Canadian Parliament Gives Ovation to Waffen-SS Veteran

Canada's Attempts to Present Ukrainian Nazis as Freedom Fighters

In Canada and abroad, the truth about what took place in the past during and after World War II is well documented and known. Despite this, attempts to commit historical fraud abound, as in the attempt to present a Ukrainian Nazi war criminal as a "veteran of World War II who fought for Ukrainian independence against the Russians … a Ukrainian hero, a Canadian hero, and we thank him for all his service.” This is how the Speaker of the House of Commons put it when he called for the House of Commons to honour a Ukrainian Nazi war criminal who received refuge in Canada after World War II -- and in the Speaker's own riding to boot. It is the run of the mill attempts to rewrite history by making claims that Nazis and Nazi collaborators were freedom fighters at the time of World War II, in order to justify supporting the very same elements in the present in the U.S./NATO war in Ukraine under the same banner of high ideals claiming they are fighting "Russian aggression." To add insult to injury, the Speaker, who has since resigned, claimed to be ignorant of who this man is and no doubt all the others like him who are protected and put into positions of power in Canada. The shameless performance of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Liberal House Leader Karina Gould who blamed the Speaker and claimed ignorance about the invitation merely underscores that Canadians cannot entrust this ruling class with their safety on any front. The silence of the Deputy Prime Minister who champions the cause of these so-called Ukrainian freedom fighters also speaks volumes.

These elements think they can now whitewash their infamy by eliminating the entire episode from the record of the House of Commons. The record would show every member of that session of the House of Commons which welcomed Zelensky giving this Nazi, not one but two standing ovations.

Historical fraud is committed when what took place in the past is misrepresented to justify the crimes being committed today. This is what was on full display when the Canadian Parliament gave an avowed Nazi war criminal a standing ovation. It is the stock in trade of both Liberal and Conservative governments in Canada and the NDP and now other parties eager to curry favour with narrow private interests which are making billions off the U.S./NATO proxy war in Ukraine.

The apology of the Speaker of the House on the grounds that it was a mistake because he had not done his due diligence to find out the history of this war criminal to whom the entire House of Commons gave a standing ovation will not wash. To introduce him as a veteran who fought "Russian aggression" in World War II betrays an outlook inimical to the cause for which Canadians sacrificed so many lives in World War II. The outlook espoused is precisely what Canada's official falsification of history is based on and not a single member of the House of Commons who participated in the standing ovation is without blame, no matter how much they jump from the frying pan into the fire by trying to distance themselves from what they did.

The "I did not know" excuse is never acceptable, especially not from those who claim to represent Canadians. They are happy to be well remunerated to carry out what they call public service which now apparently includes condoning committing historical fraud.

The Speaker, having been thrown under the bus by his colleagues in the Parliament finally had no choice but to resign but the Trudeau government in its entirely must be held to account, beginning with the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Foreign and Defence Ministers and Leader of the House, all of whom shout the battle cries of the Ukrainian Nazis Slava Ukraini every chance they get. So too the Opposition parties must answer for their alleged ignorance. Their unforgivable insult to all Canadians and peoples of the world who gave their lives to fight for peace, freedom and democracy is not a matter of ignorance. Anyone who claims ignorance on such a fundamental matter or applauds the present-day Nazis is not fit to govern.

The robbery of the Canadian state treasury to fund the U.S./NATO proxy war and the corrupt Zelensky government is also not a matter of ignorance about who these Ukrainian Nazis are and the crimes they committed against Jews, the Polish people, the Roma, Soviet soldiers, partisans and communists. They will yet have to answer for their blithe attempts to turn truth on its head and play the innocent card.

The Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) is publishing a TML Supplement with an index of articles from the archives of the Hardial Bains Resource Centre and the Party press about the falsifications of history then and now so that the youth can settle scores with attempts to commit historical fraud today. The aim is to arm the youth as well as peace-loving working people and society as a whole with an outlook which opens a path to progress. In this way, the working people cannot remain powerless to set their own course for peace and democracy. They will no longer be duped into taking stands pro and con what the virulent anti-communists and Nazi collaborators are saying and doing.

Settling scores with the old conscience of society is part of providing the polity with an outlook and modern definitions they need to create forms of governance which uphold rights by virtue of being human. Praising the Nazi monsters who committed atrocities in the past and joining their descendants to commit atrocities in the present shows how far into the abyss these forces in the government, official opposition, academia and media who wield positions of power and privilege have descended. There is nothing redeeming about them or their apologies or excuses. Canadians are justifiably outraged.

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Volume 53 Number 8 - September 2023

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