Shame on Canada for Deploying Spy Planes to Haiti

Demonstration against U.S.-Canadian interference in Haiti, Montreal, October 28, 2022.

While the airwaves are filled with praise for NORAD shooting down foreign objects flying over the Canadian north and speculations about which country is "spying" on Canada and the United States, on February 7, Defence Minister Anita Anand and Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly announced that Canada has deployed a CP-140 Aurora aircraft to help "disrupt the activities of gangs" in Haiti.

Military spokesman Capt. Graeme Scott said that "the long-range surveillance plane was originally assigned to a U.S.-led counter-narcotics mission in the Caribbean before being tasked with conducting two flights over Haiti over two days," according to the news report.

"The CP-140 has been capturing information that will be used by the government of Canada to further assess the situation in Haiti," Scott said in an emailed statement. "As the aircraft has now completed that information gathering, as part of Canada's response to the situation in Haiti, it is now on its way back to Canada," he said.

As if Canada does not already know what is happening in Haiti, when the entire world knows what is happening in Haiti and its representatives in Haiti and the entire Haitian diaspora tell it what is happening Haiti. Its mantra that "gangs" are the problem when it does not say who trained and finances those gangs is disingenuous to justify foreign intervention into Haiti and continued criminalization of the protests of the Haitian people and their demand to conduct their own affairs themselves, without foreign interference.

Canada is highly culpable for the devastation of Haiti, along with the U.S. and France, since together this triumvirate overthrew the Aristide presidency and is responsible for the conditions that were imposed afterwards, which made matters go from bad to worse. Haiti is the poster child by negative example for the rotten role Canada is playing internationally as it "hups to" in response to the demands of the U.S. to oppose the peace, democracy and freedom the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as the rest of the world, are striving for. This latest move to send a spy plane over Haiti not only covers up the continuous spying the demonic triumvirate carries out in Haiti and over Haiti but is designed to prepare Canadians for some sort of a foreign military intervention. It must not pass!

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Volume 53 Number 2 - February 2023

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