U.S. War Against Africa Intensifies

The U.S. military's Africa Command (AFRICOM) reported attacking and killing dozens of Africans in Somalia during three separate raids in late January. The U.S. military conducted two strikes near the Galcad area of northeast Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, and another two days later in northern Somalia. Reports say the first and second raids occurred January 20 and 23 killing 32 Africans some of whom were from South Africa according to AFRICOM.

U.S. media reported the military raids and "successful" killings in a triumphalist manner with lurid accounts of the deaths and the "heroism," "meticulous planning" and "advanced weaponry" of the U.S. attackers. U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin explained the undeclared war in Africa is necessary to keep "the United States and its partners safer and more secure."

AFRICOM seeks to force the African people to submit and it does so with utmost cruelty in the name of defending human rights, peace and democracy while Canada remains silent.

Their silence cannot hide the fact that AFRICOM has unleashed a wave of terror and deadly assaults across wide swaths of Africa using attack drones and other modern weapons in attempts to overwhelm its rivals and secure its control over the region. Canada's appeasement of the U.S. includes using its own means to protect what it calls Canadian mining interests. For its part , the African continent continues its striving to free itself from centuries-old colonial rule and control and the impoverishment, crime, corruption and desolation ts brings with it.

The peoples of Africa are the greatest fighters for freedom and their right to be. They have their own thought material and history of global exchanges, enlightenment and contributions. They have shown many times over that where there is oppression, there is resistance. The peoples of Africa are determined to build the new Africa free and independent of the colonial powers that have oppressed and enslaved them, stolen their resources, left them in poverty for centuries on end and committed crimes of untold proportions. They will definitely settle scores with those who seek to enslave them all over again and are doing so already.

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Volume 53 Number 2 - February 2023

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