and other organizations are holding a demonstration to oppose the UN Security Council’s decision to send Kenyan police to Haiti.

Since Haiti declared its independence, the French colonialists and U.S. imperialists have not stopped causing misery for Haiti and the Haitian people continue to fight for peace, freedom and democracy.

No to Military Intervention in Haiti!
Hands off Haiti!

Organized by Solidarité Québec-Haiti and others organizations.

This article was published in
Volume 53 Number 12 - October 2023

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