Anniversary of the U.S./NATO Proxy War in Ukraine

All Out to Demand that Canada Get Out of NATO and that NATO Be Dismantled! Let Us Together Make Canada a Zone for Peace!

– Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) –
February 24, 2023

As we complete one year of the U.S./NATO proxy war in Ukraine, the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) salutes all those across the country and around the world who are opposing the U.S./NATO proxy war and call for a peaceful resolution of the conflict. CPC(M-L) calls on Canadian citizens and residents, the Indigenous Peoples and the people of Quebec to demand Canada get out of NATO and for NATO to be dismantled. Let us together fight for an anti-war government in this country which makes Canada a zone for peace!

During the past year, Canada has participated in this U.S./NATO proxy war by promoting disinformation to disorient Canadians. It helped organize the neo-Nazi Banderite forces in Ukraine, elevated them to positions of power and promoted their Nazi slogans. It has provided them with training and organization and helped to integrate them into the Ukrainian regular forces and special forces, which it denies. It has hidden the crimes they have committed and participated in the war by supplying weapons and money to the government of Ukraine put in place through a coup d'état Canada played no small part in instigating. Canada has given preferential treatment to Ukrainian refugees while refugees and migrant workers from other countries are treated with disdain. All of it has been done in the name of peace and humanitarian aid even as Canada engages in hooligan activity at the United Nations and in international fora and blocks a negotiated solution. Every day it announces more crimes that it is committing based on the NATO declaration that the only solution is to defeat Russia on the battlefield and crush it once and for all.

The government and its so-called intelligence agencies, legacy and social media at its disposal, cartel parties in the Parliament and legislatures all engage in massive amounts of disinformation to disorient the people's thinking on the Ukraine conflict. Nonetheless, reality prevails, not the rulers' version of reality. All over the world on this anniversary, demonstrations are taking place along with protest marches against the anti-social offensives which accompany the increased spending on the U.S./NATO proxy war in Ukraine, sanctions against Russia and repressive measures. In Canada, information pickets and rallies are taking place across the country and even polls confirm that more Canadians oppose the U.S./NATO proxy war than even a few months ago.

The crimes the U.S. is committing and is embroiling its allies in committing are extensive and it is promising an escalation of the war. With the collapse of the former Soviet Union 30 years ago, the hegemony of two superpowers over global affairs was ended. The peoples of the world expected peace, freedom, democracy and human rights. All they got is the U.S. striving for world hegemony. Declaring itself the indispensable nation, its crimes increased on an unprecedented scale. Since World War II drew to an end in 1945, the U.S. started pitting its so-called rules-based international order against the international rule of law sanctioned by the United Nations and its founding Charter. On the basis of intrigues and cartels and its own financial institutions which entangled the entire world under its hegemony, it established the aggressive military alliance the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), carried out assassinations of progressive leaders and coups d'état and wars of aggression against any country which refused to submit.

What is important to take stock of at this time is that despite all the crimes committed against them, it is the peoples who have prevailed. They have suffered tremendously at the hands of the U.S. and its allies but it has never been weapons which have decided the outcome of the conflicts taking place; it has been and continues to be the peoples fighting for their sovereignty, for what belongs to them by right and their right to be. Today, behind all the disinformation and U.S./NATO threats to obliterate countries which refuse to submit to their hegemony and that they will even unleash nuclear war and blame others, what we see is the U.S., Canada, Britain and NATO countries drowning in their own warmongering, anti-social offensives and police powers. We see the peoples fighting everywhere to bring about solutions which favour them.

While it may look like the U.S. and its war allies have not been held to account, despite their own wishes or what they think of themselves, the developments are settling scores with what they stand for and what they are doing independent of their will, The clash between the conditions and authority are urging the peoples to step up the fight at this time for what belongs to them by right, for human-centred forms of governance and to make their countries zones for peace, freedom and democracy.

The Fight Between the Old and the New Is Raging

All over the world, the fight between the Old and the New is raging, taking different forms based on the conditions which exist and the level of collective consciousness which is expressing itself. The peoples of the world see, live and suffer the crimes the U.S. and its allies continue to commit and they are rising against regimes which commit such crimes.

Canada plays a heinous role as an appeaser of the U.S., an accomplice which commits crimes of its own. The crimes include the theft of lands and resources, the use of force and mistreatment of refugees, migrants, the working people, Indigenous Peoples, crimes against nature and against all those who are fighting for their rights. It foments disinformation, enforces illegal sanctions, funds and arms counter-revolutionary factions and organizations to commit crimes and carry out regime change in African countries, Syria, Latin America and the Caribbean, including by recently sending warships to Haiti; it continues to harbour abuse of women even though it claims to champion their rights at home and abroad and it enforces a constitution which discriminates against all working people, national minorities, against Indigenous treaties and hereditary rights, the rights of the people of Quebec to self-determination and against all those whose choices and identities cry out for recognition and who are fighting for their right to be.

The U.S. and the countries which appease it such as Canada and the former European colonial powers are causing untold suffering for their own peoples and the peoples everywhere. This is a fact. It is the visible, tangible reality. Despite all the talk of the rulers that the measures they are taking are for peace, freedom and democracy and that they will improve the situation, on every front things are getting worse by leaps and bounds.

In response, the peoples are fighting. This too is a fact. They are laying their claims on what belongs to them by right, speaking out in their own name and striving to find solutions which favour them. They are showing their internationalist spirit, supporting resistance and lending a hand to all those fighting for rights. Furthermore, entire countries are also taking stands based on their own interests which they see served by upholding solutions based on international rule of law, not the U.S. hegemonic so-called rules-based international order which Canada also promotes. The U.S. and its coterie of NATO allies are isolated within the United Nations General Assembly seen in their manipulation of votes. So too are they isolated within the new formations which are being brought forward to conduct trade relations, guarantee security and engage in financial transactions and relations which are not subject to U.S. dollar hegemony or the brutal sanctions regimes, nuclear blackmail, nor contribute to the suffering caused by mass famines, droughts, deforestation and consequences of climate change on humans and nature.

One year after the start of the U.S./NATO proxy war in Ukraine, the U.S., Canada and big powers of Old Europe, their security advisors and intelligence agencies at the highest levels are taking frenzied measures to achieve their dishonorable aim of crushing Russia. They are deploying extensive resources to execute what the warmongering alliance says are next steps. Despite manipulated resolutions presented at the United Nations, the majority of countries of the world are not siding with the U.S./NATO war alliance. They have other plans which are revealing themselves as they seek solutions to the crisis which save humankind from the Armageddon the U.S./NATO forces hold in store.

A great reckoning is taking place. The majority of countries and the peoples of the world reject the so-called rules-based international order which the U.S. gave rise to after WWII for purposes of fighting communism and imposing its hegemony on Europe and dominating Asia, while keeping Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean in check. They did this on the basis of creating secret services comprised of former Nazi SS, conducting assassinations of progressive leaders, coups d'état and brutal wars of aggression along with imposing their so-called liberal democratic institutions to thwart the peoples' striving for empowerment. But today all of this is in crisis because Might Does Not Make Right or sort out what human beings want. Human beings cannot be brought under control by using force or being discarded as things on a scrap heap. Furthermore, the striving of countries big and small to make the international rule of law enshrined in the United Nations and its Charter prevail is expressing itself in the course of seeking solutions which favour them. This is the case no matter the political or ideological forms of rule or persuasion of the countries which seek to affirm their sovereignty which the U.S. and its NATO allies say is a thing of the past.

While the rulers are strengthening governments of police powers in the name of the nation, its economy, security, anachronistic liberal democratic institutions and a so-called rules-based order, countries are coming forward to defend their sovereignty, peoples are strengthening their striving to find human-centred solutions which affirm their right to be and empower themselves by bringing human-centred, anti-war governments into being.

On the first anniversary of the war in Ukraine, the situation harbours serious dangers for humankind but humankind is sure to prevail. It is the peoples' striving for peace, freedom and democracy and their participation in turning things around in their favour which is the decisive factor, not weapons, not defunct institutions which call themselves liberal democratic, not anachronistic constitutions which created a fictitious person of state to rule above the people and deprive them of the decision-making power which belongs to them by right. It is the peoples' internationalist spirit, striving for fraternal relations of mutual benefit with nations big and small whose sovereignty must be protected and the peoples' organizing for progress in their own countries and supporting the same abroad that defend the interests of humanity.

The most important challenge of our time is the crying need to forge a collective consciousness that favours the peoples by uniting in action, in opposition to the deadly path of the U.S./NATO war alliance.

All Out to Demand that Canada Get Out of NATO and that NATO Be Dismantled!
Not a Single Youth for Imperialist War!
All Out to Make Canada a Zone for Peace!

This article was published in
Volume 53 Number 1 - February 2023

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